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Top 7 SEO Predictions And Tips For 2015

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2015-local-seo-predictionsWith every year passing by and the year coming up, new hopes, aspirations and opportunities. The year that passed by had seen many ups and downs with respect to several concepts and it was fluctuating in terms of Search Engine Optimization.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is profoundly known as is the process of a website or web page’s visibility on search engines such as Google, Bing etc. which affect the search results both ‘natural’ as well as unpaid or ‘organic’.

 SEO trends have changed over the period of time. SEO not only affects the rankings of the website a web pages but also leaves a great impact on social media, search engine marketing and other digital marketing domains. Going by the changing trends, let us have a look at the top 10 SEO predictions and tips for 2015:

1. Social Media Will Take Over SEOSEO and social media

As per some of the experts in the industry, it has been noticed that social media will not take over but has already taken over SEO. However, this does not indicate that SEO is dead. Rather, this implies that the concept of social media will turn out to be more and more and important for any marketers online strategy. Therefore, the search engine algorithms have started including social signals so as to calculate the rankings.

2. Mobile Will Be The Kingmobileking

It is predicted that the usual web traffic will be taken over by the mobile traffic in the year 2015. This simply implies that mobile searches will be comparatively more than the desktop searches. So, simply work upon a strong SEO strategy which is mobile friendly.

3. Email Will Be A Substantial Factoremail-logo

As always, email will be a crucial concept in the year 2015 also and will not loose its charm. However, it is essential to understand the fact with plenty of users already using emails and many more to join the league, only good email marketing will make an impact on the receivers.

4. Real Time Data Will Help To Survivereal time data

Real-time analytics data will turn out to be a huge survival factor for a good SEO strategy. This is so because online analytics tools are becoming very powerful marketing tools these days.

5. Content Marketing Will Be The Driving Force For Search RankingsContent Marketing for SEO

In the year 2015, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will lay more emphasis on the technical elements whereas it is content marketing that will affect the search rankings of the websites. Google’s algorithm will get refined to such an extent that spamming and spinning of content will become a sheer no-no.

6. Fresh Content Is The Need Of The Hourquality_web_content_writers

In this ever-changing and evolving dynamic environment, concepts, technology and latest news is what the online readers look for. So, it is crucial to ensure that the content is updated, fresh and pertaining to current scenario such that it does not become obsolete.

7. Author Ranks Will Have A Major Impact On RankingsAuthor-Rank-Google-factor-seo

There are several concepts that affect the rankings of any website, one of them being content. Be it off-page or on-page content, both hold significance in their respective own ways. So, it is crucial that the authors creating content for the website should be highly influential and experienced such that the content increases the rankings of your website. In a nut shell, good quality and unique content will be the key to good SEO in 2015 and future ahead.

So, make your SEO journey smooth and hassle free through some of the interesting tools.

Credits: Gabriel Reynaga, Pitstopmedia, Siliconangle and Visnetwork

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      Optimization is very important for any kind of marketing scenario. A plays a major role in influencing the visitor’s or reader’s decision making. Bringing certain changes in the optimization strategies will surely ignite the marketing process. Good write-up.

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