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Top 7 Content Marketing Case Studies

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Content -a word that assimilates so many other aspects. Words leave a great impact on the listener or reader as engaging content is more likely to fetch greater amount of interest in what you have to say. I’m sure you would agree to it.. don’t you?

From anything to everything, it is the content that makes a product/service/news or any other piece of information widely known and popular to reach out to the masses and allow to get heard. The phrase ‘Content is the king’ seems really prevalent and mandatory in the present day world. It was, is and will remain one of the most effective medium that will help to capture the interest of the desired community.

The formal definition of Content Marketing as suggested by the Content Marketing Institute is: “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience- with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Let us have a look at how some of the companies leveraged content marketing to boost their business.

  1. Google’s Doodles

A company that needs absolutely no introduction has been successfully leveraging content marketing through its widely popular doodles. Associated with several familiar birthdays, anniversaries, important days of historical significance etc., Google’s Doodles have been so impactful that they compel the user to click on it and read about the same. Google’s Doodle is undoubtedly a great platform for content marketing.


  1. Help Scout

Help Scout is one such company that sets-up an invisible help desk for the companies who wish to offer the best support to their customers. The company offers a comprehensive set of very well designed and well written range of content in the form of an e-book, so as to provide effective customer service.


  1. American Express’ Travel & Leisure Magazine

One of the profound names in the travel sector, American Express has experiences 99 years of success in through its publication by the name ‘Travel & Leisure’ magazine.  Over the years, American Express turned about to be a saviour for those travelers who wanted guides and maps for treading on long journeys. In association with U.S. Camera and Travel, American Express captured the picturesque views and the world’s largest travel company became the major American publisher.

Amex Travel & Leisure

  1. Metro Trains Showed Dumb Ways to Die

An Australian based company, Metro Trains conceptualized an interesting way to put across the message and promote rail safety. Unlike other rail safety messages that are cliché, monotonously dull and boring, Metro Trains wanted to catch the eye of the people and by creating ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ video, they could actually achieve their desired objective. Accompanied by a catchy song and depicted through colourful miniature characters, the story revolves around silly ways in which you can die. The resultant factor of this campaign was that it reduced the accidents and deaths by 21%.

  1. Zomato

An online directory to find the best restaurants around, Zomato is a famous name on which most people rely on. The company has gone global by spreading its presence in over 15 countries, generated more than $65 millions funds and has depicted a consistently impressive growth rate. Zomato has performed brilliantly in terms of offering the best via content marketing strategies which is not merely confined to content, but also videos, campaigns and other inforgraphics.


  1. Colgate

A name behind making our teeth shining bright an clean, Colgate is a trusted household name. The company has established itself as a great example by offering an online Oral and Dental Health Resource centre that comprises of a blend of videos, interactive guides and over 400 articles on dental care & its significance. The company presented a hoard of in-depth research based information in the form of blogs, e-newsletters and e-books thus leveraged content marketing aptly.


  1. Oreo India’s Daily Dunks

101 year old company that entered the Indian market recently in March 2011, began to take content seriously. Oreo backed upon one of the most frequently used social media platforms- Facebook to engage and inspire its targeted audience with such content that only Amul had successfully created earlier.


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A content passionate, Jasleen handles content writing & marketing activities. Also, she leads Digital Marketing Internship Program. She is in the content writing and marketing fraternity for 6+ years now & is proficient in writing content for blogs, articles, books, brochures and social media. She embraces practical knowledge of WordPress CMS.

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      Abhyudaya Tripathi   /   Reply

      Great article Jasleen. You have very nicely shown the importance of content marketing with these case studies. Providing quality content with a clear and open attention to your audience is a great way to achieve your target goals.

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