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Top 7 Google+ Tools To Improve Marketing ROI In Social Media Marketing

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Reach and engagement are the two most important factors responsible for the success of social media. While platforms like Facebook, twitter have more users flocking on them, platforms like Google+ have yet to catch the fancy of users. But in reality Google+ provides few options to the users that FB and twitter fail to provide which can be quite useful to its users. Following are few tips on google+ which can help you get more traction and engagement:

  • Taking Advantage Of The Integration With YouTube

One of coolest ways to improve your ROI on Google+ is to integrate your Google+ account with your YouTube channel. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have an established YouTube channel or a Google+ profile you’ll have a reach to a wider audience if both these social platforms are used in congruence to each other. This integration gives you an advantage of increasing your engagement. Take for an example if you are sharing a video from your YouTube channel on Google+ users will not only view your video in Google+ but at the same time if they comment anything there it would be reflected and shown as comments on your Channel  & YouTube video. This will not only help you reach more users but also increase the engagement.

  • Helps In Increasing Your Overall Reach

There is no doubt that one of the most powerful tools for building loyal audience and email lists are Webinars. But unfortunately, using/buying a webinar software can be expensive and also little cumbrous to use. Google+ provides with an easy alternative.

One of the important features of Google+ is ‘Hangouts ON Air’. As we know that YouTube channel is integrated with G+ this feature helps you to broadcast a live stream feed on your YouTube channel for recording. And best part about this it’s a completely free service

  • Helps In Storing Your Pictures

Another exciting feature is you can store pictures from your phone. This helps you to safe keep your pictures. After storing your pictures on Google+ you can delete it from your cell phones.  Thus it helps you to upload images from your phone, highlight imp. Pics, add features to enhance them, create galleries and share with other users.

  • Helps In Creating Animated And Funny Videos With Awesome Photos

The popularity of videos increased tremendously these days because of two reasons, first they are visually much more attractive, second they are quick and easy way to fill or use up content.

“Auto Awesome” is feature in Google+ that helps you to create animated videos, videos with photos and both. It’s a great feature for marketers who are actively involved in video marketing. It enhances their possibilities and fuels creativity.

Auto Awesome works in following way on Google+,

  • Download Google+ app on your smartphone
  • Enable correct/right settings.
  • Enter Settings, then go to Camera Settings
  • In Camera setting turn on Auto Awesome, Auto Backup and Auto Enhance.

When you are done taking your pictures, upload them on Google+, wait for few minutes after which check your picture album. Google would have automatically made the video.

  • Helps In Segmenting Your Audience

Among the most remarkable tool of Google + is “Circles”. Definition of circles in Google+ is different than other social media platforms and is not just the users/visitors who watch your content. Here the visitors are akin to subscribers.

This feature provides you the facility of placing your contacts i.e. the people who connect with you and vice-versa in circles. This helps you to segment your contacts as family, friends, acquaintances and followers. If you want to contact users Google+ gives you permission to notify them directly through circles. If you want a distribution of permission-based and targeted traffic on your profile and posts then you just need to include “circle” in your post’s field.

  • Helps In Formatting Your Posts

Readers/Users have a tendency to consume maximum information in minimum time. Thus it is imperative for you to have scan able content only then your social media marketing efforts can bear fruits.

In Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn there is no option of formatting your post’s content. Thus it’s difficult for you to highlight and draw attention of your users to important and essential parts of the post or to put in a better perspective the links and media you want to promote.

Google+, in aberration, gives permission to add variables like “_”for italics and “*” for bold to direct the attention of the users on the essential portion of the post.

  • SoundCloud

For any media empire to succeed it’s imperative to have a broadcasting network of its own. Another integrated feature in Google+ is SoundCloud , an audio platform enabling users, sound creators, musicians to record, upload, share and promote their work(music) originally created by them.

Thus SoundCloud enables users to share files and provides them the option of playing them within the Google+ post itself. Now the audience/users can comment, share and consume your audio files/content without requiring to leave the Google+ platform. It is yet another way to efficiently increase the reach of your content.

Conclusion: Thus, Google+ can give it users many options which can help them to have more imprints. Google+ when integrated with other platforms like YouTube really helps users to boost their reach and engagement.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Very good content. Can you please cite few examples on ‘Google+, in aberration, gives permission to add variables like “_”for italics and “*” for bold to direct the attention of the users on the essential portion of the post’?

    • 5 years ago

      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Nice post. Very informative.Google+ is definitely a very effective tool when it comes to marketing online.Reading this one should understand the importance of google+. Tips were explained in a simple and neat way.

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