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Top 6 Off-Page Optimization Activities To Boost Website Traffic

Top 6 Off-Page Optimization Activities To Boost Website Traffic

On-page-or-Off-page-SEOSearch Engine Optimization basically works on two types of techniques, one is the on-page optimization and other is the off-page optimization. These two techniques are used to rank websites in the search engines. Once on-page optimization is complete the off-page optimization is done. Off-Page Optimization is a very important part of search engine optimization as it helps in maximizing performance of a website and helps in giving backlinks to a site. Backlinks are important as it helps search engines to generate traffic to a website. One of the effective ways to drive traffic to a website is link building which also helps in increasing the site visibility. Link Building is the backbone of organic search. When on-page optimization and off-page optimization are done together it gives higher rankings. To survive in this competitive search engine optimization world branding of the website or company is very important and for this we need to build links.


There are many websites that are created almost every day but are they able to drive traffic? Is your website buried beneath hundreds of others? Is the content reaching out to the people? To deal with these questions here are 6 Off-Page Optimization activities that can boost traffic to a website.


Social Bookmarking is a very powerful way to promote a website. First, we need to know  what do we mean by social bookmarking. Everyday we come across various pages of a website which we find very interesting, so instead of remembering the address of the webpage, through social bookmarking we can save the address as a bookmark. We can save the bookmarks and share it with others. We can also come across bookmarks which is already saved by others and add it to our list. So, quality content of a website is important as people will bookmark only those pages which they find interesting or they feel can be used for future reference. Content should be written with proper keywords and the content should connect with the audience. It is recommended to use one keyword in a paragraph. When someone visits a website it is important to hold them back which can be done if the content attracts the visitor. Social Bookmarking helps effectively for ranking, the websites that has been bookmarked more means the content has attracted the user.

Social Bookmarking helps in getting indexed faster in the search engine which in turn helps gaining more traffic to a website. StumbleUpon, Delicious are popular websites used for Social bookmarking.


Directory Submission simply means submission of your website link to some of the reputed web directories. It involves not only submission of URL’s but also titles, descriptions and other details of the website to the web directories. Directory Submission not only helps in getting recognized by the search engines but also building backlinks. So, now you see building links is equally important. Link Building can help in gaining website traffic, when the links are submitted in the directories if the search engine spiders see the links more often it has a higher chance of being ranked. Since your website will be added to one of the category in the searchable online directory it helps the website to gain visibility and also provides links to your website which in turn helps in link popularity. It is very important that the titles and descriptions contain the keywords as it helps the website being indexed and listed in popular search engines. Content Optimization is very important, if the content is a quality content it will attract more people. It must be ensured that the content is unique and easily readable.

Since Directory Submission provides inbound links to your website this is a very effective way to boost traffic to a website.


Blogging is one of the effective ways to connect with your audience directly by sharing facts, opinions, ideas with the people and also for creating backlinks to a website. Blogging helps in promoting a brand or company easily by simply sharing your ideas, information about the company or brand with the people.


Having relevant and quality content is very important as it attracts more people. One must ensure that the content is easily readable, unique and well written. Connecting with the audience through blogging is easy as the benefits of a product, various services offered, etc. can be shared directly. Interaction with the audience can be done on daily basis through blogging, users can share their thoughts and views regarding the products. Visibility and ranking in the search engines can be gained if the blog is submitted to some reputable blog directories. Hence, Blogging can be an effective way to boost traffic to a website.


Social Networking is the best way to gain website traffic,for this first you need to create an account on the famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,etc.

social media my first seo learnign

Building social networks helps in extending your network online by connecting with your friends,sharing your ideas and promoting your brand or company mainly for boosting the brand awareness. So, it very important to build an online reputation to gain visibility. Social Networking is the best digital marketing tool that a company prefers using to promote their brands. Social Networking has become a key tool for any business as it helps in building relationships and engaging  with a huge community of individuals present worldwide. Being active on social media and maintaining up to date information about the brands is a must. Various marketing strategies can be adopted to promote a brand through social media channels which in turn can boost traffic to a website.


Maps Listing is a very effective way to boost traffic as it helps in getting listed in google maps which in turn helps the business being recognized.


When someone is looking for  a dry cleaner near Guildford,the user has to scroll past a map listing where all the dry cleaners present near Guildford are listed in the map. Instead of scrolling down to the bottom of the page the person would prefer viewing it on the map where their contact details is also available. It can basically bring an exposure to your brand and also to get the customers directly to your door.So, it is very important to update the information on regular basis. Google My Business can be used to create a map listing and to maintain an accurate information.


Reviews about your business is an important consideration for off-page optimization as it affects the ranking of a website in the search engines. Any review that is either good or bad can effect the rankings of your website. Through a positive business review, a business can build its brand confidence and the conversion from a visitor to a buyer would be high. It is recommended to ask your clients to write reviews of your business which can help in gaining visibility and also boost traffic to your website.

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