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Top 8 SEO Myths That You Must Chase Out Of Your Mind Now

Top 8 SEO Myths That You Must Chase Out Of Your Mind Now

Getting your video on the top of the search result is not easy. If you have done any kind of search out there on blogs, forums,etc  you must know that every creator has different SEO strategy and tactics for how they think you should best optimize your videos for search results.

Now let’s remove some clutter and confusion knowing some very common SEO myths. So here we go ..

  1. First myth that we hear is that you should put your keywords in the actual filename of your video before uploading it to Youtube. People say that by doing so this is the very first thing you tube knows about your video . so by putting keywords in the name of the file can help your video to get accepted on various servers.                                                                                                                                                                                           But Youtube doesn’t care what your file name is. This myth got started back when youtube was making some other changes to the algorithm and around that time someone said that renaming the file with the keywords in it and then upload it maybe the actual trick but that was the other thing Youtube was doing on the side already and this got mixed together but they should not be put together that is myth number 1.
  1. Adding a caption file in your video in youtube actually helps it to rank better. Which is not true. Adding a caption file in your video is valuable but only helps youtube and google what to rank your video for, it doesn’t determine how high up in the search result your video should be placed. That is determined by many other factors, biggest of which is Watch time. The more time people spend on watching the video the more valuable google deems that video to having a caption file might help your video to show with number of different other results, that otherwise wouldn’t have shown up for  because now google has more information about actual content of the video know how to better apply it to different searches. But it doesn’t really helps in how high in the search algorithm your video will be placed.
  2. Adding a transcript of your video or also adding a tag of your video into the description box will help it to rank better in search results. Which is a myth as adding a tag part is violation of youtube terms of service. And concerning copying a transcript into your description text, that can help to rank better but  if you are leaving that field blank, but its far more valuable to actually just write out couple of things about your video, describing what was in your video. But if you are already doing that and also adding transcript then it’s not gonna help anything to improve the rank of your video.
  3. Thumbs ups and thumbs down actually influence the rank of the video. This is not true mostly because this system is way too easy but like many of the myths getting thumbs up may get a ripple effect as getting thumbs up sharing video publicly on channels feed that will show up on the activity feed, and its possible that of other people are following that person will notice your video which will increase the watch time which will in turn improve the rank of the video.
  4. If more people favor my video on youtube it will get higher the search results on youtube. Again this is not the case. Although it may have the ripple effect by sharing the video publicly and increasing watch time which will increase the rank.
  5. The number of websites that embed my video influence how that video ranks. This is also not true. As sheer number does not matter if you have your video embedded on 1000 websites that no one uses no one visits that actually wont make a difference.
  1. The more shares a video gets the better it performs in the search rankings. This is also not true because you can have like 1000 twitter-bots all just sharing. Again it may have same ripple effect before. Like people are organically sharing your video then yes that will drive more watch time to your video which will help it rank better in search but just a pure number of sharing doesn’t makes a difference either.
  2. The number of playlists your video is in helps in improving its rank. This isn’t true because I can go to my youtube channel and I can make 50 playlists and put my video with a couple of other videos into each playlist. That doesn’t help my video rank any better. But if other people are adding my video in their playlist that can help in a way. If people are watching those playlist and that increases the watch time again for that video that helps improve the watch time of video.
  3. The more subscribers you have on your youtube channel the better the videos on that channel will perform in search results. This one is actually kind of tricky because its a kind of indirect thing. If you have a lot of subscribers of your Youtube channel then you are more likely to drive a lot of watch time for that video especially within the first week of it being published. But lets say you have two same videos on two different channels. one channel have 16000 subscribers and second one have 20000 subscribers but whether the video on second channel ranks higher because of more subscribers? That we actually don’t know but seems likely that it would be a myth because it doesn’t right fit into overall google search philosophy and strategy.
  4. The older a video on youtube is the better it performs in the search results. but this isn’t true because sometimes you are looking up video you don’t want a video result that is like 5 years old because that has changed so much you actually just want a more recent content. But also there can be a ripple effect that the longer a video is on youtube the longer it had to accumulate watch time it doesn’t actually means that just because it is older it actually is going to rank better.
  5. The more views a video has the more high it will perform in search results. if that is true that it just means I can just buy 1 million views from just any bogus website and then my video will rank high. But that’s not true because that’s actually based on watch time. Because a video with lots of views have undoubtedly accumulated a lot of watch time organically then video might be among one of the top search results. but its not there because of number of views its there because of the watch time. So you can have a video that out performs another video with double number of views if your viewers watch it for twice as long then the people who are watching the other video. The first week when the video is published is crucial for driving as much watch-time as you can.

Optimize your video for people don’t just optimize for some computer algorithms or some robots. Google and YouTube are continuously working towards what works best for people. The more you work on you video to optimize it for people the more the YouTube and Google will favor the content in your video.

Check out the video discussing the same here:

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