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Top 5 SEO Tools That Can Shoot Up The Ranking Of A Website

Top 5 SEO Tools That Can Shoot Up The Ranking Of A Website

There are number of tools and software in the market that claim to help you to shoot your website to fame in short period of time. But there are some important parameters to evaluate, which tool is best for you. On the basis of some of these criteria we have selected top 5 SEO tools which we will be talking about here.

These tools are:

  • IBP(iBusinessPromoter)
  • Web CEO
  • SEO Powersuite
  • SEO Studio
  • Traffic Travis

Let us first talk about IBP.

  1. IBP (iBusiness Promoter)

IBP is a multi-award winning website marketing SEO tool. IBP( internet Business promoter) helps you achieve top search engine rankings efficiently. IBP keeps itself up-to-date and helps you optimize your website for latest search engine algorithms.

The main points in IBPS favour are:

Guarantees Top 10 Rankings

Provides guarantee for top 10 ranking. There is a money back guarantee if you do not. This guarantee is valid for full year after you purchase.

Unique Search Engine Submitter

IBP has a very user-friendly Search Engine Submission Tool. It has uncomplicated the tedious submission process.

Comprehensive SEO Reports

IBP provides exhaustive analysis on many important SEO aspects. However ,you need to be an SEO expert to effectively use these reports.

Potential Link Partner Identification

IBP has an advanced mechanism for finding and associating with partners. It comes up with good matches and is also user-friendly.

The only point against IBP is:

Limitation on Updates

The updates for this software are only available for the first year from the purchase date. You would need to pay for the succeeding period.

IBP Ratings

Our experts have rated IBP 4.25 on the scale of 5. Which is based on features, usability, customer support, return on investment.

IBP Pricing

There are three flavors of IBP that you can get. “Demo version” is available for no cost. “IBP standard” for $249.95.  and “IBP Business” for $499.95.

  1. Web CEO

Web CEO is an elaborate SEO software suite. In fact , it goes beyond SEO and helps with overall website promotion. It has smart UI that helps automate most of the repetitive processes and encourages you to use a more structured approach towards Search Engine Optimization.

The main points in favor of Web CEO are:

Follows Submissions guidelines

Web CEO is very particular about adhering to submission guidelines of search engines. It submits web pages to search engines in a non spam manner by following specific guidelines on each of the major search engines to avoid accidental tagging as spam.

Advanced Webpage Editor

Web CEO has a good website editor that helps you manage the robots.txt and other SEO files through an integrated interface. It makes tracking of SEO campaigns easier.

Website Auditor

Web CEO comes with a good website auditing tool that can immensely improve the performance of your webpages. It provides information about Broken links, missing images, incorrectly displayed graphics, slow pages and missing META information. Taking care of these points boost your page rank and keep your customers happy as well.

Whats not good about web CEO is its in-built FTP client:

Issues with FTP Client

Web CEO has had issue with the inbuilt FTP Client that if resolved, would make it best in the market.

Our experts have rated web CEO 4.12 on a scale of 5 , based on same parameters.

Web CEO Pricing

The “trial version” of web CEO is available for free. You need to par $49 per month for their online solution. The web CEO desktop is available for $499

  1. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite  helps your website shoot its way up the google rankings with the help of stellar combination of four user-friendly and effective Search Engine Optimization tools. From large businesses to small ones, SEO Powersuite seems to be the preferred SEO tool set to enhance Google Ranking and bring in thousands of visitors to your website on a daily basis .

The main points in the favor of SEO Powersuite are:

Does not Require In-Depth Internet Knowledge

SEO Powersuite is relatively user-friendly and does not require a complicated knowledge of how the internet works. This makes it easy for everyone to use it, from large business to small.

Effective Keyword Search Tool

The SEO Powersuite provides a thorough and effective keyword search tool and provides a good critical overview of your website’s SEO position.

Constantly Updated

The SEO Powersuite is being constantly updated. This helps in keeping you abreast with the latest in Search engine optimization thus securing maximum visits to your website.

The points against SEO Powersuite are:

Not appropriate for Pay Per Click

The SEO Powersuite is not appropriate for Pay Per Click products since it has not been developed for this specific use. If you own a website that has PPC it is best to not opt for SEO Powersuite.

Not an all-in-one application

SEO Powersuite is not an all in one application and you cannot access all the metrics at the same time. If you are looking for an application that provides you with a dashboard wherein you can use all the applications at once, then this is not the application for you.

Our experts has rated it 3.63 on a combined scale of 5.

SEO Powersuite Pricing

SEO Powersuite “trial version” is available for free, “professional version” for @249 and “enterprise version” for $599.

  1. SEO Studio

SEO Studio , by Trendmetrix, is one of the SEO tools that has been around for a long time. It used to be very popular for its user friendliness and had good SEO Studio Review but has slowly fallen out of favor because of lack of advanced features. It’s still quite useful for small sites but not recommended for managing large and complex sites.

SEO studio Pros
Prompt Customer Support

SEO Studio has made a name for itself by providing prompt and effective support. The support center is well designed and response time on chat forum is quiet good.

Competitor’s Spy Checker

SEO Studio allows you to measure your web pages against competing web sites with the flexibility of analyzing keywords on all the major Search Engines. you can also run the analysis on multiple parameters like keyword density and prominence in two easy snapshots.

Efficient Task Scheduler

The SEO Studio Task Scheduler can be very efficient tool for small sites. It takes care of most of the regular optimization processes. However , it’s always better to keep tweaking the tool every week.

SEO studio Cons
ignores many On Page Factors

SEO Studio does a good job of off page optimization but ignores many on page factors like title creation, meta tag creation and HTML validation. Search engines keep varying the weights on the page parameters. The current weights might actually be low. However, it’s always a good practice to take care of these on page factors as well.

 SEO studio Ratings

Our experts has rated it 3.13 on a scale of 5.

SEO studio Pricing

SEO studio professional version is for $ 199 and SEO Studio Enterprise version is for $329.

  1. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis, by Affilorama, is one of those SEO tools that become popular during the SEO boom in 2006 but has slowly fallen out of favor. However , it’s still preferred by many because of its user friendliness. In it’s early days it was known for making SEO fun. It’s still quite useful for small sites but is not recommended for managing large or complex sites.

Traffic Travis- Pros

Powerful Multitasking

Traffic Travis can theoretically handle unlimited project at a time. It makes managing and tracking multiple projects more user-friendly by keeping all projects in separate tabs.

Historical Data Analysis

Traffic Travis provides historical data analysis. This feature can be used for both on site stacking and competitor site tracking. The limit on keywords is also sufficient to do an exhaustive analysis of multiple sites.

Graphical Reports

Traffic Travis creates very user-friendly reports. Unlike most of the tools which provide exhaustive, but cramped up reports, Traffic Travis reports are neat, to the point and easy to understand because of their graphical nature.

Traffic Travis- Cons

Limited Features

Traffic Travis can be used for keyword research effectively but it’s quite poor when it comes to running a full-fledged SEO campaign. It’s also handicapped when it comes to on page analysis and article submission.

Traffic Travis- ratings

Our experts has rated it 2.27 on a scale of 5.

 Traffic Travis – pricing

 Traffic Travis – $99

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