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Top 5 Trustworthy Pay Per Click Tricks For Robust Search Engine Marketing Campaign

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To increase your ROI, a few other tricks can be used in Search Engine Marketing.

1) Mobile Apps: If conversions are not happening, exclude mobile apps as a placement.

2) Targeting Right Audience: It is of no use to target a group which is already converted, so one should show ads to users who have not yet converted. Add remarketing tags to all pages of your site so as to create an audience of converters.

3) Frequency Capping: Too many ads annoy consumers; therefore ads should be shown to a maximum of 3 times in a day. It’s only then that consumers are likely to convert.

4) Search Partner Network: One cannot target Search Partner Networks separately in Google (Unlike Bing). Therefore by default SPN gets set, so do not ignore it. If Search Partner Networks are not performing, opt out of it.

5) Aggressiveness Ratio: This ratio tells us how much more are we spending on research or discovering keywords rather than using the core converting keywords.

The ratio is calculated as:

CPA of total search queries / CPA of search queries that have converted

If the score is 1, it means that the account needs keyword expansion and the account is too conservative.

If score is 2, it shows the right balance between converting and non converting keywords.

If score is 3, it shows that you need to cut on non converting keywords and the account is too aggressive.

One could also calculate NCC % i.e. Non Converting Cost % as follows:

(Cost of Non Converting Keywords / Total search cost)*100

Thus, with the help of these ratios and percentages one could control costs and hence increase ROI.

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    • 5 years ago

      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      All the PPC’s are explained in a simple way, but i think you can elaborate a bit more on each points. The ratio was explained in a very clear manner. Good presentation.

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