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Top 5 Ways To Boost Traffic From Instagram

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facebook_buys_instagramInstagram has emerged as one of the most famous visual social media platform.It is very important to have an account on Instagram if you have a brand. Instagram gained popularity when Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion in 2012. Instagram has around 400 million monthly active users.If you are using Instagram to drive traffic to your website your website must be mobile friendly as most people prefer checking any website or use Instagram through their tablets or smart phones.There are many misconceptions that Instagram can be used only by certain brands to drive traffic, it cannot be used by service based industry but this is not true.Instagram helps in engaging with people, build relationships with them and also helps in promoting a product which is new.So a lot of question arises unlike other social networking sites like Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest can Instagram drive traffic to your website? Is it difficult to drive the audience from a social networking site to a website? The answer is unlike other social networking sites even Instagram can be used to drive traffic to your website and as per the demographics more than 26% adults use Instagram.We can get high quality traffic with audience who are more engaged as the posts are highly visible on Instagram.It is not at all difficult to drive the audience from Instagram to your site, if the quality of the content is interesting it can automatically drive people to your website.Instagram can be used effectively by marketers as images can be a part of their content marketing strategy and there is a very less typing involved. Here are top 5 ways you can use to boost traffic from Instagram.

Include a link on Instagram

To drive traffic to your website it is very important to include a link to your website in your biography section of Instagram. The biography section is the only place on Instagram where you can post a link to your website. Posts, captions and comments can also have a link but you cannot click on it and the followers have to either note down the URL that is mentioned or memorize it that people won’t prefer doing.The link in the biography section can be of a landing page,your blog page which can be updated anytime or if you are running a contest you can mention that link as well and once the contest is over you can update the default link that you use.Another thing which you must keep in your mind while updating the link is that the link must be trackable. When someone clicks on the link mentioned in your biography it is tracked by Google Analytics as a direct traffic and not as a  referral traffic. So, it is almost impossible to see the amount of traffic you are getting to your site from Instagram.The link can be made trackable by using tools like which helps in tracking the clicks as well as shorten the URL which makes it easier for the audience to remember.

Use high quality images

Consumers nowadays are more attracted to impressive images so it is important to use high quality images. Marketers are using images as  a part of their content marketing strategy as there is a very less typing involved. You can display your products using impressive images on Instagram and post pictures that relates to your demographic. If you have customers who are trendy you can post images with filters using various editing tools to make the picture stand out and including hashtags on the images that are used by your customers.Backgrounds also play a major role in making your picture stand out, beautifully crafted backgrounds to highlight your product can help in engaging with more people who can  drive traffic to your website. So now you see the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is true and can be of great use.

Make use of Hashtags

Hashtags play a very important role in Instagram.People can discover your images,captions through hashtags so it is very important to use relevant and trending hashtags.Hashtags can also be useful in brand exposure and also for driving traffic to your website.


Advertisers are very much benefitted from hashtags as it gives them ideas about their target audience and also building brand loyalty through fan’s appreciation.It is very easy to increase views on any updates by using great hashtags. Most of the pictures on Instagram have only hashtags as the description and this is how all the pictures are discovered. So in order to drive traffic to your website it is very important to include appropriate hashtags in the pictures.If you know your target audience well you can include hashtags which you see are used most often by your target audience.Instagram allows users to use 30 different tags for one picture however it is recommended not to use more than 10 to 15 hashtags as it is not preferred by many people.So, now you see how using a hashtag can be a useful way to drive traffic  to your website.

Share pictures from your blog posts

Whenever you post an article in your blog you always update a great picture in your blog.In Instagram you cannot share your blog post as compared to other social networking sites but you can share the image you have updated in your blog post and also update the link to your blog post.You can also include a snippet with your post that would give a piece of description about what your recent blog post is about.So it is very important to share images which are visually appealing on Instagram which can help to drive traffic to your website and make people read your blog posts.

Promote contest and event details on Instagram

If you are hosting a contest online you can share the image that best represents your contest on Instagram. You can give descriptions about the contest and include a specific hashtag which can be shared across all the social media platforms. It is very important to update the URL in your profile section so it becomes easy for people to view your website and know the details where they can participate it can also help you get new followers.You can ask people to come up with new pictures that best represents your brand and that would be the entry path to your contest so this helps in engaging with more people. Event details can also be shared on Instagram by updating visually appealing images of the event and using the trending hashtags in your post.

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      Today Social media campaigning is the best source for gaining traffic for website & Instagram is one of them! This article is really helpful for every webmaster, thanks for sharing such a very informative content.

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        Thank you Priya

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