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Top 5 SEO Tools For Content Professionals

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google+ seoSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that helps to optimize the search results, by displaying the organic results, which are further highly ranked websites. Advancement of technology has increased more number of internet users. Even a small firm is using digital media to market their products by designing a website. In order to increase business, website should be maintained with high ranks so that profits can be obtained. Ranking of a website depends on the content of website and the number of times it has been searched by users. Optimization of a website involves in optimization of content frequently and increasing the relevance to specific keywords used in search query.

The main objective of SEO is to optimize search results. SEO increases web traffic to website, by optimizing the content using proper SEO techniques. There are several SEO tools which makes the content of a website meaningful and attracts the users in million numbers.

Today digital marketing has increased its prominence by using different SEO tools. There are many SEO tools which guides content professionals to write content easily and helps to find relevant keywords, which are being used by web users while searching. These tools help the content professionals in writing targeted content and to exchange effective views among web users regarding the topic. Usage of these tools helps in writing the right meta data and description of content of a particular website effectively.SEo Tools

There are many SEO tools available in the market which reduces time and effort. Apart from all the tools of SEO, these are some tools which are necessary for basic as well as for experienced content professionals, which saves their time in optimizing the content, finding appropriate keywords and to detect plagiarism if applied in content.

1) Google’s Keyword Toolgoogle-keyword-tool

This tool helps us to find the appropriate keyword in writing the content. This is cost-free and is the best keyword research tool available in the market. This is an important tool because proper keyword research and usage is a good strategy in SEO. By using appropriate keywords, users can be attracted towards the site. Whenever they try to search using a keyword, then related keywords are displayed below the search box, which saves their time and effort.

2) Google InsightsGoogle-Think-Insights

Google Insights service provides suggestions to the terms searched in search engine. Whenever a web user enters a keyword to be searched in the search engine, it helps by displaying it on the top. These are similar to Google trends, which shows that how many times a term has been searched across the world and in how many languages, it has been searched. The insight results will be displayed only if they are typed in a particular order and if typing order differs, then insight results may differ.

3) Google Optimizergoogle-optimizer1

Google Optimizer is the best SEO tool, which helps to optimize content of a website by testing it. Testing the site’s design and content frequently, one can have a look on the web traffic towards the site, which helps to obtain further high-ranking to the site. Google Analytics measures the efficiency of each page version. Advanced tool like statistical engine, helps us to identify the best version. It is effective in judging the best version from the total versions. Integrating Google Optimizer with Google Analytics, improves the analytical capabilities of the website displaying statistical results and helps to decide which design, content and version is more effective.monitoring

 4) Copyscape

Copyscape is one of the best SEO tools, used to check whether plagiarism is made in writing the content i.e., whether if there is any similar text copied from web. It helps us to keep the content unique and quality maintained. This tool was launched by Indigo Stream Technologies, on July 10, 2004.

5) Inbound WriterInboundWriter-2

For fresh content writers, it is the best tool to know the rating given to the content written by them. First time, it will be difficult for a content writer to judge his/her own content and rate it. Inbound writer is a tool containing a nifty speedometer, having a measuring scale ranging 1 to 100, which is used to rate your content between 1 to 100, when it is placed. This tool will research the related articles, posts, collects info from the web and compares it with your content and displays the best terms of your content, by which content professionals can estimate the quality of content written by them and helps them in focusing the relevant targeted copy to be written.

The above five SEO tools are essential for a content professional to achieve best results in content writing and it is an advantage for the content professionals, reducing their efforts. Suppose if you have to write a large content for a website, then it becomes difficult to you to check the errors in the total content and to measure the quality of content by reading it from the beginning. By using these tools, content checking becomes easy. These tools will reduce the efforts, in searching relevant keywords to be written in the content, attracting more number of web users. Content can be cross-checked by using inbound writer and plagiarism frauds can be avoided by using Copyscape tool, which makes the content unique from others. Google Keyword Tool is the best tool for beginning level content professionals, as it suggests appropriate keywords and helps in writing optimized content. Google Insights tool suggests the related keywords searched by users in search engines, which helps the content professionals to get close to the keywords searched by users. Apart from all these tools, optimizing tool like Google Optimizer, helps to optimize the content and frequent quality check can be done for choosing the best version and content can be modified to the best.

Optimizing the content, checking plagiarism in content are not enough to increase web traffic towards the site. Apart from these steps, special care should be taken by content professionals to maintain the content genuine based on facts analysed. By maintaining analytic report content, more users may get attracted to the website thus increasing web traffic towards the site.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Very informative article Sindhu. Generating unique content is a challenge in itself. When content writers sit for writing there are so many thoughts revolving in their mind, which makes it difficult to put it down on a paper. This may lead to inappropriate use of words, plagiarism, irrelevant context etc. These interesting tools mentioned in the write up will definitely resolve the issues and will be a good help in rating your own content.

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