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What is ORM (Online Reputation Management)?

It is the way of creating or maintaining your company’s brand name in the online community. Everything on the web like search engines, Twitter, forums, blog, social networking is a part of online community. It is mandatory to be present on these platform in a positive way to create the value of your brand and increase its visibility. Thus, ORM becomes important.

Why ORM is important?

  1. No Brand grows without ORM

    In order to protect your brand and to develop its value it is really important to be have correct online reputation of it. Almost every customer in now a days will reach out to the brand or company through web and if they are welcomed with negative comments they are more inclined to choose your competitor. Thus, in order to protect your brand to get overshadowed by negative comments it becomes important to maintain ORM.

  2.  To increase visibility on web

    In order to know the value of brand and its popularity it is very immense that it is visible everywhere. Right SEO can help it in ranking good on Google whereas good ORM will help in empowering its position and credibility.

  3. To gain consumer trust

    People trust what they see and there is no brand that do not face any controversy but it becomes equally important to use right techniques to deal with them and ORM is one of the best ways to do it.

Tactic 1 – Tools you can use to monitor Online position of your brand are:

One must use tools to maintain the credibility of your brand and spread the good vibes about your business or brand.  Given below are the tools that can help in improving your ORM on different platforms.

  •  Google Alerts

Google alerts can help in ORM

To know about all the web pages where your brand is being mentioned, this tool can be your best friend. One can easily track web pages, blogs, forums etc with this tool. It is the best tool that can notify people about their business related activities that could concern them. One of the best tool for ORM.

  • Twitter Search

ORM-Twitter tool can be used for ORM

People usually mention your name or business name with or without hashtags on twitter. To keep updated with the usage of your business name it becomes really important to use this incredible tool. The beauty of twitter tool is that it gives you information like date, time, links, accounts, sentiments etc to give you a broader picture. To maintain your ORM on social media, on must use it.

  • Social Mention

    Social mention is used for ORM

    It is basically the social media version of Google alerts. You can monitor the credibility of your brand easily on different social media platforms with the help of this tool.

Tactic 2 – What to do if negative results are shown on Google for your brand’s name:

  • Get it removed

In some cases people use your brand’s name just to imprint a negative image of your brand, in that case you can ask them to remove or take down their comment. Secondly, you can submit a legal complaint to Google and the next step will be from their side.

The problem one faces with above are people will not take down your brand name and even if somebody takes it down, results are archived that is they are still shown in search engines. Thus not a good tactic for ORM on which you can rely always.

  • Hide it by posting positive comments

People are more concerned about what they see on the very first page of search engine results,  so try to bury negative comments by giving your audience something good to talk about. Controversies can be overcome by regular engagement with the your audiences.

  • Show regular engagement

Try to clear the doubts, the complaints of your customers readily by showing regular engagement. This will not only create positive impact but will strengthen belief on your brand.

Above are the tactics that can help you in ORM for your Brand.

Tactic 3 – Important to assert your brand name:

Whether your business has your name, brand name or name related to service it should be unique and truly have your brand identity. No one could be able to misrepresent your name.

Tactic 4 – Strengthen brand presence on all internet properties:

It is really significant to be present on all platforms to strengthen your position online. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus etc. The most important part is regularly engage with your customers and win their trust.

Tactic 5 – Provide great customer service:

Any brand is known for its service and  how happy and satisfy their customers are, so give them the best service and they will spread the positive feedback and reviews among others. Any nothing can be more captivating and impressive than credible and happily written comment from your customers.

So follow above tactics to bring online reputation of your brand to the top.

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  1. Rebecca

    Online Reputation Management is an absolute goal of your Marketing Strategy. And Digital Marketing is on way to gain more expansion in the marketing strategy plan of any organization as compare to Traditional marketing. This post has covered almost all the points under ORM.


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