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Top 5 Suitable Web Video Production Jobs

Top 5 Suitable Web Video Production Jobs

Top 5 Suitable Web Video Production Jobs can be broadly classified into two categories

1. Creative  Producer Director
2. Technical  Cameramen Editor Audio Engineer

What Does a Digital Video Producer Do In Web Video Production?

The producer/director is responsible of the content. He/she will try and tell the story clearly and creatively. Creative in digital video producer is a combination of art and technology. As a creative producer, you use state-of-the-art digital video equipment and computer programs, like editing, audio mixing tools, animation and special effects software, to create a compelling story for viewing. The story can be either non-fiction, such as a current affair news report or a documentary film, or fiction, such as a serial or a music video, television show or commercial. You’ll need to understand the process of digital video production to execute, from original idea to all the post-production tasks involved. Finally, you’ll need imagination and creativity to help your work stand out and be noticed. He/she interpret scripts; cast the right characters, oversee video and film productions; direct camera and sound recordings; review and select various edits for final production. The producer is the captain of the project who plays three roles which are creative, technical & financial (ensure that the story is executed within the budget allocated. He/she should know all the facets of film making to be a successful producer.

What Does a Digital Video Technician Do In Web Video Production?

The technical team in the web video production help the producer/director to acquire the content clearly. As digital video technician, you could hold a variety of positions, such as video editor, camera operator, graphic animator, lighting engineer, art director, make up & hair, costumes, or audio director. He/she will manipulate their tools they have mastered and recorded audio and video into story-telling sequences.

As a digital videographer, you’ll primarily operate digital camera equipment as a cameraman. He/she should have an aesthetic eye to make the visuals pleasing to the eye without compromising of luminance and chrominance standards prescribed. He/She also setup and operate digital video cameras and related equipment and you’ll also make use of other elements like lighting. You’ll need to know techniques for using lighting equipment and natural light for both studio and location shoots. They should have a brief knowledge on audio and editing methods. In addition to these technical skills, you need to ensure that the content you technically acquire is clear and creative in all aspects.

The audio engineer ensures that the sound recorded either live or in post production is audible and as per the prescribed audio standards. They should know how to operate audio mixing softwares and be well versed in operating audio gears like microphones, cables, mixers etc.

What Kind of Suitable Web Production Jobs Can I Find?

There are several niches to fill in the digital video production profession. You could work in entertainment, advertising or news reporting. You also could apply your skills in the education, government, NGO or service industries. Projects typically involve goals as diverse as employee training, entertainment or the recording of personal events, such as weddings or birthday parties etc. You could choose to work in a freelance capacity or as a production house or as an employee of a company. As the uses for digital video increase, so could your potential career avenues, such as new media outlets.

You need to choose either to be in creative, business or in the technical side of web video productions and get the right training and work experience in your area of intrest.

How Do I Learn About Web Video Production Jobs?

Suitable Courses in a bachelor’s degree program or diploma programs at a college, university or film school can introduce you to creative story telling, broadcast equipment, film making software and techniques used in the industry. Many schools have their own studios where you can further develop your skills.
The producer is trained to develop a high level of imagination and creativity. Digital video production programs typically provide the opportunity for you to create a portfolio to display your academic and professional work. Many good programs also include business studies that can teach you pricing, contract development, insurance requirements and marketing strategies that may be helpful if you offer freelance services.


The top 5 suitable web video production jobs are the following

1. Producer/Director
2. Videographer
3. Editor
4. Audio Engineer
5. Graphics Artist

There are many jobs in the web video production industry that require years of on-set experience or working as an intern. For aspiring videographers, the initial job has to be to gain experience. Your desire to make movies is present, but your real-world experience is lacking. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: find an entry-level industry position and work your way to the top.

A common misconception about internships is that they are strictly for students who are fulfilling college degree requirements. While this is often the case, there are also internship programs available to postgraduates looking for experience in their field. Most major studios have internship programs available. Walk-in with your portfolio and impress them with your creative skills and passion to learn. These positions are usually highly sought after and the competition is steep. But if you’re up for the challenge you can usually find the requirements for application on their company website.

Find the job most suitable to your temperament, equip yourself with proper schooling for the same to get your foundations in place. Get to be trained as an intern at with the company or industry senior of with the most suitable reputation. Build your network with peers with similar passion while you intern.

Remember that the fundamentals of video productions are the same irrespective of the medium you choose to display it. Develop a passion for story telling. Observe and learn form great masters on how they play with screenplay in the moving visual medium. Web video production is comparatively a nascent industry and you will have an early mover advantage if you have the passion and right training to compliment it.

Soon digital web video industry will claim its share in the revenue pie. People are slowly moving away from the traditional appointment viewing found in TV and inching towards convenient viewing pattern. Storytelling is also changing to suit the viewing habits and preferences of the web user. Advertisers and client are seriously gauging digital media and are impressed with the impact. More opportunities will be available with a good digital marketing course which will expose you to the nuances of web world to optimise your web video to reach the desired audience with the maximum effect.

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