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Top 6 SEO Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Top 6 SEO Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

You can’t ignore the importance of SEO for website promotion because of its capability to generate high ranks for various keywords on different search engines. SEO changes constantly, so ensure you keep a close eye on it in 2017. new-seo-tips-for-2016

Here are top 6 SEO tips which can work wonders for your website rankings and traffic.

  • Don’t Forget Social Bookmarking

Keep in mind that social bookmarking assist in sharing of content and URLs online for your consumers. Avoid preserving a page or content only on your PC and go ahead by sharing it on online bookmarks. Reddit, Delicious, LinkedIn are some of the websites which permits content bookmarking by simple submission. This will surely help to bring in more traffic for your business website.

  • Don’t Forget To Submit PDF Files

Optimize your website for search engines and make a PDF file of the whole website. After that you need to submit it to different PDF submission sites to get high traffic in return.  Search engines give almost same importance to PDF files just like they give it to HTML files. Here, by having a back-link you will get success in generation of more traffic and your keywords will also get optimized. Search Google to find out popular PDF file submission websites.

  • Use Infographics On Your Website

There’s a trend on the internet in which users just move ahead from a site if they fail to find anything interesting. You must take steps to make the website attractive enough to get user’s attention easily. Here, Infographics can come as a handy tool in creating content which is also appealing to visitors. With help of infographics, you can create high value links which may prove quite beneficial for your SEO automatically.

  • Focus On Your RSS Feeds

If you have been in the SEO world for a while then you must know what RSS feed is all about. RSS feeds help your site visitors to subscribe and share your content to different places on the web. Your site will gain more visibility due to the constant sharing of its content. By submitting RSS feed on different search engines, you can get your site indexed easily. RSS feeds also have an indirect effect on the rankings of your website.

  • Give Preference To Social Network Websites

Social media has seen a monstrous growth in recent years and developed as an excellent technique for website promotion. Most of us are aware about the wide reach social media offers (it’s huge), so it can be highly effective in delivering the type of exposure your website is looking for. Make sure you promote your brand’s website on all the major social media websites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram etc.

  • Submit Site On Various Search Engines

Ensure that you submit the URL of your website on all the major search engines like Bing, Google, AOL, Yahoo, Ask etc. Don’t rely on Google completely and give some attention to other search engines also. Make a list of the most popular search engines and submit your website on them.

Final Thoughts: You must have a well-defined SEO campaign for 2016 to enhance the ranking of your site and to get high traffic. Implement these techniques in your SEO campaign for 2017 to generate high-quality results.

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Pawas Gupta: Pawas Gupta is a writer and has a Blog ‘SEO Company India. He writes news, blogs and articles based on Internet Marketing, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, and Pay per Click, Lead Generation and Marketing Research.

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    Dhivya Rangarajan   /   Reply

    Altogether a nice post, can you explain more briefly “Don’t Forget To Submit PDF Files”- how this really help in SEO?

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