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Top 5 Inbound Marketing Trends Prevalent Today

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Inbound marketing is something that provides great value for people, such as blogs, infographics, social media and e-books. The emergence of internet has changed the way initially marketing was. Over the past few years there has been a shift towards inbound marketing techniques, where outbound is still being used but not as much as it was before. Now a days more businesses are finding success publishing original content, because of the additional benefit these technique offer, such as promoting and audience growth. There are several activities that are performed as part of inbound marketing trends currently, for example copy writing, blogging, web analytics, pay per click management, conversion rate optimization, email marketing and the list goes on. Following are the top 5 inbound marketing trends prevalent today.

1. Inbound marketing is being used in every sector:

A research done in 2013 states about the popularity of inbound marketing, that inbound marketing has reached now in every major industry. Every company who included inbound marketing technique into their marketing campaign is experiencing high growth, whether we talk about web traffic, awareness among audience or sales revenue, every thing is on the peak.

2. Focus on social media platforms:

Social-Media-PlatformSocial media is the main component of inbound marketing technique. Typically organizations focus their social media efforts on the big social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google +. With the ongoing evolution and growth of social media, being active on every social channel will lead you to a success of high growth of web traffic. The more you are engaged with your audience, you will gain their confidence and further these audience will turn into customers. So it is very important to understand how your audience communicates, what are things they are looking for and what kind of questions they have.


3. Rise of video base marketing:

Till now as observed 2014 is been the year, which was dominated by the video base marketing. Short form video can be an effective way to communicate the values of your product or service, while giving the viewers an engaging sense of your brand. As observed B2B inbound marketers always look to dip them self in the water of video, by recording webinars or interviews with industry experts.

4. Content marketing:


It is clear that content marketing is and always will continue to be at the top in 2014. Its importance can easily be judged, as a large percentage of marketers spend a decent amount of their budgets on content creation. Content based marketing  addresses consumer preference by giving consumers what they want, by the same time promoting a business products or services in way which is acceptable to the customers. A content based marketing helps your business attract and retain loyal customers and establish you and your business.


 5. Email marketing:

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Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In a broad sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered as email marketing. This kind of technique involves using emails to send ads, request business or sales. Through email marketing, you can send whatever you want to deliver your customer.

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