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Top 6 Tips That Help You Align SEO Strategy With Your Brand

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ly-thuyet-quang-ba-website-xac-dinh-tu-khoa-can-seo[1]Search Engine Optimization plays a prominent role in digital marketing field. At present, digital marketing is one of the leading marketing techniques to obtain more profits in your business. Today, most of them are showing interest in products marketed in digital media due to advancement in technology and change in ideology of people. In order to get more visible on digital medium every marketer is adapting SEO strategy to improve business profits. Many people think adapting SEO technique is completely related to relevant keyword application to the website and its ranking but it is not true. SEO involves many things other than keywords like indexation, crawlability, design etc. It is often you forget some things through which your brand is getting more visibility and traffic by giving high importance to ranking even for non-branded keywords. But you should never forget ‘Brand’ in your planned SEO strategy. In order to align your brand with SEO strategy, these are some tips which will help you to focus more on your brand.

1) Sitelinks

In order to estimate your brand visibility and importance make a search in different search engines by typing your brand name. If you find it in top rank then its fine, if not you have to apply more SEO techniques to optimize your brand rankings. Suppose if your brand is ranking on first position then you will find six to eight site links shown below your main organic result. You should cross – check these site links whether they are right links attracting new visitors or they are best site links that speaks about your brand or not. If you feel these links are inappropriate then you should demote them. Google will suggest you some other internal site link suggestions that may attract new visitors. Select the appropriate links until you get the desired ones to get displayed.Sitelinks

2) Adapt Logo Schema

Google announced its support to markup for organization logos. It means logo of organization will be shown in search engine results page along with organization website. By using logo schema along with your organization will convey your brand image more among the visitors increasing your organization publicity. Present we can see only organization logos related to big organizations but in future even small organization logos will be displayed in results page. It is fact that pictures will be reminded more in mind compared to organization names. Organization names along with logos will gain more prominence and increase number of visitors to the site. Adapting logo schema technique is the best SEO technique for aligning your brand with SEO (2)

3) Use Alt Tagging Technique For Brand Images

Alt tags are the invisible descriptions of the images which can be displayed when you point out the image with your mouse. Images are more difficult to understand than content of the site for search engines. If you include clear alt tags for your images then it will help search engines to increase crawlability for your images in search queries. You should maintain clear and concise alt tags rather than making more descriptive about unwanted things like its size and unusual elements. Sometimes pictures may get disable from the web page and are invisible to users. If you include alt tags to your images, users will get an idea about the image (even if it is not displayed), just by reading the alt description while moving cursor on to the image. If you maintain accurate alt tags for your brand images it will increase the crawlability of visitors towards your site. It is found in research that more number of visitors will search for the site using brand search itself. In brand image search universal brand image results are shown. So to increase web crawlability to your website, you should maintain accurate, unique and attractive alt tags that supports your brand

4) Use Google+ And Knowledge Graph

Many people will ignore Google+ and other social media links in their SEO strategy. But not surprising, Google+ plays a prominent role in improving web traffic towards a website. By linking your brand website with your Google+ account, visibility of your brand will be displayed. Whenever users search your brand they will find the number of times your brand was searched by Google+ followers visibility displayed in search results. If synchronisation is done by Google between your brand and your verified Google+ page then your brand will appear in the knowledge graph for first page brand results itself. Moreover, in the brand search results page, your recent Google+ posts will be displayed increasing recent news flair to your brand results.

Pizza Hut Inc Knowledge Graph

Pizza Hut Inc Knowledge Graph


5) Use Publisher Tagging

Maintaining synchronism in between your brand and Google+ not only helps to improve your visibility in brand searches but will also increases your brand image by displaying additional publisher tags collected from recent published articles about your brand. Publisher tag displayed in search results will help you to crawl more web traffic towards your brand website, enhancing your brand site relationship with Google+ further more effectively.implementing-google-relpublisher-html-mark-up

6) Local Listing Management

Local listing management is very important to align your brand with more prominence and to make it more familiar to the visitors. Sometimes visitors may not be sure about chosing a single brand for their requirement. At that instance, they will simply search about the things without mentioning any brand name. Then the results page will be displayed with a list of multiple brands providing the user requirement things nearby their place. This list is the local list which should be never neglected in your SEO strategy. By maintaining proper local listing management, your brand will be displayed in the results page increasing number of reviews to your brand. Number of visitors to your brand will be increased if accurate local listing management is done by maintaining proper local citations which you may have other than on the web.Local-Business-Listing


Every entrepreneur or organisation has respective SEO strategy different from each other. But final aim of everyone is towards the success of their brand image itself. The above listed 6 tips will really help you to align your SEO strategy with your brand leading you to success.

Image Credit: Acquisio, Search engine watch, Verve search, Rizwan zahid

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Nice article!!! Many people think that SEO is all about keywords. But there are different ways to improve SEO ranking. The tips given in the article are really helpful and handy. These are the small things, but can make a big difference in SEO ranking.

    • 4 years ago

      Atinder   /   Reply

      Well, I can say, Google+ has many benefits, when it comes to SEO as we can get do-follow Backlinks from About section and then, can Guest Posting on other Blogs and take Link to our Google+ Profile. It passes link juice to our profile makes it very powerful and then those about section links really helps us rank our blogs. Also, Sharing all blog posts on Google Plus helps in ranking and FAST indexing. This is my person point of view, as I have tested this method in past and it worked most of the times.

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