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Top 7 Reasons For Failure On Twitter As An Inbound Marketing Tool

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Inbound marketing is a marketing domain that is gaining pace in the modern day world. This is because of many reasons such as the higher returns that are generated after putting in efforts for quite a long period of time. Social media marketing campaigns that are launched on Twitter fail not because of the bad management of campaign but the inadequate usage of the platform.

Here are 7 inbound marketing tips to set the social media campaign right on Twitter. Read this blog if you wish to set the stage for grand panorama of success to unfold in front of your eyes.

1) Many hashtags used at once

Do not make it a habit to use hashtags in each and every sentence just because you feel good about it. To be right use at most 2 hashtags in every tweet. Do not over use them until you want to lose the impact of a Tweet on the whole as many hashtags used at once will result in the reader getting distracted from the main content. There must be relevancy about the hashtags used. If they are used just for the sake of gaining attention then there is a problem. Avoid using hashtags at random at all costs with an idea of staying on the top.

2) Do not be pushy

Avoid using the phrases such as ‘1 Hour Left! Hurry Up!’ or ‘Grab Your Pack Now!’ as these are taken by the reader as very pushy. Twitter is a micro-blogging site and there are some hidden rules to use it appropriately. The first thing is not to use it just as a selling platform only. Few good lines can do the trick without appearing as a salesperson who is only concerned with selling his products or services and is communicating only with that one purpose. It is always counter productive to be pushy as nobody likes to be dictated about the actions that one is expected to take. People come on the social media platforms to build their own identity and do not tolerate any disturbance in this direction. They just expect you to tell them how unique you are and what will they gain if they crack a deal with you.

3) Your tweets speak only about you

Are your tweets just about your company and the stuff related to it? If yes, then there is a problem as the readers will take home the impression that the tweets are just dropped in to promote the company and it does not care about the readers’ problems or expectations. If you want higher traffic than what is coming at present, then tweet for the customers taking care of their expectations from a text. It is true that the readers who visit the platform come with a desire to solve their problems and hence the text must be informative yet crispy according to the platform. It should be quick to understand and easy to implement in case of an idea to the extent possible.

4) Link the tweets with the right content

If there is an upcoming event which is important to your business, then do not forget to positively link it with the content on the medium. If there is some content on your website which you want to highlight then it is a good chance to promote that on Twitter through the tweets you drop in. Do not forget to include the right links so that the medium works in confluence with the other parts of the strategy and result in higher growth of the project as a whole. A single tweet can communicate about something and at the same time can also expand if required by the reader at any point of time.

5) Do not schedule the posts mechanically

Schedule the posts properly so that you can see what posts will be appearing at what time unlike a robotic scheduler which is used to repost the same tweet again and again. Be alive even when scheduling the posts.

6) Automatic messages for the new followers

This is a strict no-no for the success of a business. Do not send messages directly when someone follows you on Twitter but interact with them through actions such as posting relevant good quality articles or directing them to informative but reader-friendly blog posts either on your site or any other platform. Participate in online discussions and include the link of the same on twitter. Include the keywords that are business specific in order to earn maximum profits.

7) Bad profile

The profile on any social media platform must be good to look at and twitter is no exception. The more aesthetic the profile is higher are the chances that the audience will like to interact with it. The profile should include relevant details about the business such as its location and the link to the website. Do not use default graphics made available by Twitter. Instead use your creativity and design customised graphics, banners or background images for the business profile. This actually helps in giving a strong impression to the visitors who start seeing the business as an individual entity and not something that is a part of the lot. The profile appearance has an important role to play in social media marketing. Therefore, it is required that proper attention is paid here.

Twitter is one of the most widely used platforms by the businesses today and there are hired professionals who are managing the activities of the platform for a business on a day to day basis. the above mentioned tips are a must for the businesses which are always on their toes to earn more profits and are willing to learn in the process. Twitter is a typical medium of communication and poses various challenges to the businesses every day. Hope this blog will help you in understanding the medium in a better manner and utilise its full potential to grow your business without any further confusion. So, go ahead and get started now itself!

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