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Top 8 Social Media Mistakes You Must Stop Making Right Now

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The revolution in the field of marketing has gained huge attention in the recent past. Customers have a wide range of option to choose from. There are many service providers waiting for the right opportunity to tap valuable customers and develop their brand’s value. Service providers try their best to provide quality product and think innovatively to improve their service.

The boom in online marketing has widened the horizon of marketing strategies. Customers will go to those who will value their presence. It is not about merely selling or buying any more. People would like to connect emotionally and loyally to their service providers. Social media has now become the platform to turn this into reality. Social networking sites provide a platform to connect, interact and market. A business or an individual cannot ignore their customers anymore.

The strategies applied in social media marketing have the power to decide the destiny of an organization. One must be very careful about their online presence. An online presence is not targeted towards one person. Instead, it reaches out masses and exposes the organization. It is very important to implement calculated and out of the box strategies in order to succeed.

Social media is a new arena about which people are still exploring and learning. It is reasonable to make mistakes initially but to fix these mistakes at the earliest is also important. Social media presents the amplified version of any activity. A single mistake on a social media will project it to the whole world.

One must keep a tab on the following mistakes and take necessary remedial actions:

  1. Content

    This is one of the most important aspect, yet loses our focus. People tend to make huge mistakes while posting contents on their social networking pages.

    • Posting contents whenever one feels like is one mistake that people often tend to make. Scheduling a post is very important to engage with more and more visitors to your page.
    • Posting irrelevant contents like when you ate, where you went, snaps with friends etc. will not make any sense at all. Posting such contents will definitely spoil the impression for a page. It will dilute the purpose of the page. If somebody is doing this, they need to stop immediately.
    • Posting motivational messages just because others are posting will not help either.
    • Posting same message on all the social networking sites is also a big mistake. Each platform has got their unique characteristic and purpose. The contents should be tailored accordingly.
    • Including anybody and everybody in your network should be avoided. Identify the target audience and avoid networking with unwanted people. Be specific with whom you would like to connect.
    • Learn the importance of each platform slowly, master in one and then move to the next rather than rushing towards all at the same time.
  1. Lack of Strategy:

    Planning is very important for any course of action. Social networking sites are very easy to access. Opening an account in various social networking sites does not cost a dime. So, people just access them and start posting on them without formulating any strategy. One needs to set clear goals and start working towards them. If the goals are not set, then you won’t be able to measure the results either. Any social media marketing strategy when implemented needs to be measured. This cannot be achieved unless and until the goal is not set. This is one very big mistake that should be addressed at the earliest. 

  1. Omnipresence:

    Learning about various platforms is really appreciable but using all at a time can turn out to be problematic. Mastering one or two social media platforms, understanding their importance and making a healthy presence on these will help. Trying to juggle between many platforms is not advisable. So, it is important to start slow. 

  1. Focusing on Return on Investment:

    Whenever there is a marketing strategy formulated, the first question that arises is to determine the return on investment. Social media marketing is not all about return on investment, instead, Social media is about return on engagement and return on attention.   These two terms are gaining popularity in the social media world. The success of a social media strategy depends on the amount of attention it is able to grab and how well the visitors are engaged. It is the skill which determines the quality of a social networking page. Initiating a conversation on a page, discussing with the visitors, understanding their requirements and addressing their issues etc. will keep them engaged. Similarly, the page should not be used as a medium to sell a product or service. Grabbing the attention is again very instrumental to the success of a page. People are bombarded with loads of information every day. The only way to grab the attention is by generating curiosity among people by means of posting attractive videos or images which will help to build a buzz about the campaign. This will help in keeping the visitors who would be waiting for next course of action and thereby stay hooked to the page.

  1. Focusing on wrong people:

    Client is the most important part of any organization. A satisfied customer will help a business. So, the posts on a social networking site should focus on the client. Each and every message, whether it is about a product or about the organization or offers etc. should revolve only around the customers. One should focus on building value in order to keep the customers happy. 

  1. Expecting immediate returns:

    This is a very tricky issue. People take all the effort to ensure their presence on social networking sites. In spite of implementing various strategies, organisations forget that social media marketing is neither a tool nor a strategy. One must remember that social media is a platform which enables connecting with people in a better way. So, patience is the key factor here. Building trust towards an organization, its product or service takes lot of time. This cannot be achieved overnight. There are enormous number of service providers online, each with various offers and freebies. Even though it is a tough competition, giving customers their own time to bond emotionally will act as a good strategy. These satisfied customers would help to spread the word about the organization resulting in increase in visitors and thereby the sales.

  1. Not an inbound marketing:

    The concept of inbound marketing will not be applicable here. Inbound marketing is a concept where people look for an organization’s product or service over various social networking sites and then approach them. To the contrary, social media marketing is a combination of inbound marketing and outbound marketing. It’s a two way communication channel. Businesses should employ methodologies to speak out to their target audience, understand their requirement and then make the services available to them. So, considering social media marketing as an inbound marketing would be a big mistake. 

  1. Not Updating:

    Social media is all about keeping your customers engaged. The contents of a page should be such that they are able to attract more and more people. People tend to show lot of enthusiasm in the beginning when they start posting on social networking sites. Gradually, with time they reduce the number of posts and become inactive. There are various factors like lack of time, inability to handle multiple networking sites, no immediate returns etc. that could be resulting in such setbacks. One should not get bogged down by these factors. The success of social media marketing depends on the frequency of posts and displaying participation in various discussions. So, it is very important to stay updated, committed and active on social networking sites to see positive results.

These common mistakes can turn out to be disastrous if not acted upon at the right time. The image of an organization is at stake here. Implementing a well-planned strategy, connecting to your people and being patient will help in achieving the business objectives.

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