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Top 7 Ways To Get More Social Shares Without Irritating Readers

Top 7 Ways To Get More Social Shares Without Irritating Readers

content shareContent on Social Media platform is  written so  that you can share with your audiences, with your colleagues, friends, potential customers, fans whatever you name it. Your main aim of sharing content is that it should reach to the maximum number of people by others sharing your content on their social media platforms in their networks. Lets say that your content is shared on social media but how you can make sure that it is annoying your readers. Here are top 7 ways to get more social shares without irritating readers.

Social Media plays a vital role in branding your company, and sharing your content on social media also play a role in it as it is one of the factor which builds trust in the brand when peers are sharing the content. If you have post some content and there is no like, share or comments on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter then it looks like a graveyard.

1. Understand the reason behind social sharing and implement

People with similar interest will read your post that’s OK, but have you ever think of why people will be interested to share your content. You need to understand the reason behind it,  so that your post is shared among large no. of audiences. Below are some of the factors which motivate them to share content

  • To entertain the people connected with them, People think that sharing the content will be helpful to others, it might interest their friends connected with them.
  • To make people aware of what their interested topic, they want to know people about themselves.
  • To grow their network/connections – Sharing a content you are always remembered and people of similar interest may join you. You can stay in touch with sharing the information. In this way people can expand their network.
  • To create a great impact – To make aware about what they know and to sense the people in their network that they are involved in the particular topic, this creates a great impact on the connection in their network.
  • To support a brand – If they like some brand which they think is worth sharing their content then they will share with other people and also to show that they care for the particular brand.

 Now you know the motivation factors behind sharing your content, you should also implement some physiology tricks so that people share your content

  •  Post a content in such a way that it helps to connect with others:
    If you are a digital marketing company then your most of the users will also from digital marketing field which may further have connections with the people who are interested in digital marketing, hence post a great content on this topic such that people are bound to share it.
  • Build trust in users before sharing:
    No one will share your content if they don’t trust you, to make sure your content trusted you should design it in a proper format, which shows uniformity. Give them valuable information like case study, e-books and not directly a sales-pitch. Show testimonials, customer feedback of how you have helped them.
  • Make your Content simple:
    Remember that there all type of people who reads post, Make your post as much simple as possible. It should be such that even layman should understand of what you are trying to convey in the message, this will build up interest in reading and sharing.

 2. Create a content which triggers emotions

emotion content

Emotional content have more chances to be read and shared, as it is like resolving your users pain areas in your business, or in your profession. This type of content is generally useful to people who wants a help in certain field or criteria. One Example can be if you want some additional tips of increasing your business using social media and if you see an  emotional content like  – Do you want to prosper in Social Media Marketing then here are some tips  Here prosper is an emotion, if people want some tips on how to prosper business in social media marketing then they will definitely read this. And off course if your content is relevant than they will think of sharing with the people who have similar interest. In short your content should be such that it has some emotional effect on the readers.

 3. Use images in Posts

Visual content has always great impact on your post compare to text content. Use of images in post is utmost important as it stand out your post. From the surveys it has been concluded that the post with images have great sharing rate compare to text content. But keep in mind that don’t just post any image, picking any random image won’t work, it should be of good quality and relevant to your content and convey message that attracts users. Your image should have a call to action wherever possible which will definitely guarantee you the increase in traffic.Choose an image which is appropriate in size, which does not crop while uploading in your social media network.

4. Customize title and descriptions

Always remember to include custom titles and descriptions for your post. If you are pasting some link on your post, then simply just don’t paste a link, rather give it an appropriate title and description of what the link is all about, it will help you to drive more traffic and attracts the audience. Descriptions should be brief, simple and crisp as no one has time to read such lengthy article as well as it loses the people interest to read.

5. Write headlines which creates curiosity

Headline is the most important part of your post, if you want your user to read your post then you should create a headline in such a way that people feel interested as well curious and are amazed at the same time to read. Your headline is the determining factor whether your post will be read by your users or not. Blend your headline and your content in such a way that it does not deviates of what you are trying to saying in the headline and what you are mentioning about it in the description.

6. Define the sharing buttons

social sharing buttons

Some people will share your content with giving people description of what the post is all about, while others will feel lazy to write it up, hence it is always good idea to put a sharing button on your posts. To make it easier for the user to share add the social media sharing button on your website. But remember that you should not place too much of social site sharing buttons, choose the  network which is appropriate to you keeping in mind that different social media platform have different set of audiences. If you choose many options for social sharing buttons to your audience then it will decrease the sharing rate. Choose the right place for the sharing buttons. The best place to keep it on the beginning of the post and at the end of the post. You can also put a floating sharing buttons which remains all the time at the side of the post this ensures easy sharing to the users.

7. Post your content when your audiences are most active on social sites

People are active at different times in a day on social media network, choose a time to post your content when the users are most active. All social media network allows you a tool to find out the time when your users are active. If you are posting your content at wrong time that is when most of the users are not active on your social media network than there is a chance that you are missing on your most important audience to share your content. You cannot control the time of your audience to share but you can definitely influence them by posting at the right time. Also set a frequency to post according to the social media you choose, for example if you choose a Twitter as a platform to post then post frequently as feeds move so fast so 3 tweets a day is best. While on Facebook you should post once every two days.


If you are proficient to delight your audience through your post then you are definitely going to get more shares of your post that too without annoying your readers.

Image Credits: Sellmojo, blogbuffer

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