Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for HR Department

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HR is one of the most undervalued functions in any company. Despite playing so many roles like- employee liasion, people leader, culture keeper, and career coach- some of your companions may even consider HR Marketing as the one who simply posts employement opportunities on the web. Thus, Digital Marketing Strategies for HR Department act as an important unavoidable element.

So by what means can HR move from a Job Poster to Brand BuilderThrough effective DigitalMarketing”says Jaclyn Lee, Ph.D, Senior HR Director at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). 

With predominance of digital marketing– Another role that HRs ought to play is- Internet Marketer.

       They help businesses boost their online branding and enhance overall experience of employees. Moreover, when they incorporate Digital Marketing Strategies for HR Department, they can manage talents in more result-oriented way.

The coming year will see a surge of new Digital Marketing Opportunities for HRs. From recruitment to training to employee engagement and employee retentions, Human Resource Department must be prepared to grasp these new patterns with open arms.

Inability to receive and execute digital marketing strategies for Human Resource Departments may impede your company from staying on top of things in finding the best talents available.

Beneath, 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for HR Department are given to aid HRs understand how Digital Marketing can alleviate their task and enhance related outcomes. Let’s go through them-

5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for HR Department

1.) Use Social Media and Promote Openings on Social Media Channels

  • Did you realize that 79% of individuals utilize social media channels for job Search? -This may appear like a staggering number; however, the very meaning and power of Social Networks make them a perfect place for individuals to start looking for befitting job opportunity.
  • Attracting and engaging top talent, particularly in emerging markets is one of the biggest challenges. Analyzing this gap in the industry; Matt De Luca founded, which is one of the fastest growing job boards in Myanmar. He uses online platforms like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to attract and hire his clients.
  • “Facebook is the most used digital channel in Myanmar. This makes it the obvious choice to target users, particularly for employer branding purposes. It’s more cost-effective in emerging markets. Running ads in
    digital marketing for HR department

    Matt De Luca

    Myanmar may be cheaper than in competitive markets like the U.S. For example, one could expect to spend between $350 and $600 in Myanmar.” Says Matt De Luca, while describing why Facebook Ads is helpful for HRs. Indeed, this is going to great from Digital Marketing Strategies for HR Department’s perspective. 

  • About Google AdWords role, he adds- “Google AdWords attracts local and international candidates with the roles they’re searching for. For example, having a relevant landing page and choosing targeted ad keywords for the Burmese market such as ‘Sales Manager Yangon’ will naturally produce leads from candidates interested in working in Burma as sales professionals. This tends to result in better conversions and lower cost-per-clicks, ultimately reducing the cost-per-hire metric that HR marketing pros monitor.”
  • Recently, Matt and his team used Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to hire candidates for a local beverage company.
  • Company pages and profiles are an extraordinary first presentation. Individuals seeking for a job, easily know about your organization culture, in addition, they get a look into what you exactly do and what your brand value is. The rise of social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram as brand portals likewise makes them helpful for HR Digital marketing strategy concentrated on exhibiting work in an imaginative and appealing manner.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are an extraordinary path for individuals to tell their companions that their organization is in the market for fresh talent in a particular field. Be that as it may, it’s not just about companions bailing each other out. More organizations are utilizing social channels as their brand building platforms and additionally, to hire best talents.

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2.) Know your Target Audience as Digital Marketers do

  • Marketers have a profound comprehension of their target audiences as per the demographics, aptitudes, behavior and practices to make effective client personas and target messages that can ensure conversions.
  • HRs can use the same strategy to better reach their employees. After all, employees receive hundreds of emails every week — yet 50 percent of those, surveyed in the EMPLOYEEapp’s Mobile Trends in the Workplace survey said they still feel out of the loop.

Why? -Because the messages aren’t tapping into their interests.

  • You need to start learning everything about the employees targeted in the message- What rouses them? What are their objectives? What do they value most? What are their worries? What monetary and non-money related “offers” will they react to? How do these answers change from office to office- between managers to employees?
  • Then, utilize this learning in your HR projects to particular group of employees, rather than sending nonexclusive generic information to everybody. For illustration, your company announcements ought to be customized relying upon who the target audience is – Different employees need to know how a particular information will influence them- In what manner will it change their ordinary work life? What’s in it for them?

    Digital Marketing for HR department

    social advocacy tools to target audiences for HRs

  • While delivering the most relevant and important information, it is important for HRs to think like Digital Marketer and use digital marketing tools and techniques like Employee Social Advocacy Tools to disrupt the status quo and aim to engage workforce. Social listening and HR analytics can aid HR professionals track employee satisfaction and intervene to resolve different issues.

3.) Use different Channels to convey one Message

  • Marketers realize that on the off chance that they need to get the consideration of their audiences, they have to utilize more than one marketing channel. A campaign can’t be effective enough through messages, newsletters and pamphlets alone. Digital Marketers utilize a blend of media to pass on their messages- Video, Social Media, Interactive Sites, Images, emails etc.
  • Truth be told, the best marketing is making your products/services viral- and HRs should also use the very same Digital Marketing Strategy to convey messages to employees.
  • Emails aren’t sufficient to target employees- In theEMPLOYEEapp study, 80 percent of bosses said they utilize email to communicate, yet 30 percent of workers said they overlook messages from their boss.
  • According to Wrike’s 2016 Mobile Productivity Report- 90 percent of surveyed managers trust a cell phone is basic to letting their jobs get done.
  • So utilize instant messages, emails, internal social network, mobile apps, and other mobile-optimized resources to convey your messages.
  • Exchange videos and images to draw in employees in bulletins and declarations. Begin an organization blog and twofold the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and different stages employees utilize.
  • Have a system and a voice, and have them appear in everything the organization does.

