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Top 6 Subject Lines That Result In Your Email Being Opened Up

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Mobile devices are becoming a much bigger part of everybody’s daily lives. More and more people are reading emails and business communication on their mobile devices. So, as an email marketer, one needs to spend time on making sure that the emails  are read, consumed and viewed on mobile devices as well.

According to studies, 78 percent of people read emails on their mobile devices. We must make sure that the emails are viewable on all ESP’s mobile versions. Thus, it has become very important to optimize the content by using shorter content.

40 percent of the reader’s decision to open the emails is based on subject line and “send from”, i.e senders name. Besides, 69 percent of the recipients decide whether to report email as spam based on the subject line. This makes the “subject line” highly crucial aspect of email marketing.

Adding further to highlight the importance of “subject line”, according to the 80/20 rule – 8 out of 10 people will skip the email subject line, which implies that less than 2 people out of 10 will read the rest of the email and take desired action. So, while drafting out the emails, one must spend 50 percent of the time on the subject line and 50 percent on everything else (including design).

Here are Top 6 Subject Lines That Result In Your Email Being Opened Up :

1. Newsletters

a. “My company” Sales and Marketing Monthly Newsletter
  • This subject line concisely tells the readers where the email is coming from and that the email is about a specific topic, for instance the newsletters.
  • For the readers, there is a level of time period associated with subject lines, for instance “Monthly”.
  • This subject line is short, concise and to the point and clearly tells the readers what the email is about.
b. “My company” Newsletter- July-2014 : Teaser subject/topic
  • This variation of the subject also works well, to grab the readers attention.
  • The “teaser subject” needs to be short in length

2. Webinars

a.” [Webinar] : N Tips to Improve email responses”
  • Using such a subject line involves telling the recipients what the email is about. Readers can figure out quickly if the webinar topic is of relevance to them or not.
b. “My Company” Webinar: Case-Studies- Join us on 15 July
  • This is a different variation of the “webinar” subject line series.
  • By including case-studies, it explains in a very precise manner by using specific topic for the readers.
  • By including  the date of the webinar, makes the subject very precise.
 c. Webinar : Topic
  • This subject line is short, concise and is often used as a targeted follow-up email of an event, the reader may have attended.

3. “This week’s phone call/ meeting {Personalized from sales representative}”

  • There are a lot of customers to whom the marketing department sends emails on behalf of the sales representatives.
  • Such a subject line makes the email appear personalized for the readers and may appear as a one-to-one communication from the sender and the reader.

4. “8 Customer service tips that work”

  • Such a subject line is short, concise and to the point.
  • Through such a subject line, we Add Value for the recipients.
  • This subject line implies that the sender is offering assistance and something of value for the recipient of the email.

5. “Reminder: Storage “Survey”: Your Input”

  • Reminder subject lines work well as the recipients already have been associated with us. They need to be reminded every now and then.
  • As per a study, the word “Survey” is associated with top performing emails.

6. ” Invitation – Breakfast on ” specific topic”

  • This subject line invites the reader to be a part of an event, and does quite well in engaging with the readers.
  • One must make sure the subject line is short .

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