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Top 5 Reasons To Use Hootsuite To Obtain Maximum From Twitter

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An individual or an organization’s ultimate aim is to reach out to the masses. Organization’s intention is that they would want to increase their succeeding ratio in the world of marketing. The size of an organization does not matter. They will have to make an effort to promote their product or service in order to grow.

The earlier days of offline marketing where people would go door to door and market their product is not sought after. The use of other display mediums like hoardings, pamphlets etc are losing their charm. The traditional methods are useful only to a certain level. But beyond that, marketers need to think out of the box to tap their target audience.

Advent Of Social Media Marketing

The boom of social media marketing courtesy various social networking sites has brought tremendous change in how we visualize a service or a product. There are social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. which have become an undeterred part of our lives.

Over a period of time, marketers too have gained expertise in trick of the trade. The variety of online tools that can be chosen has helped the marketers to give an additional elevation to their marketing strategies. Using social networking sites innovatively and a combination of creative marketing strategies have become important to make their service or product easily accessible.


Twitter has brought revolutionary change in the field of social media marketing. Twitter was conceptualized as a platform where people could post short messages. Later on, it became a medium used by individual entrepreneurs and organizations to stay connected with their fan followers by posting relevant, short and crisp messages. These messages have very good reach among readers because it is not long, so time saving, easy to post and easy to access.

Twitter is evolving day by day. Many new features are being added or updated every now and then to make it a powerful medium which has developed Twitter as an important tool to play a major role in social media marketing strategies.

People or businesses have started using more than one twitter account for their convenience. Many a times it becomes difficult to manage various social networking accounts. The comments, queries and ReTweets received need to be taken care promptly otherwise the visitor may just switch to some other service provider. So, it has become very important to keep your visitors and fans engaged instead of missing them out.

There are many tools available these days to manage your various social networking accounts properly. Twitter has also come up with a tool called Hootsuite which has eased out the whole process.


Hootsuite is the latest tool to be introduced by Twitter as a wholesome manager for all your social networking accounts. There are many other tools like Tweetdeck, similar to Hootsuite, but there are few unique features that differentiate Hootsuite from others.

The following are the 5 major reasons why one should use Hootsuite to benefit maximum from Twitter:

1. Helps Multitasking

 In today’s fast paced life, it is very important to multitask. It has become mandatory to have multiple accounts on social networking sites to manage your personal and professional pages. Businesses or individuals would like to stay connected with people over their social networking sites and as a result handling multiple accounts may become an additional burden. This may lead to missing out precious messages and relevant queries from customers.

This is where a tool like Hootsuite plays a major role. Hootsuite allows bringing all the social networking sites under one roof. Multi-editing feature of Hootsuite helps to message back-to-back on various accounts. One can use a common password to access Hootsuite without compromising it. To move in and out of various social networking sites to post messages is not required anymore.

 2. Scheduling and Tracking Your Posts

Timing is very important. Publishing a post at the rightly scheduled moment would increase its viewing which would in turn result in increasing the traffic to your website. Hootsuite helps to schedule your posts according to the requirement. One can send out reminders for a future event which helps to save a lot of time. One need not spend their precious time by sitting in front of their computer to post messages because it is done automatically using the scheduling feature of Hootsuite.

Hootsuite also helps to analyze the performance of a post. It helps to track and provide a numeric value to know how your tweets are performing. The number of mentions could be calculated. This makes Hootsuite very interesting.

Hootsuite helps in shortening a link. In link shortening the actual URL can be shortened in length without compromising its target page. The shortened link will still lead to the page as well.

 3. Computer Speed

The biggest advantage of Hootsuite is that, it is an internet based tool. You just have to login with your account, connect other social networking sites and Hootsuite is ready to use. Hootsuite does not require to be downloaded and thus it will not affect the speed of your desktop or laptop.

 4. Keywords Bank

Keywords are very important for any kind of search. Keywords are very important to join in any trend. Hootsuite has a wonderful feature of saving your keywords. These keywords can be easily accessed. These keywords would be available on one click making it easily accessible. This enables use of Twitter in an effective way wherein keywords play an important role.

 5. Easy Navigation

Twitter as a social networking site is very easy to navigate. It is very easy to understand its various features making it accessible to a large number of people. Hootsuite is an easy tool with simple and easy features. Dashboard’s tabs are such that even a beginner can understand their purpose. Each account included in here can be checked separately making it simpler. The messages on each social networking site can be clearly viewed. The keywords can be saved accordingly. While using multiple accounts, it is important to have a streamlined page where everything can be understood clearly. Hootsuite’s easily understandable dashboard enables the user to clearly view all their accounts at one place.

The social media marketing strategies will go in vain if the posts are not published at the right time and at the right place. Hootsuite has become one of the most popular dashboards as far as managing multiple accounts are concerned.

Hootsuite’s ability to provide an extra-ordinarily convenient platform to manage your various social networking sites is a boon!!!

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    • 5 years ago

      John Abraham   /   Reply

      Aparna, overall the blogs is written well. Few areas i found not making meaning viz. “The comments, queries and ReTweets received need to be taken care promptly otherwise the visitor may just switch to some other service provider.” Instead it should be rephrased as ” The comments, queries received need to be taken care promptly otherwise you might lose your follower/fan on twitter”. Hope it make sense?

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