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Top 5 Do’s Of E-Mail Marketing

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160 WHYTO leverage email marketing in a social world-

Email Marketing is an e-mail sent to attract potential customers or with the purpose of providing information and advertising which can be regarded as e-mail marketing in its broadest sense. As times are progressing, email marketing is becoming the most widely used and effective route to business expansion. These e-mails might be flooding your inbox, but how often are you able to ignore them? And, if so, can you think of a better option than email marketing?

em2Email marketing is fast, easy and allows you to convey messages not only through text, but pictures, videos, etc. E-mail is the business mode of communication and hence, its growing popularity and ease. However, not many people are able to conduct fruitful e-mail marketing campaigns. Is it because your branding isn’t consistent? Or maybe you’re just sending too many useless e-mails? [divider /]

E-mail marketing can be a blunder if not executed properly and can do wonders if done just the right way. Here are the top 5 Do’s to go about it. em3 1. PERSONALIZE: Customize your offers, messages and content according to the relationship you and your customer hold. If he/she is a regular customer who may order stuff regularly from your website, give him/her those special privileges that only a few might enjoy and go one step ahead in completely having your customer’s attention. This keeps your e-marketing communication more relevant and interesting.

2. KEEP YOUR E-MARKETING FRESH: Remember that your customers are being bombarded with several other e-mails other than yours and hence, to grab your customer’s attention, you need to be unique and spontaneous with your content. What about steaming videos,  catchy audio on simply some pictures ? Be creative to keep your response rates up!

3. TRACK LINKS AND OTHER MARKETING ACTIVITY: To do this, it is not at all difficult and quite interesting too. Moreover, it brings out your target group’s interest, their dislikes and allow you to experiment. Go deep into analytic, give your customers more of what they like and improve on not so popular links and activities.

4. LINK DIRECTLY TO CONTENT YOU REFER TO: Don’t make your customers navigate.  Make online surfing convenient for them.  This prevents the loss of your customer’s interest. Along with this, keep your messages short.  Everybody is more or less busy and “less is more” for them. They don’t indulge in long conversations and want point to point information.

5. ADHERE TO EMAIL MARKETING PROTOCOL: “Can I add you to our email contacts?” is one simple question that will help you go a long way and depict your brand’s image in a positive  light. It is sure to leave an imprint in your customer’s mind as it shows that you are different in the sense of not being impulsive and not forcing the recipient to necessarily have business exchanges with you. You can send one e-mail per week or as per your wish. How much  is too much? , you decide.
em4 Follow these 5 do’s and you are sure to make your campaign a huge success.

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    • 5 years ago

      Siva Krishna Kota   /   Reply

      As the Inbox is flooded with many emails, one should differentiate from the others by being catchy and attractive. Marketers has a very less attention span to make a best impression of the email. However, it should be in small snippets by giving crisp information without long sentences.

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