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Top 5 SEM Strategies To Attract Customers And Improve Sales

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The internet marketing is tremendously getting competitive; attracting customers and increasing sales has become a challenge. Online companies should apply following search engine marketing strategies to attract potential customers and increase sales.

1. Competitor check: First and foremost thing an online marketer needs to know is, how well their competitors are doing, typically what keywords they’re using, how are their landing pages working and how much they are spending on their PPC ad campaign. If you are placing your add in the SEO, you need to know who is ranking better with their keywords and how many links do they have. You cannot attract customers and improve sales if you’re not aware of how your competitors are doing.

2. Right keywords selection: Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and do your keywords research. Analyze the keywords your competitors are using and expand your keywords by using the Google Adwords tool. Use keywords such as “tablet bags”, “men’s wallet”, “herbal tea”, etc. Target keywords that are specific to your ad campaign, target niche market, suppose you’re a matrimonial website, target your keywords such as “matrimonial Kundali matching”, “India matchmaking”, “Indian life partners”, “soul mate search”, etc. Gradually keep increasing and editing your keywords until you find the best ones.

3. Call to action: Customers visit your page for their own benefit. For instance, in a matrimonial site customers are looking for a life partner, in an audio software website customers are looking for a free trail or free download audio software. Hence, they are willing to take an action on your landing page. Create a professional and user friendly landing page and a call to action tab such as “free register”, “sign up with Facebook”, “free download”, etc. Your landing page should appear clearly to your user, they should know what the next step is needed to take.

4. Relevant ad copy: Increase in sales will directly increase your ROI. Users will always appreciate your business for selling the right type of products and services to them. In case, the latest model of iPhone is out-of-stock in the local stores, after researching people find it on your website, they will be glad that you have what they want. Therefore, they will click to your site and make purchases. Your ad copy should match with what you’re selling and what people are searching, your keywords should be “latest iPhone models”, “latest iPhone price”, “latest iPhone in India”, etc., so on and so forth. Make your ad copy be relevant for example “This festive season, enjoy the touch of the new iPhone”, “prepare to be different with the new iPhone S5”, etc., you can use better and creative lines in your ad copy. Keep experimenting with your keywords and ad copy.

5. Target audience & active interaction: Identify which sect of audience you want to draw to your website. Target your audiences age wise, gender wise and location wise. Ask yourself questions like who should I target? Why does the target audience need my products and services? Where are my audiences located? And what is the mindset of my audience? Frame your own questions and come with answers. After finding your potential customers, start interacting with them through social platforms and understand their needs and wants. Find out the insights about what they are looking for in your products and service. To solve customer queries, take active participation by replying on time.

6. Last three components: The most important components to attract customers and increase sales can be achieved through visibility, creativity and continuity. Your brand should consist of all the three components for quick ROI. Don’t spend time looking for competitors ideas, use tools that will help you gain visibility. Think creatively and alter changes to your ad campaigns by monitoring your competitor’s entire campaign.

There is no short cut to fame; continuous hard works and effective efforts are required for any brand to gain visibility. Spend adequate time on optimizing and analyzing your campaign. Look for creative ideas to improve sales and attract qualified visitors to your ad campaign. Implement these strategies and see the difference in your campaign.

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