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Top 5 Tips That Will Help Tap The Power Of Web Analytics And Social Media

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Social media and web analytics go hand in hand in the 21st century. Infact, web analytics is considered as the backbone of social media. The 3 main drivers of social media are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. However, social media has many diversified branches in almost every space of the world whether it is business, astrology, sports, entertainment, education, or medical etc.

As we open the magical internet box via our desktops, laptops or mobile devices, we see a lot of special promotional offers and running discounts from various different vendors whom we have never seen or heard about. Have we ever thought of how the unknown vendors approached us? Therefore, tapping the power of social media and web analytics is the topic we are going to discuss in the below tips :-

1)  Way Of Monetizing The Brands With Real Examples :-

While scrolling down the Facebook homepage or following on Twitter, we tend to see a lot of promotional posts or tweets by our friends, who wish to promote some brand with the help of  a few links attached to the post. They actually try to market the products on the behalf of the brands. The brand treats them as their revenue drivers and compensate as per the sales transaction done with the links shared on their personal profiles. Some of the marketers have made lot of money by promoting the brands via social networking.

2) Google URL Builder :-

Google has blessed the marketers with a  provision to build customize URLs for different social mediums – Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. The attached URLs help the visitors to land on the desired page which the marketers want the visitors to visit. The below screen shot clearly states the way on how to build URL for different mediums. URL Builder

  • Box 1 – Insert the ‘final destination’ landing page (URL of the product/brand)
  • Box 2 – The name of the site the link exists ( facebook , twitter , email)
  • Box 3 – The name of the tool to be added(  for Facebook – status, photo, video, post ; Twitter – hootsuite , tweet deck ; for E-mail – gmail, mailchip, autoresponder, signature etc)
  • Box 4 – Include the date and key message ( for example 2104.08.16 -social-media)
  • Box 5 – Gives long ugly URL on clicking Generate URL
3) Shorten the Link :-

Technology is meant to make the work easy for the masses. “Bitly” actually shortens the long and ugly link given by the URL provider.

  • Box 1 – Shorten the long link with Google Analytics
  • Box 2 – Click on copy to save it for use

4) Track The Post Via Google Analytics Quick Cheat Sheet :-

Go to  and access analytics to check whether the campaign posted on social mediums is traced or not. Google Analytics Cheat sheet The highlighted boxes in the above Google analytics cheat sheet needs to be reviewed each time, when we track the marketing campaigns and posts. This report will give us facts, number of visitors visited the landing page via different posts shared on different social mediums.

5) Key Pointer For Google URL Builder:
  • Use lower case in the boxes.
  • If spaces are to be used, one must use dashes between the words wherever possible.
  • Be consistent in your naming across different campaigns so they fit well in the Google Dashboard .
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