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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tools To Leverage Twitter Effectively

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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tools To Leverage Twitter EffectivelyTwitter is widely used by companies, especially those which sell hot news via print media and television. Every time we watch the news on any international TV channel and we see those set of words prefixed with # at the bottom of the screen.

Twitter is popular among news media professionals, politicians, movie stars, and sports persons, because it is a perfect medium to share short messages instantly. Twitter is like an open forum, where everyone talk to each other and that is the beauty of this social media channel.

However, not many people are using Twitter regularly or effectively in a manner they use Facebook or Google+. Twitter has a relatively less number of subscribers than Facebook and Google+ and it is because Twitter is still a harder nut to crack for many people and they do not know how to use this channel effectively.

So, let us now understand the best Social Media Marketing tools to leverage Twitter effectively:

1. Use third party Twitter/ Social media tools

Here we consider two most popular tools that we can use along with Twitter account. Twtrland is the first one. Users can log in to Twtrland using their Twitter account username and password. This is a very powerful tool, where we can access a large database of social profiles of up to 60000 categories. We can refine our search results further by using filters.

Find out profiles that match the requirements and see who they are interacting with, the kind of content they are sharing, and much more information about them. These inputs are useful to connect with the right people in our niche market.

Twitonomy is another great site to use with Twitter account. Users can sign in to this site using their Twitter userTop 7 Social Media Marketing Tools To Leverage Twitter Effectively name and password. This is one of the best sites to analyze Twitter followers and track their daily growth. We can get detailed Search Analytics on any hashtag, user or keyword and able to set custom date ranges to analyze ‘mentions’.

We can get detailed information about the competitor’s Twitter user pattern from Twitonomy. Enter competitor’s Twitter address to get the detailed report. We can even find out with whom our competitor interact on a regular basis and then connect with those people to establish relationship with them online.

We can analyze how influential our Twitter followers are and thereby gauge our potential reach and identify those most influential and most active users. This site will also help us to know more about our followers that include their area of interests, the location they are tweeting from and much more detailed information. Twitonomy gives a lot of useful information which online marketers can use to analyze their market.

2. Use Cybranding to analyze Hashtags

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tools To Leverage Twitter EffectivelyHashtag is very popular amongst Twitter users. Using hash tags, we can create and monitor a conversation around a topic. There are many tools available to analyze any hashtag topic. Cybranding is one of the most popular analytic tool that can be used on any hash tag.

We need to create an account here first to start with. Enter the hashtag and then Cybranding will show all conversations around this hashtag topic. We can also view some other details that include,

  • The number of people who have seen the tweets with the hashtag over a period.
  • The volume of tweets with the hashtag posted during that period and times of day or days of the week this particular hashtag was used the most are also be generated.
  • We can get the list of top 50 influencing tweeters for a particular hashtag with the detailed information that include how often these people tweeted. In any case if we want to build influence around a hashtag, then all we need to do is to identify the key influencing people around this hashtag and become friends with them.
  • Find out hashtags that are used along with our hashtags and this way we can find a similar conversation that we may be interested in.
3. Generate relationship with Twitter’s relationship managementTop 7 Social Media Marketing Tools To Leverage Twitter Effectively tools

We can find many relationship management tools for Twitter available online. is one of such tools and the most useful tools to be used with Twitter account. This tool categorize people on the twitter based on the following parameters.

  • Influencing people: These are the people with a high number of followers with high retweet ratio.
  • Supporters: These are the people who share and retweet our contents quite often.
  • Engaged members: These are the people with whom engage on a regular basis.
4.Use Hootsuite regularly

Hootsuite is widely used tool by Facebook and Twitter members. This tool provides the best features even with its free version. Following are some of the most sought after features of Hootsuite.

  • We can schedule out content to a specific time.
  • We can create Twitter list of influences that we want to track and filter out in a separate column. We can create a column based on a keyword search on Twitter as well.
5.Use and monitor Keywords

There are many monitoring tools to track mentions and is one of the best. Using this tool, we can monitor keywords from our blog posts. When anyone shares our blog without mentioning our twitter name, we can still track those shares using the tool.

We can monitor competitor’s new blog post and find out whoever mentioned in the ompetitors post.

6. Use Social Oomph queue reservoir

Social Oomph is a popular social media management tool. Queue reservoir is one of the best features of this tool. When we create a blog we add this post to the queue reservoir so that it will be sending out on a regular basis.

On an average, the blog post will be sent out once in a month only however, everyday few of the items get published and that will offer a great source of traffic to our blogs.

7. Use Social Bro to find out the best time for tweeting

We all want to send out our tweets when most of our followers are logged in to their account so that we get the best attention to our messages.

Here is a tool that will give us some idea about the number of people who would see our tweets online. Take a look at Socialbro charts to see when our Twitter followers are usually come online.

Hover the mouse over each circle to see the percentage of  Twitter followers online at any particular time. This way we can find out the best time to tweet so that we can ensure that the maximum people are going to see our tweets.

Reference Source: Google Images & YouTube

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      Joao Romao   /   Reply

      Hello Ummer,

      This is a great blog post. I really think it gives a solid overview of what you can do in order to monitor and execute out-site strategies with social media. I’d love to get a feeling on how you think companies could use social media data in their websites.

      For instance, the ability to track how social sharing buttons are driving traffic and sales to their website seems interesting. Knowing which of their users are sharing their content seems relevant too.

      Do you think this is too specific?

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