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Top 9 Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Social Media Monitoring: What is it?

Social Media has changed the face of customer relationships. Consumers have become so accustomed to online communities that it’s often their preferred go-to for communication, even with companies. When they have a good or bad experience with a product or service, they want to share it with everyone, not just with the company or a couple of close friends. In addition, some customers are looking for a shortcut to a higher level of management, whether because they don’t believe they will get satisfaction at a local level or because they have already tried and failed. Social media monitoring and engagement software allows you as a company to tap into the compliments and complaints so that you can react quickly. This kind of engagement, even when addressing complaints, goes a long way to improving your brand’s reputation.

Social Media monitoring goes beyond customer care, however. You can use it to track trends, monitor public attitude toward your company and perform market research. You can discover key influencers with whom you can develop relationships and perhaps get them talking about your products and services. This makes it an important part of any marketing campaign, public relations event or product launch.


This post is all about the social media monitoring tools which have all been discussed below :-

Google Analytics

It isn’t enough to simply monitor the growth of your social presence or how many clicks your social messages are receiving. You need to know which social networks are referring you traffic and out of that traffic, what is converting?Whatever your conversion goals may be, you need to have conversion goals otherwise you won’t have a clue what’s working for you. If you’re looking to track email sign ups using Google Analytics, this will be of great help. If you aren’t a fan of Google Analytics, Clicky is a good alternative that also supports goal tracking and more.


One of the main pain points involved in social media monitoring is the fact that there are so many tools that track different things in ways – keeping on top of them all can be a challenge. This is where Cyfe comes in. Cyfe allows you to create your own custom dashboard to track whatever you want. There are pre-built widgets for social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and more. Cyfe doesn’t just do social media, there are email marketing platforms, marketing platforms, SEO tools and plenty of other ways you can use this. Once you add a widget within Cyfe, it will start tracking data from that point – you’ll have everything in one place.


Oktopost is a great all round social media tool that I’ve been testing out recently – I particularly like how your activity can be broken down into campaigns. This makes it so much easier to monitor the progress of a campaign, rather than relying on bird’s eye view metrics or statistics for individual social messages. Your social shares are also laid out across a very smart calendar so you can see what messages are going out for which campaign – all at a glance. There are numerous other features but the reporting section is very well thought out. It’s super easy to see how well your campaigns are performing at a glance and which networks are driving results. You can also see how many posts, clicks and conversions you’ve had for a particular period of time.


Mention has been designed specifically for monitoring the web for mentions. You get access to plenty of statistics and you can easily export all of your data in various formats. Monitoring is done in real time so you can pick up mentions across social networks, news sites, blogs and more. If you work with a team, Mention gets even better because task management functionality is built in.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another great all round social media platform. Whether you want to schedule social updates, respond to your followers, source content or co-ordinate a team of people – Sprout Social can help you. The reporting and analytics features are impressive. You can pull in statistics from Twitter, Facebook and easily use them to monitor, engagement, influence and growth. If you’re working with a team, you can use the team report to see how effective your team is – you can see messages published and their task process.


Its entry level plans are more focused on Youtube and Google+ which is actually a good thing because there aren’t too many tools you can use to gather data from these platforms.

There are plenty of great features that NOD3x will give you access too, but there are several that are particularly helpful for social media monitoring:

  • Brand monitoring and social listening
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Page insights (includes both profiles and brand pages)


Brandwatch is an enterprise level tool so is priced considerably higher than other tools on this list but it’s extremely powerful. This tool will help you monitor conversations from all over the web, not just social networking sites. You first start off by programming the tool with targeted queries (it supports Boolean search operators) and wait for the data to come back. You get a lot of data at your fingertips with Brandwatch and to make it easier to manage there are numerous ways to visualise that data. You can also setup custom dashboards to see exactly what is going on.One great way to use Brandwatch is to measure your “voice” against your competitors – this allows you to compare your online presence to your competitors and see exactly why they’re getting so many mentions.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter now makes it extremely easy to monitor your progress with their analytics perform. You can track the progress of your tweets, follower growth and use of Twitter Cards. I particularly like the tweet activity view which will show you; impressions, engagement, link clicks, retweets and more. Pinterest have a similar analytics tool which will help you monitor your progress more effectively.

Tweet Binder

If you want to get more data out of Twitter, Tweet Binder is incredible. I was first introduced to it by Olga from SE Mrush after I participated in one of their Twitter chats. A quick search for the hashtag #SEMrushchat produced this smart looking report:

  • The report also lets you dive into who has contributed and can show you specific tweets.
  • You can also use Tweet Binder to give you reports on specific Twitter profiles.

Social media has changed how people communicate and react, and as a result, you need to be able to listen and respond to these conversations in order ensure your company stays current and at the top of its game. Social media monitoring software services can help you not only keep tabs on the interests and feelings of existing customers but also discover new opportunities, expand your influence and measure the success of campaigns in real time. The best social media monitoring services also add social response software so you can expand your influence and build upon your reputation.

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