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Top 8 Tips To Succeed With Google Plus

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Top 8 Tips To Succeed With Google PlusGoogle+ links to various other Google services that we use on a regular basis. The overall number of people who are active in any Google product now exceeds 500 million. So, ignoring Google+ could actually be a big mistake because of its integration with many other Google products. A complete Google+ business profile can definitely enhance our ranking in search engine and thereby, reach out to prospective buyers for our products.

Since Google has many channels where users can interact with one another, for visitors who engage with us through Google+ will have the potential to multiply traffic and engagement level.

In Google+, we can sort people into circles based on different contexts and hold a complete control on who sees what content that we share on Google+ timeline. Google+ is a very business friendly channel. We can create pages for business which can be linked to our personal profile.

Let us go through some of the top tips to succeed with Google+ account:

1. Profile Name and Profile Picture

Profile name and profile picture are very important and we need ensure that they are matching with our business name, website name and the brand that we represent.

When we create a custom URL based on the profile name and if this URL matches with the business name that we represent, then it is most likely that our brand and business name would appear in Google search results and improve possibility to get more prospects and customers.

A good, appealing and appropriate Google+ profile picture can really enhance our brand and business awareness amongst the audience. The profile picture should be related to the business that we do and that should look professional. The picture should be very clear and recently taken so that viewers could identify the person and relate to us when they interact with us in real life.

2. Cover Picture

Cover picture on Google+ will help the business to establish and recognizable online. The cover photo is different from profile picture and the same picture should not be used as both. The cover picture is much larger in size than the profile picture so we can use the much wider photo as cover picture. We can include pictures of products or a pictures related to the services that we offer to fill the cover picture space. We can even use GIF pictures as our cover picture as this format would show a lighter side of our business and likely to appeal more to the audience.

 3. Google+ Connections

Make more connections on Google+. Showing off people with whom we connected on Facebook or other social media channels on our Google+ page would really enhance our credibility. When setting up the profile on Google+, set the option to show people who have viewed our profile and who have added us in their circles enabled as this can create a good impression and trust about the business and brand. We can create circles for specialized group and through them we can share relevant content and gain more engagement from readers.

We can also use Google+ hangouts, a video chat service to gain mileage for our business and brand. Google+ hangout is the best place for important announcements, webinars, interactive question answer sessions and many more such activities to boost credibility and business reputation.

Connect Google+ profile with Google+ and our business page will get noticed by more customers. Whenever there are any reviews or updates posted, that will appear on Google Maps and thereby improve the visibility for our brand.

4. Work Related Information

Work related information is very important in Google+ and try to make it as short, straight forward and simple as possible. The skill section part should be written clearly, but without exceeding more than two sentences. Add up to five strong keywords in the skill and attribute list as this will help in optimizing our profile in Google search results. When listing experience details, ensure that the work details that are closely related to the business are to be mentioned at the top side as this could build credibility as an expert in the field.

 5. Update Contact Information In The Priority Order

Adding contact information in the profile is important too. Not adding the contact information to Google+ profile or adding contact information that we never use for business are the two worst things that must avoid. Follow the points mentioned below while updating contact information.

  • In contact information section, include phone numbers, email address and Skype contact that are active.
  • Include the phone numbers that we always use.
  • Prioritize the contact information and list out the contact details accordingly.

6. Update Places On Google+ And Add LinksTop 8 Tips To Succeed With Google Plus

In this section, we need to mention where we reside and the places we operate. In case of business profile, mention where the store is located or mention the area where we regularly offer our services.

There are many social media channels where we can add links to our business website or other social media profile that lead prospective customers to e-commerce site. Google+ is the best social channel to begin with posting link  activities.

7. Include Educational background

Adding educational details and bragging about the college we studied may not be relevant to all our prospective buyers, especially if we are into selling products and services. However, adding education level and relevant information would definitely add some value when it comes to promoting professional services. Including educational details in Google+ account has another advantage as it enables us to search for the profiles of people who have graduated from the same institution where we also studied. This way we can become more proactive in building connections and improve chances of getting more customers

Top 8 Tips To Succeed With Google Plus8. Add Basic Details And Use Video power

Add some basic information about the business and a brief description.

Use Google+ hangout, the video power of Google+. Google+ is different from other social media channels mainly on this aspect. Use it properly and we will see more engagement is building up. We can hold meetings, host webinars, take through the software products, and show presentations via Google+ network. We can connect with more and more target audience through these means.

The other way to get more engagement is by seeking reviews from customers. Encourage customers to write their reviews on our Google+ page. It will definitely boost trust among customers. This practice may attract some negative attention to our brand too when dissatisfied customers share their experience there. However, it will be beneficial in the long run as it will help our brand’s SEO ranking. Care should be taken when responding to reviews especially to those negative reviews. Write responses to every negative review and eventually the positive reviews will outweigh the negative reviews when we follow the right procedure.

Reference Source: Google Images & YouTube

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