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Top 6 Ways To Raise Form Field Conversion Rate By Upto 672%

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Lets learn how to optimize your efforts to make an effective lead generation form, so that you can keep a tight hold the majority of visitors to your site. Just follow these 6 steps and you may observe a 672% rise.

1) Place the form above the fold

Each & everything people do on a landing page is to increase engagement wit the customer, and connect with the right people to trust. All these are to influence customer for sales. When the question arrives that how to optimize a lead generation form, many people know that placing the CTA form above the fold usually brings results, because the position instantly brings visitors’ attention to form, which in turn converts great leads.

Ben Hunt got 876 clicks on the top advertisement when he placed CTA form on a position above the fold.

There are examples when positioning your CTA & form above the fold is necessary. For instance, if your product is a simple software or a mobile application, you will use a fancy headline, minimal but convincing copy, a preview on how the software works and a CTA form or button. See below this landing page created by Lyft:

2) Be sure to have a strong Call-to-action

You know it is very surprising that 72% of B2B marketers do not have any CTA button or form on their interior pages. If you have a CTA, it must be persuasive and compelling. The CTA is the tipping point between conversions and bounces. In other words, any step taken by you will either send your visitors away or convert them.

An example of a strong Call-to-action can be found at It is basically a improvisation of Ryan’s old home landing page. But this time, the CTA button, “Start Class Now,” exactly tells the customer what he or she will get.

A strong Call-to-action button forces people to click on it. Doing so leaves a user with a memory even when he or she has just landed on the page. In Brian Dean’s landing page, you can look at a perfect Call-to-action example that instantly shows you great value. Nevertheless, Dean used only a single word i.e. “DOWNLOAD,” as his CTA button, it is concise and looks beautiful. There is not anything else than an e-book to expect the moment you input your email address.

3) Include privacy policy to remove all doubts

Visitor is not a fool, and can get to know immediately what the advertiser has in mind.

Though, you can be creative in your privacy statement. Rather than using the typical “100% privacy—we’ll never spam you” that has just become a cliché, you can build a phrase that is relevant. Below is Shopify’s privacy statement.

Volusion is an ecommerce shopping cart solution company that follows the same trend when declaring its privacy policy. The company did not use the typical cliché, but instead go creative. Have a look:

4) Minimize friction in and out the form

Although, the suggestion of using power words to convince visitors to subscribe works, it is not always the best approach for optimizing CTA. Actually the form is not the issue, but the things around it are. If you insert many items around the form, doing so can lower conversions. The person will make judgments depending on whether the offer is right, the words are convincing, and the design can develop strong interest. You may send users to your landing page, and still make them to do nothing because of the restrictions. If you want all this not to happen, here are things that you can do so as to minimize the friction around the form:

• Allow white spaces around the form

• Make some form fields optional

• Use a two step process

• Sync the surrounding text/image with the form

5) Include the right number of fields, remove unnecessary fields

It may happen that only removing one dialog box from your form can greatly increase the conversion rate. To make this point true, once Dan Zarrella at HubSpot researched the CTA forms of 40,000 of its customers and got to know that conversions increased by almost half when the form fields are reduced to 3 from 4.  It does not matter where you have it, on the landing page, squeeze page, homepage, about page, contact form, etc. Ask yourself this question: what must stay, and what should leave? Study your form today.

6) Align CTA and form with landing page copy

Message agreement is useful for both PPC advertisers and content marketers.

If you build engagements via landing page, you have to make sure that your CTA and form are in agreement with your page copy. Have a look at an example:

Notice (in the picture above) that the image, the title and the CTA all speak the same language. Never place your CTA and forms in a cluttered area. It does not matter how convincing the copy is but always do your best by following these steps.


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