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Top 7 SEO Techniques To Increase Search Traffic

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images (5)According to the recent survey, 80% web traffic starts with a search query. That’s why SEO plays an important role in the success of your website. Whether you are in B2B or B2C business digital marketing is the prominent channel to aware people about your product and services. Whether you are targeting local or global customers’ online marketing is the cheapest and fastest way of marketing. But to succeed in this you have to carefully implement your SEO strategies so that people will easily find your brand. Here are some effective SEO techniques which can drive organic traffic to your website.

1) Audit your website regularly

In general audit is examining all the important financial document, an event, a result, in order to avoid mistakes in the future and take the smarter decision. Similarly, in the SEO world, the audit is the examination of your website to attract and retain the customers. In this, you can closely examine your site performance and find out the reasons why you are not getting enough traffic. On the basis of a result, you can decide future goal and techniques to be implemented. This is the smartest and most cost efficient ways to increase your web traffic without efforts. There are many smart SEO auditing tools are available in the market like My site auditor, HubSpot’s marketing grader, UpCity Free SEO Report Card, Web CEO Technical Website Quality Audit, etc.

2) Deep data research via end user value

One thing you should always keep in mind that whatever you are producing, marketing, selling is all for the customers. Without customers, your business is nowhere. Content on your website is the biggest asset for you through which you can attract and retain customers. Unique and quality content always attract customers in a natural way. Implement inbound marketing strategy for creating the right content for the right people. Getting reviews from your customers, prospects is the best way for deciding future content goal. Remember, people always search for what they want and not what you have created. There are few professional social media platforms are available to understand your target audience, their expectations and requirements. You can utilise this data to design your tags and keywords for better SEO (search engine optimisation) Quora is the most popular site for serving this purpose.

3) Design more optimised landing page

Many times people come to your site and leaves it without any decision. The reason may be they get confused or they didn’t come to the conclusion. To avoid this try to provide direction to the prospects by inserting appropriate CTA’s and landing page on the almost every page.  Most landing pages you create, chances of increasing web traffic also get increased. Lead Pages, Instagram, HubSpot landing page creator are some of the leading professional landing page creating tools. Using these, you can design perfect and customized landing page which more beneficial for search engine optimization.

4) Design your site mobile friendly and responsive

In last 4-5 years, the mobile commerce picture is changed drastically. Mobile searched queries are increased by 5 times as compared to previous years. Recent statistics shows that out of 5, 4 persons are using the smartphone and around 67% people are in favor of mobile shopping. The latest figures show that around 220 million retailers plan to invest in mobile marketing and advertising. These figures are themselves tells the story. So if you want to increase your lead, customers and higher search engine ranking then your site must be mobile friendly. Along with this, it is a good practice to respond your prospects immediately to their queries. It helped to build a positive image about your brand.

5) Take advantage of Infographic Power

Use of infographic is the simple and effective way of increasing web traffic. Statistics shows that in last 2 year search for infographic increased by 800% and the number is still growing fast.The reason is the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than plain text. It is observed that 65% of users are visual learners. Also, scientific research proved that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. you can take the help from some professional sites for creating unique and creative infographic. Quality and useful content along with the infographic can double your organic traffic. Remember Google indexes image in infographics not text. So select your images carefully.

6) Use Latent semantic Indexing

Google uses an algorithm while deciding ranking of the website. This search factors, not same for all the time. The algorithm updates frequently. if you want to maintain your rank in Google’s list, then you have to update yourself time to time. Google considers Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) while deciding ranking of the websites. LSI uses a mathematical formula to identify patterns in any given paragraph of text. It is an indexing and retrieval technique. LSI is also known as co-occurrence as it finds synonyms for keywords. In this way, LSI can improve your search ranking when you help Google to understand the topic.

7) Observe and Target Competitor’s Live Keywords

Sometimes it may happen that you may miss some powerful and really effective keywords that your competitor’s already using. So researching your competitors is good and smart practice. Use that keywords for creating better content.

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