4.) Keep your Website Updated

  • HR sites go about as data center points for new and existing employees. From industry improvements to job opportunities, your website must mirror the present work patterns and exhibit organization news too. It is basic for HRs to keep every one of their sites and web journals well updated.
  • This incorporates job postings, growth reports, educational articles and posts. Upgrading your site through SEO ought to be a piece of your digital marketing strategy for Human Resource.
  • As usual, SEO methodologies ought to be actualized to guarantee jobseekers have simple access to all the most recent openings. This can be possible by means of vital and significant keyword arrangement, and Meta tagging.
  • Landing page is your opportunity to concrete the impression you’ve made for your organization on social pages. You have to guarantee that it is great and useful. A great many people will visit your site to get more data on positions, your organization’s background, and conceivably get in contact, so ensure everything is instinctive and simple to utilize.
  • If you have the coding capacity, it is likewise beneficial building a direct uploading framework into the site so clients can get in touch with you with their documents rapidly. Individuals leave behind an opportunity if it’s hard to take the first step, so make your site as accommodating as possible.

5.) Figure out how to use LinkedIn more effectively[Image4- LinkedIn for HRs- source- Capterra Blog]

  • LinkedIn is one of the most effective professional social media networks. Knowing how to use LinkedIn is a must Digital Marketing Strategy for Human Resource Departments. It has turned into the foundation of Digital Marketing Strategies for HRs. LinkedIn permits individuals from any industry to post their work history. From awards and volunteer endeavors to notices and formal CVs, LinkedIn is home to an amazing measure of individuals searching for work.
  • Again, you likewise have the flexibility to make a Company Page on LinkedIn, or your HR group can do some diving and see who is in the market for any new Job Opportunity, and begin the enrollment procedure.
  • Incorporate LinkedIn in promoting your positions and prepare to do some genuine talent and aptitude stalking.
  • LinkedIn brings experts, organizations and jobseekers together in one place. Truth be told, it is viewed as the focal center point for anybody hoping to procure or be enlisted. From simple to exclusive CVs and work histories to honors, LinkedIn is really a goldmine for all HR groups.


          Aforementioned top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Human Resource Departments are considered as best to- Boost your Company’s Branding, Alleviate the Recruitment Processes, Convey Messages, and Ensure Employee Engagement and Retention.

Once, you comprehend and implement these strategies- you’re ready to channelize human resource management in more effective and result oriented manner.

      On concluding node, I’ve enlisted 5 Digital Marketing Tips for HRs that you can incorporate after implementing over-mentioned Digital marketing Strategies for Human Resource Departments.

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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Human Resource Departments

1.) Get Tactical and Align HR with Marketing

  • HRs are the first point of contact a prospect has with a company. By being tactical in aligning HR department with marketing will aid you know how your company is perceived by customers, and by its employees.
  • You need to utilize platforms that job seekers use to know about recent jobs. These sites may generate huge traffic for you as well if you are marketing your company on them.
  • Align your company’s marketing details such as Company Description, Motivation and Reviews while listing jobs on these platforms.

2.) Highlight What Your Company’s Culture Looks Like

  • Like digital marketers want from buyers, HRs also want employees to “buy” into different initiatives, programs, and benefit enrollments, as this connect employees to their work in ways that are more effective.
  • One of the strongest benefits of Digital Marketing Strategies for HR Department is its ability to blend multiple mediums together to convey your message across different levels of organization.
  • For example, you can embed a company video within a job listing to let your company description be more engaging to prospective candidates

3.) Compose Emails That Actually Resonate

  • Engaging prospective candidates through email that provides them valuable information is also one of the best digital marketing strategies for HR department.[Image5- Adriano Corso, Recruitment Talent Community Manager & Recruitment Marketing Consultant at IBM- source- LinkedIn]
  • You can use a tool that is easy to understand when desiring to create a newsletter.
  • Adriano Corso, who manages digital recruitment across Asia Pacific at IBM Smarter Workforce says- “HR pros must be able to engage their audience throughout the recruitment marketing funnel. And marketing automation tools such as email marketing play a key role in recruitment.” 

4.) Utilize Digital Tool To Retain Top Talent

  • Once you managed to bring key talents onboard, you need to ensure they don’t quit and join your competitors. This is amonsgt the crucial Digital Marketing strategies for HR department.
  • [Image1- Jaclyn Lee, Ph.D, Senior HR Director at Singapore University of Technology and Design-source- LinkedIn]Ph.D, Senior HR Director at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) says- “Dashboards give us insights into employee demographics, growth trends, and attrition analysis. We are also able to deal with causation analysis to drill down into people issues.”

[Image7- Digital Marketing tools for Analytics- source- forbes]

5.) Measure Effectiveness

  • HR teams can also track and measure data to improve recruitment, brand building, employee engagement, employee retention and other related processes; as a part of Digital Marketing strategies for HR department. 
  • Decide what metrics are essential to the overall business goals and track them to drive better employee engagement and brand awareness.

           By following these Digital Marketing Tips for HRs and implementing aforestated Digital Marketing Strategies for Human Resource Departments, you can supercharge your HR efforts.

Want to know more about best Digital Marketing Strategies for HR Department- Ask me in comments.

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