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Top 7 Tips For Yahoo Marketing Success

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Yahoo marketing offers some useful advertising features to those advertisers who are looking to capture the traffic on Yahoo network which is exclusively present on it; and those who are looking to pay a lower cost-per-lead. Pay-per-click advertisers know how overwhelming it could be to manage a PPC campaign and hence it becomes imperative for them to keep themselves abreast with all the best practices so that they can minimize any irrelevant spend and optimize their campaign. Seven of such useful tips have been elaborated below, using which any PPC advertiser can profit notably.

Use keywords in the copy of the Ad

Performance of PPC advertisers depends significantly on the copy of their ads. To catch the attention of the searcher on web, who has keyed-in a search phrase or keyword for his query, the text of the ad must have that specific key phrase or keyword. Doing this, will increase the relevancy of your ads for the searcher and he will be compelled to at least read it and if your offerings seem to provide solution for his search, he may even click your advertisement. Also, Yahoo highlights those keywords present in your ad by making it bold, hence it become more noticeable to the searcher.

Stay away from the bidding wars

Being a victim to a futile bidding war is the easiest way to lose your PPC budget. Amateur PPC advertisers or those struck with a shot of ego oftentimes continue to bid high for a set of keywords which have high search volume and thus leads them to pay a high cost-per-click. Do not blow your money in such bidding wars. By concentrating more on expanding and building your keyword list with new keywords or phrases which have low search volume but which seem quite relevant from the perspective of your prospect customer and your products, you will not only save yourself falling prey to the bidding war but will also increase your return on investment by paying less for each click. You can get new ideas on keywords and search phrases by using keyword research tool which will enable you to expand your keyword list.

Use excluded words

More often than not, PPC advertisers fail to provide the deserved attention to the inclusion of excluded words in their campaign, which results in appearing ads to searchers who might not be interested in the products, thereby spending a major part of budget on these irrelevant searchers. So, if the search includes an excluded word, your advanced match ads will not be displayed to a searcher. Consistent monitoring of the phrases which searchers use to trigger your ads and regularly adding those excluded words will enable you to stop showing your ads to the unqualified searchers and you will save a lot on your PPC budget which can be further utilized in more relevant actions. Moreover, you will reduce the odds of your keywords being eliminated because of low click index scores. For instance, if you are selling books online, you can include the word “free” as your excluded keyword. This will not show up your ads to a searcher who is searching for “free books online”.

Direct the visitor to a relevant landing page

It has been a common phenomenon for PPC managers to make an error of directing the visitors to their home page instead of their landing page.  This leads to frustration to the visitor and when he does not find the details of the offerings featured on the ad, he does not wait any longer to close the window. Ideally, a landing page should have all the features which your ad talked about in its copy. The solution which was promised in your ad, which made the searcher click your ad, that solution should form the content of your landing page. It should have the same details, selling points, and promotional information which you had mentioned in your ad. By linking the destination URL on the ad to the landing page instead of your home page, you can direct the visitor on a relevant page where his search might end and where you can make him one of your customers. It is always better to use a landing page to increase transparency and cultivate trust among the customers and keep them loyal to your products and offerings. By providing an easier navigation on the page and a clear, crisp and strong call-to-action, he can be motivated to move further to the next stage of sales funnel.

Include MSN

Before you set your bids for the keywords, look for the position of your ads by testing those keywords searches on both and MSN can be a valuable source of traffic and should not be ignored as MSN sells its own keyword ads but also supplements with Overture results. Hence, bids should be set accordingly.

Go for both standard and advanced match type

If you are not restrained by a limited budget, it is always advisable to begin with advanced match type. In the initial days, try to track your results closely and spot which high volume keywords are not performing well. Once you have identified those keywords, it is better to add these as excluded words or switch to standard match.

Monitor your results and optimize your campaign

Even if you have deployed all the best practices for your PPC campaign, you cannot just sit and relax. As a PPC manager, your performance would be evaluated on the business which you brought for your client, the money which you made by the end of the day and your return on investment. Monitoring the performance and keep a track of your results would enable you to save your budget going into areas of negative returns. Keep a check on those keywords which are triggering your ads for irrelevant searches and remove them immediately. Use the analytics tool to see where your budget is being spent, which ads are performing well for and which are not. Monitor and keep on optimizing the campaign.


The above mentioned tips may enable a Yahoo marketing advertiser to keep his PPC budget utilized only at the relevant searchers and trigger a higher conversion rate and return on investment.

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