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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends 2017: What Experts Expect?

Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends 2017: What Experts Expect?

For Digital Marketing, 2016 was a year of enormous changes! From doing away with Google’s right-hand side ads to Twitter’s new algorithm, Digital Marketing industry is booming and will continue to boom. Being aware of Digital Marketing Trends 2017 will help tap the right opportunity at the right time.

Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Since marketing field is largely dominated by the trends and foresight, here is what Digital Marketing Industry Experts expect in the year of 2017:

Sapan Kadakia, Lead Program Trainer, Digital Vidyadigital marketing trends for 2017

The Top Digital Marketing Trends 2017 that might dominate the industry are:

1. Personalized Read

I would like to see some Intelligence working around and show only relevant Blogs/read etc. In this age, due to Social Media and the power of these tools, everyone is an expert in Content and Opinions not this is excessive for any individual on the receptive end. So, I would like to see that in 2017 this becomes clutter free and more Personalized in nature.

A lot more usage of Info-graphics in the true sense, right now they are not used as they need to be.

2. Content Was and Will Remain KING

Content will remain KING in 2017 and Mobile Sites will suddenly see a rise in the curve. Apps usage for only need based will remain but Mobile optimized sites will be the key to long-term sustenance.

3. Virtual Reality Will Boom

A big leap I see in the virtual reality space will be seen. The proper use of tools and right usage/application will be seen in the next year.

Akshay Ambardar, Director – Online Marketing, Voylla Fashion Pvt Ltdakshay

In my view, following will be the top 3 ‘2017 digital marketing trends’: 

1. Improving Mobile Ad & Experience

Fixing the mobile space ad renderings & mobile web experience.

2. Attribution to Real Value of Traffic

Attribution to real value of traffic by a publisher rather than clicks and CTR, real value can be termed as page views, time spent, email sign ups.

3. Improvement in Facebook and Other Funnel Tools

Improvement in targeting capabilities of top funnel tools like facebook with more optimization features etc.

Muhammad Talha Imtiaz, Head Digital Strategy, Belong Interactivemuhmmad-talha

I expect the following Digital Marketing Trends for 2017:

1. Discerning Data Driven-ness

It sounds cryptic but it is based on the true, but sad, reality that too many companies base their decisions on irrelevant data! Web analysts feed their management with non-segmented, one-size-fits-all-KPIs type dashboards which managements use to drive decisions. And even more importantly, there isn’t enough questioning of the data sources themselves. The industry needs to understand that most of the free data we have is normalized so should always be taken with a grain of salt. On the other hand, analysts need to perform KPI specific analyses and quit generic dashboarding completely.

2. Context Driven Experiences

The technology for context driven marketing is mature enough for digital marketers to take it very seriously. Assets (websites, apps etc) will soon be expected to know the user and present content that resonates with them closely. The web assets will also be expected follow the user’s behavior and adapt for an always fresh, continuously improving experience.

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3. Less Fluff

This is by far my biggest source of frustration. Marketers take advantage of the mysterious nature of web advertising (the fact that it is changing so fast already is a major barrier to understanding for the masses) and sell their services with too much fluff. For example, they would sell SEO services with grand images of the promised-land-of-the-1st-page ranking. In reality, their strategies are from the stone age because they lack the necessary communication skills to make their clients understand nuances of competition, growing focus to mobile, semantic markup etc. This is true across the board and we need a positive change here.

Puneet Bhatia, Digital Marketing Enthusiastpunit-digital-marketing-trends-for-2017

Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends 2017 are:

1. Digital Media should be naming to Performance Media.
2. Genuine paid traffic from Mobile Device.
3. Social Media becomes the only to Customer Care channel for online businesses.

Ruchi Aggarwal, Freelance Speaker | Business, Marketingruchi-digital-marketing-trends-for-2017

Here are my 3 top digital trends 2017:

1. How long will ‘free’ remain ‘free’?

We live in interesting times. An explosion not only of Smartphone adoption and the usage of mobile searches skyrocketing but messaging apps growing at the speed of light, has thrown us off completely. Consider what Facebook or Whatsapp or even Snapchat are offering and the rapid consumption of these 1-to-1 messaging channels in the last year. Monetization of this medium is a natural next step. Difficult , and yes, it will break some ‘promises’, but offers a very lucrative and captive market that makes me wonder “How long will free, remain free”?

