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Top 7 SEO Secret Tips For 2015

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A year passed and this new year 2015 brings a lot of new hopes, aspirations and opportunities for all of us. In 2014 we had many ups and downs in response to many approaches and it was varied and changes in terms of Search Engine Optimization too.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as we know is known for the technique of a website’s visibility over the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. which affects the ranking of the website both “natural” and “paid”.

As we know that SEO trends are changing according to the Google algorithms. SEO not only affects the ranking of the website, but also leaves a great impression on social media, search engine marketing and other domains of digital marketing. So, due to these digital changes, let us have a look at the top 7 SEO secrets tips for 2015:-

1) Social Media Will Take Over SEOSEO vs Social

According to some experts in the digital industry, it has been noticed that social media is taking over the SEO and it is the fact but it does not mean that SEO is dead. Rather, it means that approach of social media is becoming more and more important as compared to any other online digital strategies. Thus, the search engine algorithms started counting, ranking based on social signals.

2) Mobile Will Be The KingMobile will be king

It is forecasted that mobile traffic is taking over the website traffic in 2015. This simply indicates that mobile searches will be higher than the desktop searches. So, it means that we should focus more on mobile friendly SEO strategy.

3) Email Will Be A Considerable ElementEmail

As we know that, email is a considerable element in the year of 2015 and it will never loose its shine and importance. After all it is very necessary to learn the fact, as many people are using emails and more want to join the circle. And only effective and good email marketing will leave an impression on the users.

4) Real Time Data Will Help To Keep AliveReal time data

Real-time analysis of the data is becoming a giant factor to keep alive in digital marketing. This is happening because online analytics tools are becoming dominant marketing tools in the year.

5) Content Marketing Will Be The Driving Force For Search RankingsContent for SEO

In this year of 2015, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is downing the importance of technical elements and becoming more concerned about the content marketing, as it affects more the website ranking now a days. Google’s algorithm is getting more updated to such an amount that spamming and spinning of content will become zero.

6) Fresh And Unique Content Is The Need Of The HourFresh unique content

In this world of digital marketing environment, everyone needs concepts, technology stuffs, latest news online or on the web. So it is very necessary to ensure that the content should be updated, fresh, unique and based on the current scenario so that it  does not become outdated.

7) Author Ranks Will Have A Major Impact On RankingAuthor rank

It has been seen that there are many factors which affects the ranking of a website and one of them is content. Whether it is on-page or off-page content, both have a significant impact on ranking. So, it is very important that the author who is writing the content for the website should be highly influential and experienced such that it does not come under the copied content and increase the website ranking. In short, good and unique content is a key factor for SEO in 2015 and future ahead.

So, in last but not the least make your SEO adventure more smooth and struggle free by focusing on the above tips.

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