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Top 8 Tips To Attract Web Traffic Using Google+

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The number of visitors to a website decides its fortune whether the page is going to survive or it has to take a tough path. The general impression about the website depends on the content it is providing. The content decides whether the page is worth visiting or it is just one of the many website pages existing in the ocean of internet. The contents of a website are like sugar which attracts ants towards it. The traffic to a website is decided by the quality of its content and how it has been brought to the spotlight in the social media circuit. The better the platform on which the content is projected, the better would be the reach.

The phrase social media marketing floats as a synonym to Facebook or Twitter marketing. Majority of the websites use these two mediums as their main platform for marketing. But since change is the only constant entity in this world of innovation, Google+ is now emerging as a giant in the social media marketing world. Findings from various studies indicates that Google+ has started generating more traffic to the websites than Facebook or Twitter.

Keeping The Visitors Engaged

Engaging the visitors continuously is the key essence of social media marketing regardless of the medium chosen. The posts should be attractive enough forcing the readers to come back again and again.

Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter have incorporated various techniques to increase the traffic to a website. Constant innovation is very important to sustain in this internet world of cut-throat competition. Strategies need to be updated and uniquely applied to please the visitors to engage further.

Google+ allows an individual or an organization to publish their posts. The success of the posts depends on the traffic that it can generate to the website. The continuous attempt to capture the attention of a reader achieves this purpose. There are many strategies that could be applied to increase the web traffic.

The following are eight important tips to increase the web traffic using Google+ –

1. Catchy Headline: First impression is the best impression. This is one true statement which everybody should adhere to. Headline is the first text which is noticed while viewing any post. It gives the basic introduction and short glimpse about the real purpose of the post. The posts published on Google+ are the miniature version of a blog and thus it needs a headline which will generate curiosity about the post and compel the reader to read through it.  The words chosen to frame a headline would result in improved Google searches. Google uses the words in a headline to appear as title tag and the post would appear in Google search results. Thus, choosing a framed and structured headline to increase the web traffic is extremely important.

2. Appearance of a Post: The posts that attract readability should also be able to take the reader through the entire text till the end. Thus, it is very important to keep the content attractive yet simple rather than putting a bunch of text together which cannot keep the reader hooked.

Formatting the text in an appropriate way is as important as the content itself. The post could be longer if required as it should solve the purpose of explaining the reader about its importance and what could be gained out of it. However, using crisp yet relevant content would do the deed.

Using images in the post would give an added advantage because images are more expressive than a plain text. It is better to use your own image. It is always advised to opt for open graph images or proper social meta tags in order to avoid Google + default image settings. The link to the URL in the text should be included.

3. Share the Post Smartly: Every post has its purpose. The content of the post suits a certain group of people. The marketing campaign would go waste if not projected to the right group of people. Solely publishing the post and setting it to public will not serve the purpose. Deciding the right set of people and the perfect timing to post the content should be considered with utmost importance. The posts could be shared among circles or with individuals. This would leave personalized message to each member in your circle thus increasing the chance of viewing. One can also send out emails to keep the readers notified. One must also ensure that frequent targeted sharing may change the post as spam. So, targeted sharing should be restricted to important and good posts.

4. Use of #Hashtags: Hashtags are very simple yet very important tool as far as adding links to a post is concerned. Hashtag is a word or a phrase without any space and it is prefixed with the symbol #. It helps to link the word to its related searches. Google+ provides an important feature of adding hashtag either at the end of the post or even in between your post. One must just identify the right word and add hashtag to it thus providing the link. It is always better to provide your own hashtag rather than Google+ adding it by default.

5. Identify the followed links: Google+ has come up with a wonderful feature called +1s. This is one feature that helps an individual identify the quality of the readership. If an individual +1s a post even without sharing it further, this feature helps to identify the followed link, provided the +1s setting is kept public. It extracts the information about the individual like their links, following, contributions and recommendations. This gives an added advantage to project the post at the appropriate place and thus increases the traffic to the website.

6. Google+ Comments: The reach of a post could be measured only by the amount of comments and suggestions it acquired. What good is a post if it does not generate any views? Google+ commenting tool provides this feature. It can be embedded in the posts. The readers would be able to share their views and thus, expose the post to their followers or circles which will in turn help increase the traffic to the website.

7. +Post Ads: This is a new feature of Google+ that is gradually gaining popularity. Changing the post into a visual advertisement is better anytime. This is more attractive than an ordinary text post. The visual ads impact goes beyond other paid promotions.

8. Interactive Posts: Last but not the least, a post should be interactive. Visitors should be able to make out the real purpose of the post by just viewing it. The post should be able to tell, what to do next as people do not have time to think and take action later.

  • Call-to-action tabs play a major role for quick action as the decisions are to be taken on the go. Google + has many built-in CTAs thus making it easier to chose from.
  • The post should have a fragment of the main page and the URL of the target page should also be visible.
  • Post could also include deep link which would be the page other than the homepage. This would give a quick access to the page where one can carry out an action. Thus, it saves a lot of time.

The above mentioned were few important tips to be kept in mind while posting on Google+ which would in turn increase the traffic to a website. The optimum utilization of various tools of Google+ would escalate the traffic to a website.

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