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Top 8 Tips To Get Success In Twitter Marketing

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Twitter is a popular micro blogging site where you can express your views and opinion on a subject, event or on a trend in 140 characters, apart from the text you can also share images and short videos.  It lets you create a profile and follow people and things of your interest. Twitter gives you the option to post, reply, share, like or report a tweet as per your wish. It currently has more than 500 million users across the world.

Due to its immense popularity Twitter has become an effective marketing platform for businesses. Companies are investing lots of money on Twitter Marketing for branding and promotion but on most occasions don’t get the desired results due to ineffective marketing strategies. If you are one of them, do not worry, here we will provide you some of the best Twitter marketing tips to exploit maximum benefits.

  1. Make A Complete & attractive profile – Your profile is the foundation of your marketing success. It gives people information about your company, its products/services, website and more. You can create awareness, to brand promotion and drive traffic to your website/blog from your twitter profile, but it has to be complete and impressive. Don’t leave any field blank in your profile, write a short eye-catching description and insert a link to your website. A complete profile attracts more audiences.
  1. Follow Relevant People and Pages – On Twitter you will often be tempted to be a part of ongoing trends and hash tag activities, but before you take any action ask yourself is it relevant to me and my business? How does it benefit me? if the answer is no, don’t do it. Being a part of an unidentified crowd would not take you anywhere while following your customers, vendors, the target audience will generate leads and increase your revenue. It will also increase your visibility and reputation in the industry.
  1. Engagement – Engagement is the essence of social media. To become successful in social media marketing, you need to engage with people. There are various forms of engagement on Twitter such as reply, retweet, favorite and direct message. By retweet and favorite, you draw the attention of people towards yourself and give them a message that you find their content useful. People reciprocate to your action and become interested in you.

Use of hashtag is a very effective medium of engagement. When you post a tweet using a specific hashtag keyword, it goes to a segment of people who are interested in that subject. In this way, you target a relevant audience base.

  1. Share Useful Content – We often hear the phrase “Content Is The King”, this is true in the case of Twitter as well. A quality tweet gets more love from users than a marketing script. Promotional content too gets much attention when presented in a humorous and entertaining method. Use of too many links and promotional words can spoil your image to a spammer. Useful content goes a long way, it gets more likes, shares and reach to a huge number of people. By sharing such content, you build a positive image of your company and get new followers.
  1. Take Interest in others – Twitter is not all about self-promotion and self-centered activities will not bring you much success. So the thumb rule of social media marketing is to get engaged and show interest in others. Identify the key people also called ‘influencer’ in your business area and build a good relationship with them. You need to do some research to find them, once done make a list of top 50 influencer of your industry and start interacting with them.  A regular interaction with influencers will boost your visibility in a short time.
  1. Be consistent – Be it any field of your endeavor, consistency brings success. If you tweet useful content on a regular basis, you will see the positive results soon. Frequent posting keeps your audiences engaged and the number of followers keeps increasing as well. Around six thousand tweets are posted on Twitter every second,  so you should keep in mind the timezone of your target audiences or your message will get lost in the crowd of tweets. You should also show consistency in the use of relevant keywords, topics and use of hashtags.
  1. Twitter Analytics – Twitter Analytics gives you complete information of your performance. You can view impression, engagement and reach of your tweets. It gives you valuable insights on the kind of content which performs better on Twitter. On the right top hand, you will find the option of analytics. It gives you the summary of last 28 days followed by top things of the month and then the detailed information on each tweet. If you want to dig the old data scroll down the analytics page, the more you go down, the older information you will find. Twitter Analytics enables you to form winning marketing strategy based on past data.
  1. Use Social Media Tools – Social media tools reduce time and effort of your daily social media tasks and optimize results. There are many free tools which can help you in improving your Twitter performance. Blast follow is a simple tool which lets you follow hundreds of people in minutes based on a keyword search. On the contrary, If you want to un follow a group of people, use Tweepi. With the help of Twaitter, you can schedule your tweets in advance and repeat them in future. Tweetdeck and Tweetchat are also useful tools in Twitter marketing and management. The best things about these tools are that they are easy to use and you don’t have to spend any money on them.

Twitter get millions of tweets every day and most of them go unnoticed because of several reasons, lack of useful content, inconsistency and wrong marketing strategy are some of the main areas of concern. Twitter can boost the sales of your company if you prepare and implement an effective marketing strategy. Twitter is one of the fasted growing social media sites and no one can ignore its importance.

Final Thoughts

Gone were the days when social media was only used for interaction purpose. Now, with the evolution of digital marketing, social media has become another valuable platform that has the potential of growing your business. To understand Social Media Marketing completely, enroll in our Social Media Marketing Course.

Satyendra Pratap Singh is a content writer, SEO & Social Media expert. He loves writing on Digital Marketing, Social media, SEO, Health, and Travel.

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      Rajiv   /   Reply

      The article is good, but the instructions are easier said than done.

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      Raj N   /   Reply

      Very true, twitter marketing nowadays plays vital role in online promotions and these are very useful insights for a twitter marketer. Thank you for your post!!

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        Thanks Raj N. Glad that you found it useful. 🙂

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