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Top 5 Reasons Why Marketers Should Use Emojis in Email

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Have you recently received Email with Emojis in the subject line, it is because emojis captures attention of the receiver, they’re possibly email boosters. Using emojis in the subject line experiences significant increases in their unique open rates. Right now the use of emojis in subject lies is still a good way to stand out in crowded inboxes. Using emojis and other symbols are not a new idea in social networks but it can be used in emails too.  These days, there are much better support across email clients and devices. But before jumping in and adding an emoji to your message, let’s visit some of the top five reasons to use them.

  1. Visual Impact:

The primary strategy behind using them is to allow the receiver to capture his or her attention when scanning through hundreds of subject lines in inbox. And that pause can encourage highly coveted engagement. They evoke an immediate response and help categories the mood of a piece of content. This is important for email marketing purposes.Take a quick look and see if any of these subject lines catch your attention.



  1. Narrating an Event/Emotion:

Using emojis in subject lines should therefore be a strategic decision. Power to tell or narrate an event or emotion is a growing trend in digital media or social media uses multiple emojis to show a range of emotions over a period of time. Using a string of emojis can concur up the emotional journey.

  1. Suitability and Sarcasm:

One should make sure that emojis are suitable and best fit for the content they are pushing for their audience. Otherwise the intent of the content can confuse the customer. Few marketers use contradictory emojis for sarcastic purpose.

  1. Email Open Rates:

In last few years, Email marketers have begun incorporating emojis into email campaigns with great results. Many marketers have seen and experienced increased open rates by adding symbols to their emails. It is because they grab your attention much faster than plain text, plus they convey a sense of humour or something special as you are scrolling through your email.

  1. Save Space:

Subject lines space should be utilized properly, especially considering the increased number of emails opens on mobile devices. If one wants the entire content to fit in the subject line on a mobile device, then he or she will have about 30-40 characters to use maximum. However, Emoji can save space by placing it in subject line. One can say a lot of things with the help of emoji, and it takes up space of only a character.

 Also check out whether Emoji add value to your Email. But as with all strategies, be mindful of the best way to use them and consider the following practices:

  1. Understand your audience: Emojis does not seems to be a good idea when you send mail to any financial institution, Legal administrative, Doctors etc. However, Emojis can be used for sales or personalized emails. Appropriate and relevant emojis should be used while sending emails.
  2. Avoid Overkill: The frequent use of emojis and irrelevant symbols could annoy the subscriber and  could encourage them to delete your Email without opening the Email. This leads to spoiling the complete motive of the campaign. Simply adding lots of smiley or symbols with no logic will never suffice the purpose and will not give you the any positive results.
  3. Don’t Trigger the Spam Filter: One should not always replace words with Emojis. It should be used as a complementary or as a garnish to the stuff. Overuse of Emojis can be annoying to the receiver. One need to be really very cautious about using Emojis, otherwise it may attract huge unsubscriber from the list.
  4. Try a split test: You’ve created your subject line with a fun emoji. Before sending your message to a defined group, divide them into two parts: To the first group send message with Emoji and the second group send message with using Emoji to check its effectiveness. You can also run wide variety of campaigns to determine whether usage of Emoji influences the open rate or the offer enclosed in an Email. You can also test it for engaged & non-engaged subscribers responses too.

Ready to give it a try? Here are a few sites where you may find some fun, new emojis that could work for your brand:


Below are the Email clients which supports and do not supports Emojis or Symbols in subject line.



ConclusionTherefore, using relevant emoji and symbols to your email subject lines can be an effective and attention generating process to increase your email open rates and get more people engagement with your email campaigns.

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