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Top 5 Must Know Digital Marketing Metrics

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Digital marketing is that form of marketing that is here to stay! No matter what come may, this form of marketing is going to only rise without having a look-back. This is evident from the fact that the use of digital devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones with internet connectivity etc. Thus, looking at this status, the marketers are also equipping themselves with the knowledge and know-how of what digital marketing is all about and how can it be leveraged to have and edge over the competitors.

So, it has become extremely essential for the marketers to shift their knowledge base from the traditional ways of marketing to the different platforms of doing marketing via the digital platforms. This type of marketing will help majorly in the following factors:

  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Managing website traffic
  • Generating leads online and reaping revenue

Besides the aforesaid underlying factors, there are certain other metrics that need to be taken into consideration. Enlisted below are the top 10 must-have digital marketing metrics for better results:


  • Traffic Generation

The prime motive of working upon the digital marketing strategy is to fetch traffic on the company’s website or blog. This is majorly done for building the brand value on online platforms. This can be done through the landing pages, through which traffic on the website can be generated.

  • Determining Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per Click (CPC) which is the average cost to bring a click, beared by the marketers is crucial to be assessed as the level of investment hugely depends upon this metric. From every marketer’s perspective, it is preferable if the CPC level is low. So, the campaign goals should be clearly identified and determined only after which the requisite efforts must be made.

  • Page Views and Unique Visitors

With the efforts laid on how to fetch the traffic, it becomes essential to lay emphasis on the views that come across on the page or page(s) of the website. Besides this, the number of unique visitors can be assessed through analytics tools and Google Analytics. This metric is of utmost importance as it helps to assess and revise the digital marketing strategy, if required.

  • Bounce Rate

Every effort must be made by the digital marketer, to reduce the bounce rate. The term that is dreaded the most implies the percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave rather than continue browsing other pages. If the level of bounce rate is too high, then there is a need to alter the landing pages and revise the campaigns.

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)

Another important metric to be taken into consideration is the Click Through Rate (CTR) that should be as high as it can be. This is so because a higher CTR is indicative of the relevancy level between the ad campaigns/landing pages focused on the targeted audiences that shows the effectiveness in terms of generating clicks/traffic on the website or blog.

Depicted below is the image that clearly reflects the key metrics and the style of measurement:


Are there any more digital marketing metrics that you think need to be paid heed to apart from those shared with you? Do share with us by dropping in the comments section below!

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