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Top 7 Free SEO Tools That Can Make The Journey Smooth

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seo3Search Engine Optimization’s prominence is increasing day-by-day with increasing usage of internet as a medium for marketing/ advertising. Today digital marketing is familiar to every internet user. To acquire more business opportunities through digital media, it is obvious that you should keep up your website with high ranking on Google and other search engines. For this, you should use all the available tools of SEO to optimize your website. Optimization should be user-friendly.

To rank your website with high ranking in search engine results page, it should be optimized with smart features like relevant keywords, tags, images, videos, blogs, content, links related to site etc. This is done using SEO tools.

There are many SEO tools available in the market which are free to use. To optimize the site with relevant keywords and features, simply use these tools. In order to get displayed on first results page, proper SEO techniques should be used. By using proper SEO techniques, high ranking is obtained to the site.

1) Google Global Market Finder

global market finderThe main feature to be considered while optimizing a website is relevant keyword research, which increases web traffic towards the site. In general, customers use keywords or phrases to reach your website, which shows the necessity of usage of relevant keywords used by customer on your site to rank your site higher.

Keyword planner tool is the basic keyword research tool used for relevant keywords but this tool is more ahead than Google keyword planner which displays relevant keywords, phrases and synonyms of these keywords used in different countries. It has many features like translation of relevant keywords to different languages as per the requirement. This tool helps to find the location of your potential customers from where they are searching your product, service and site etc. It is most accurate tool to find synonyms compared to Google keyword planner tool.

2) Meta Tag Analyser


Proper tags play the main role in articles and webpages. With proper tags, one can easily understand about the content of webpage to which it is related without giving glance to the total webpage. Title may be small for some webpages and articles displaying snippet view on Google or other search engines, is crucial for SEO to optimize. Page tags, title and meta tags are important categories of webpage which should be optimized using SEO. For analysing page tags, commonly used tool is SEO starter guide which was developed by Google. This tool is used for optimizing page tags. Similar to this tool, meta tag analyzer is an SEO tool used for analyzing meta tags and density of keywords in these tags. It helps you to optimize your website tags with relevant meta keywords estimated by users. I will recommend this tool for fresh content professionals to have an idea of placing right meta tags to the website.

3) PRLogprlog

Including press releases in your website will become a reason for obtaining high-rank to your site. In general, websites or blogs with press releases will be ranked high by search engines. Many people will ignore this fact of including press releases to their websites, which should be avoided. By including press releases, you can gain more attention to your site from the users. PRLog is an SEO tool used for publishing press releases. It is a free tool available online. Using this tool is very simple – just create an HTML press release on the website with relevant keywords. Log in to this tool by creating an account and paste the press release in the blank space and simply click on publish. Thus, the press release gets published on your website attracting more number of users towards the site.

4) Link Building Tool


Links added to the content of the website is a sign indicating hike in web traffic towards the site. Search engines rank the websites having links with high ranks. Having links in the website increases the users trust towards the site. Open Site Explorer is an SEO tool used for building links and analyzing about back links. This is unique from others as it suggests new links rather than showing available links. It helps you by detecting suspicious links and anchor texts. It is a free tool.

5) Rank Checker Tool


Every website’s future will surely depend on the ranking given to the site by search engine on search engine result pages (SERPs). By checking the site rank regularly, changes can be made to the site depending on the requirement. There are many tools for checking rank of websites. One of them is ‘Firefox Rank Checker’. You can use this tool by typing domain name, target keywords and competitor’s domain names, which tracks your website rank by comparing the information provided to it. As it is developed by Firefox, it works only in Firefox, which is a drawback.

6) Website Structure Toolwebmaster-tools-tips

Designing a website with full proof optimization and maintaining it with high-ranking at all the times is possible only by using SEO tools. There are various elements to be concerned while designing and optimizing a website like content, tags, meta tags, links to be added, press releases to be published, images and videos to be placed, columns should be divided etc. For all these elements using different tools individually may consume more time. In order to save time, you can use all tools in a single pack developed by Google known as ‘Webmaster tools’. It is simple to use and maintains the total statistics regarding content optimization, health of the site, rank given to the site, web traffic towards the site and online visibility of the site etc. By using this single tool, you can have total grip of analytical report of your site.

7) Google+download

Google+ having less prominence in social media but has deep roots in field of SEO. To opt high ranks to your website, simply add Google+ elements like profile, Google+ local and Google+ business to your site which hikes your website rank. It has high priority in SEO strategy which makes your journey smooth. You don’t believe it but it has great prominence in digital media.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Very informative write-up. SEO has become very important to take the business to the next level. The more the links are visible on the search engine, then chances of viewership also increases. These interesting and useful tools can be of great help to marketers when they are working with content developers. This will ease out the process and making SEO more effective.

    • 4 years ago

      Buzzmeter   /   Reply

      Really important tools for SEO..Nice article ..

    • 4 years ago

      Josh   /   Reply

      Very informative post.It contains some nice tools that can be used for SEO.Thank you.

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