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Top 7 Things You Can Do With Your Facebook Page

Top 7 Things You Can Do With Your Facebook Page

facebook-logoAbout Facebook

Facebook is an online interpersonal communication administration headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Its site was released on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg with his Harvard College flat mates and kindred understudies Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

Here are 7 things you may not think about in terms of your Facebook Page.

1. Take in More about your Fans than you Thought Possible

It’s feasible you definitely think about Facebook Insights, the stage’s fundamental examination instrument. It lets you know things like the demographics of your Fans (age, sexual orientation, area, and so forth), which is very fine.

In any case, that just gets you as such. Imagine a scenario in which you are searching for inventive approaches to connect with forthcoming Facebook Fans, or searching for somewhat more data about the make up of your objective business.

Facebook has got your back, however we’ll have to burrow a little more profound. Get acquainted with Facebook Audience Insights, the diagnostic stage which not just gives you all that you get with the standard Facebook Insights, additionally the Likes, Interests and “more demographics” of your Page and also the Pages of your rivals.

An exceptionally cool capacity of Audience Insights is that the crowd you make can be effortlessly sent out and focused with a Facebook Ad in one stage. When your intended interest group is sent out basically pick your favored Facebook Ad supervisor, plug in your duplicate and picture, and you’re ready!


2. Change Your Facebook Page URL

Now assume you are picture taker who began business taking wedding photographs. You picked my Facebook Page’s URL to be “”. Yet, then to be understood that there was way more cash in taking family shots. Can  one change the URL?

You completely can. Once. So make the most of it.

You’ll should be an administrator to change your page’s URL:

Head to

Beneath Create your Facebook web location, select a Page from the dropdown menu

Sort a username and snap Check Availability

In the event that the username is accessible, snap Confirm. In the event that somebody hasn’t officially asserted your URL the change ought to happen promptly.

Note: Usernames can just contain letters or numbers, must be at least 5 characters in length, and can’t contain expansions.

3. Change Your Facebook Page Name

Let’s assume one has began a little business with my wife, entitled J&D Custom Furniture. They made a Facebook Page and cherished it. However, then the anxiety of furniture turns out to be a lot for them, and they isolate. They’re no more “J&D”, yet just “J”. However, now they have to change  their  Facebook page.

Here’s the manner by which to change your Facebook Page name:

In the event that under 200 individuals like your Page, you must be an administrator or editorial manager to change your Page’s name:

Click About beneath your Page’s cover photo.

Tap on the Page Info in the left segment.

Drift over the Name segment and snap Edit.

Enter another name and snap Save Changes.

On the off chance that 200 or more individuals like your Page, you must present a solicitation to Facebook with a specific end goal to change your Page’s name. On the off chance that your solicitation is sanction, you won’t have the capacity to change your Page’s name once more. You can just change your Page’s name once.

To present a request:

Click About beneath your Page’s cover photograph.

Snap Page Info in the left segment.

Drift over the Name segment and snap Edit.

Snap Request Change.

Round out the structure and snap Send.

On the off chance that you don’t see the alternative to present.

You’re not an administrator. Figure out how to see your Page part.

You or another administrator beforehand presented a name change demand.

This alternative isn’t presently accessible in your area (a few nations don’t have the capacity).

4. Insert your Facebook Page on your Website to Get Fans

Need to drive Facebook Fans from your site without needing to send them to the Facebook stage?

Who wouldn’t?

Consider it, what number of individuals see your Posts or Page on Facebook on any given day? What’s more, what number of individuals movement to your site? In case you’re anything like Wishpond, we get altogether more movement to our site than we do our Facebook Page. Obviously regardless we need to produce Facebook Fans.

Implanting (part) of your Facebook Page on your site is an awesome arrangement and an incredible approach to allow more individuals to Like your business.

Facebook has an extraordinary how-to walkthrough on the site, however it’s a really clear procedure . Basically you need pick how you need to pick the Page install to look (width, stature, regardless of whether you need to demonstrate your latest Post or the characteristics of conceivable Fans’ companions) and duplicate the code supplied by Facebook into your website (or online journal article)


5. Get Advanced with Facebook Video

In the event that you’ve been paying consideration on your Facebook newsfeed as of late you’ll likely have seen a couple of a greater number of videos on the platform than earlier years. This is on account of Facebook’s algorithm (the thing that figures out what rate of your Fans sees your Posts) has begun to rank video higher than text content, link, or picture Posts.

Furthermore, there’s a few cool things we can do with videos on Facebook that you may not think about.

Firstly, go to the “more” tab of your Facebook page.

Here you can decide to make a “highlighted feature” which will demonstrate when individuals land on your Facebook feature page. Prefer making an Intro video for your image, something with an individual vibe and eye to eye connection.

You can likewise make a playlist (or five) of your videos. Consider, rather than a 5-moment walkthrough of your devices, five one-moment walkthroughs which separate it into bitesize, agreeable pieces. Shorter movies are easier than film, alter, and make a feeling of finish in your viewers and Fans.


6. Drive Leads from your Facebook Fans

Your Facebook Fans are not exactly leads, not yet. Without a doubt, you might know their names and like the amount they draw in with your image, however what number of them are really imminent clients?

One of the best systems to transform your Facebook Fans into leads is to run a Fan-only sweepstakes.

Here are a couple reasons it bodes well:

You realize which of your Facebook Fans are really inspired by your item, and which are just there due to an random “Like” snap a few years prior.

You don’t have to pay for advertising your competition, as you can naturally achieve the majority of your Fans. check the rate of your Facebook Fans that are seeing your limited time posts. On the off chance that it’s beneath 10% every time, you should try dropping a couple of dollars on Facebook Ads.

Leads are much more inclined to wind up clients than Facebook Fans are

7. Consolidate Two Pages into One

Like renaming your Page, consolidating Pages is just conceivable in case you’re an administrator (of both pages), and still, after all that is confined to Pages that speak to the same thing and have same names (for example, in case you’re closing down one of the littler branches of your business, you may join the Facebook page of “zenith Restaurant, Smalltown” into the page of “Zenith Restaurant, Largetown”).

To consolidate your Pages: Go to

Select the Page you need to keep from the first dropdown menu, then select the Page you need to converge from the second dropdown menu

In the event that your Pages can be combined, tap Confirm

Facebook will consolidate’ your Pages Likes and registration, yet will erase the posts, photographs, audits, appraisals and the username of the page you’re combining (so be watchful that you blend the littler, less critical page into the more prevalent one). The page you converge into will stay unaltered with the exception of the included Fans. The page you combined will be expelled from Facebook until the end of time.

Facebook is a continually changing and flexible showcasing stage, so it’s not entirely obvious a few abilities as it creates. Do you have whatever other Facebook tips that you’ve found on the stage that you don’t think other individuals have seen.

Image courtesy: Business2commumity.

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