2. Everyone and Everything gets a public rating!

We’re getting there. You are being watched on your digital etiquette at all times and not only are you watched, you are rated – thus enhancing or totally marring your chances of ever getting to be successful again. Airbnb does this so effectively. Not only are properties rated, but so are our guests – and their ability to be accepted the next time around, with a ‘negative ‘ personal rating, can leave them stranded without a decent holiday home on their next visit…. This trend will deepen, will be all pervasive in 2017. There are no secrets .. not anymore!

3. Less is more but Content remains King

No arguing with the fact that Content is key to drive reader engagement and have them coming back for more. But how much is too much? It’s important to get your message across – but at the right frequency, for the right reason. 2017 will see smarter, shorter copy and much more video led.

Murtaza Adenwala, Digital Marketing Head, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limitedmurtaza

Below are the three 2017 digital marketing trends I expect:

1. CEO/CXO’s being trained on the digital medium’s potential and limitations and hold the digital medium accountable to the right success metrics.

2. There needs to be standardization of success metrics across various platforms which the industry should follow to measure the success of business.

3. There needs to be a policy created around cyber bullying where consumers don’t hold brands at ransom.

Archana Dhankar, Head – Digital Marketing, DynisticsArchana Dhankar

As foreseen for Digital Marketing Trends 2016, here are few Digital Marketing Trends 2017 that I expect to see:

1. New Technologies to Track & Measure Conversion in the Era of Dark Social

In 2017, nearly 1.81 billion people will engage in conversations with their peers on channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Snapchat and other similar tools. Almost 70% of all online sharing today, happens through private messaging apps and channels. This phenomenon is known as Dark Social, and its importance can’t be denied.

With more than half of the global internet users “ghosting” away from the main channels, it’s now time for marketers to rethink their strategies. Some brands have already taken advantage of this emerging trend, by launching ‘Chat Bots’ on Facebook Messenger and another proof point in this direction is the introduction of Messenger ads by Facebook itself.

As a result of the rise of Dark Social, the industry needs to invest in evolving technologies to track and measure conversions from these channels.

2. Acknowledgment of Chief Marketing Technologist Role

Marketing has gone digital, big time.

From Web Analytics to Demand Generation and Social Media, a Typical Marketer today spends about 75% of their job role working around and managing these digital technologies.

According to Gartner’s research, by 2017, a company’s chief marketing officer would be spending more on technology than what its chief information officer was.

It’s time; companies need to start acknowledging a new type of executive, the Chief Marketing Technologist, who is emerging at the center of the transformation today.

3. More Formal Strategies to Boost Customer Loyalty and Social Influencer Marketing

About 35% of Amazon’s sale can be attributed to recommendations, and similarly, a lot of B2B sales start off with a referral from Customers. Hence, it is important for brands to have a more thorough and detailed approach on how to create a strong referral base of happy customers.

In order to drive higher revenue and recurring business, it is imperative for brands to invest more budget into relationship-based marketing. A happy customer is the greatest advertisement a brand can ever have.

Raja Ramachandran, Digital Marketing SpecialistRaja-Photo

Major 2017 digital marketing trends I foresee are:

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is a project from Google and Twitter. The main objective of the project is to create mobile web pages that loads faster than the current technologies. AMP can be understood as a lighter version of the existing mobile page without elements that causes long page load time. AMP is aimed to increase page load time 4 times faster than the current mobile pages and reduces data consumption up to 8 times. Google claims it has seen AMP pages loading from Google Search result in less than a second.

Why is AMP important?

A study shows web users, in general, close a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.Ina country like India, where a slow network connection is a major concern, an AMP page would be a significant boost to your customer experience for better business outcomes.

Also starting from October this year, Google has rolled out AMP in its SERP, that means Google started to show AMP powered pages in its search results but currently limited only to “Top Stories”, but plan is to expand to all search results soon. While AMP is not a ranking factor as yet in Google Algorithm, but keeping in mind the other Google projects like Mobile Friendly which considers page load time as a ranking factor, I anticipate AMP to influence from that perspective. And would not surprise if Google AMP as ranking factor soon, given the fact globally more than 50% google searches are done on Mobile, so AMP stakes are higher in 2017.

