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Top 5 Reasons For Failure On Twitter As An Inbound Marketing Tool

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twitter-brand-failWhile each social media platform has its own strategies, promotion technique and awareness among the audience, there are many social media platforms which have became the center of attraction for the marketers and they are using them as their marketing tool for awareness and promotion. Twitter is one of them, which is gaining popularity as a social network for business. With more than 230 million active users who send 500 million tweets everyday. Using Twitter helps the brand to achieve fundamental goal of social media marketing for business. These goals include creating brand awareness, building relationships with customers, managing your online reputation and maybe even encouraging a sales boost with incentives and discounts. The problem for the marketer is, not simply how to use Twitter, but how to integrate with their marketing campaign. On the surface Twitter seems like an easy marketing tool, Twitter for marketing your business requires a strategy and if you don’t have a correct strategy, it may downfall your marketing campaign. Following are the 5 reasons for failure on Twitter as an inbound marketing tool.

1. Not asking question to your followers:

People love to share information and opinions with you, if you just ask them. It seems like a simple technique but many companies overlook this. They treat Twitter as a broadcasting and only send out marketing and sales messages. If your tweets read like “click here now only few hours left or it looks like some advertisements”, then probably it will annoy your followers.

2. Your tweets are all about you:

People follow you on Twitter, because they always look to get something from you. Tweets which are informative, entertaining, useful to them or provides some sort of information your followers are looking for, it will increase your chance to getting them converted into leads if they get what they are been looking for. No one will follow you, if you only talk about how awesome your company is.

3. You don’t use visuals:

Relying completely on text and link based posts will help you through your promotion of brand but up to a certain limit. Social media platforms such as Facebook, pinterest and Linked in are visual dominated platforms which attracts a huge customer base and in front of them with Twitter, if you present yourself in text only, your inbound marketing campaign will never fulfill your expectations.

4. Not tracking your business:

You should be keeping a track of what people are tweeting about your business everyday. It is possible to re-tweet on all the tweets you get, so you must have a track what people are saying about your brand, your company and provide them what they want.

5. Using multi-part tweets:

This mistake is often done by many marketers, in order to share their views which they cannot restrict in 140 characters, they go for long messages in Twitter, which takes up to two or three tweets. By doing this your messages gets fragmented and can easily get lost in your followers timeline. Which will not make them read what you have conveyed to them.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      How to use visuals on Twitter? Can you please guide?

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