In India publishers like Zomato, NDTV and Indian express group has already rolled out AMP pages and we could expect many more publishers to follow in 2017. This Digital Marketing Trend for 2017 might accelerate the Digital Media Industry.

2. Broader and Wider use of 1st Party Data

While in 2015, we saw many advertisers use 1st party data such as email address to carry out look alike and custom audience targeting. But these tactics were standalone in nature, meaning activities were carried out in isolation from one platform to another, for example running two different look alike campaigns, one on Facebook and another on LinkedIn with its respective goals. But for Digital Marketing Trends 2017, I anticipate the use of 1st party data to take a broader application as it moves beyond an experimental phase to the maximization/value creation phase.

As the programmatic ecosystem evolves by every passing day and as we get matured by the day, we could expect 1st party data injection to become common and widely used in 2017. Secondly, availability of technology to match 1st party data across broader array of 3rd party inventory pool which was earlier limited only to specific platforms. Thirdly, we could expect various forms of 1st party data to come to play beyond email address.

For example, many leading FMCG companies already using CRM data, emails, cookies, offline data to online to match existing customers on 3rd party inventory pool to avoid spending marketing dollars on existing customers.

Alok Dalvi, Head – Digital Marketing, Customer Acquisition & Branding, Wiprodigital marketing trends 2017

Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends 2017 that I would like to see:

2016 was an eventful year when it comes to Digital Marketing. We witnessed a lot of changes in the Social Media, Digital Marketing Operations, and Online Advertising space. Here is a quick recap of some major changes from 2016:

  1. “Snapchat” and “Instagram “emerged as a preferred Story Telling Social Network for brands.
  2. Twitter” rolled out major user-friendly functional changes to address the concerns like complex user interface and poor user experience.
  3. “WhatsApp” rolled out new functionalities like “Audio Calling” and“Video Calling”.
  4. Digital Marketing teams across the world showed more aggression in adopting “Marketing Automation” Software.
  5. “Programmatic Advertising” (real time) and “Native Advertising” became the new jargons in the advertising vocabulary.
  6. Many organizations integrated “Big Data Analytics” into their marketing strategy.
  7. Lot of Organizations increase their content marketing budgets by almost 3X and some even build their in-house content marketing teams.

And now when we are moving into 2017, changes which happened in 2016 should complement to the changes we would expect in 2017. Based on the dynamics in this industry, here is my wish list for the Top 3 changes I would like to see in Digital Marketing Industry in 2017.

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1.     “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) in Marketing

  1. AI will play a critical role while understanding, interpreting and crafting an effective messaging by leveraging the “Database Marketing” techniques.
  2. AI can be used as an effective tool for “Behavioral Targeting”.
  3. AI can also provide critical insights from Social Media Ecosystem which your customers are part of.

2.     Homogenous “Omni-Channel Marketing” Experience

  1. Omni-Channel Marketing drives“ImmersiveCustomer Experience” across all channels (search, social media, email, mobile, displays, print)when it comes to branding and messaging.
  2. Too many digital channels emerging into digital space will lead to a confusion and add up to complexity in marketing plans. Omni-Channel Marketing can help you into “Simplification” of Marketing Operations and Marketing plans.
  3. A strong “Brand Recall” is created when we are talking the same language and same story across all digital channels.

3.     “Story Telling” in Content Marketing

  1. With the sudden spike in amount of content generated and increasing budgets on marketing spends for content marketing, it is becoming day by day very difficult for organizations to hold the attention span of readers for the content they have produced.
  2. Modern day marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories you tell.
  3. Content Marketing needs more emphasis on human touch points, correlation to actual scenarios and empathizing appeal. A good story embedding these elements can make your content speak rather than read.

CMOs need to integrate these elements in their marketing strategy in the future. I envision a smart, data-driven and user-centric marketing organization for the year 2017.


Most of the experts are predicting visual driven content, building a loyal audience, and metrics to track the performance. What do you think are the Digital Marketing trends 2017 that will shape the year?

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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