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Top 3 SEO Trends 2017 – What Industry Experts Expect?

Top 3 SEO Trends 2017 – What Industry Experts Expect?

Know the SEO Trends 2017? If not, then your competitors are way ahead of you in the SEO game.

One of the best ways to have the dominance in the industry is to be aware of how search engines are changing, and strategize your SEO and content techniques accordingly. The world of SEO continues to change at lightning speed. If you are not able to keep up with these changes, then this will be dangerous for any business interested in surviving the modern marketing industry.

93% of online experiences begin with search. (Search Engine Watch, 2016)

For that reason, the latest best practices in digital marketing and search engine optimization will be crucial to the success of any website. It’s time you should know what SEO trends 2017 are and for that matter, we have aggregated experts’ expectations in this blog.

Top SEO Trends 2017 to Watch for

Here are top SEO trends 2017 that we singled out as being particularly important as we prepare for 2017…

Bhavin Bhavsar, Founder & CEO at Treatseo.inseo trends 2017

Top 3 SEO Trends 2017:

I suppose the search engine optimization industry will see a whirlwind change next year as mobile marketing takes precedence nowadays. Here are the top three SEO trends in 2017 that I would like to see:

1. Local-Based Searches and Demographics-Based Results

According to my experience, people would prefer their local results to feature to their search queries and most search engines especially Google is venturing into this arena. With demographical results, one can expect the queries to fetch results that are relevant to the audience. This would also give local marketers leverage among their intended audience too, thus driving a win-win scenario for both.

2. Organic SEO Will Make a Comeback

As SEO strategies are being held in less precedence currently with paid marketing making a runway, one can expect advanced SEO strategies to make a comeback next year. Budgets are being closely scrutinized with returns and hence one can expect effective SEO plans would be unveiled for better results.

3. Virtual Assistants Responding with SEO assistance

With the launch of virtual assistants for each platform, including Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant, one can expect a personalized response for each query through voice medium. Smartphones will be the perfect catalyst for assisting this blend, wherein virtual assistants could fetch perfect answers to queries with the help of advanced SEO. I would love this scenario to happen because it is the future itself.

Rajat Garg, Founder,

The SEO Trends 2017 that I expect are:
seo trends 2017

1. Clarity of What’s Trending

Clarity in what works and what doesn’t work.

2. More Case studies

More white papers, case studies in the industry.

3. Thought leadership

There is a lot of scope in thought leadership in Indian digital marketing industry as there are a number of interesting changes around vernacular SEO etc which are not what companies like Moz cover.

Meaningful SEO agencies that have past track record on delivering at scale – right now, there are a lot of half-baked agencies who don’t know what they are doing.

Animesh Kumar, Head of Digital, Mindshare Vietnamseo trends 2017

I have following three SEO trends 2017 to watch out for…

1. The Trend of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Google is starting to consider sites that have switched over to AMPs, giving them visibility in a carousel and a small icon (with a lightning bolt) indicating their AMP status. In 2017, I anticipate we’ll see more biasedness for AMPs in search results, with more brands leveraging this trend.

2. Content quality and not quantity that will matter the most

For the past few years, I’ve seen a surge in long pieces of content that cover various topics comprehensively. I believe a new trend may do away with the length entirely, focusing on providing as much information as possible in the smallest possible space—quality content—to appeal to readers.

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3. Search Engine Results becoming more personal

Since the SERP  is getting more personal with individuals getting results as per their historical behavior, the focus then shifts from keywords led SEO to content-led SEO.

Rajiv Pandey, Lead Program Trainer, Digital Vidyarajivpandey.com_

Here are the top 3 SEO Trends in 2017 that I expect to foresee:

1. It’s Time to Rethink the Use of Keyword Within Content

Google is now using artificial intelligence to understand search queries and giving better search results. At the same time, the search behaviour of your target audience is also changing, your potential customers rare using mobile devices and voice search assistants to find information. It’s better to understand the search intent of the user and structure your content accordingly. Below are few key pointers you need to consider while creating content.

– Rather than optimizing your content around “keywords”, try to get the search intent of the user and focus on long tail keywords.

– Structure your content in a point-wise fashion (highlight key pointers) and divide content in paragraphs for better readability on mobile devices.

– If you are adding table in your content, make sure you are maintaining the same in html version as well (easier to highlight in Google Answer Box).

– Think from the perspective of the user and align the content with the promise you have made in your title and description tag.

– Using relevant and high search intent keyword in your title and description tag is still important to get prominent visibility.

2. Link-building Strategies for 2017

Link building has been a significantly important part of search engine optimization. However, after Penguin algorithm update, Google made it clear that quality is more important than volume. It’s better to change the perspective from link building to “link earning”. It’s time to create content that is geared to earn high-quality links and rank prominently on long tail keywords. There are few evergreen link building strategies that can add extra good quality links to your website.

A. Content-Based Link Building  

Create well researched and super useful content that attracts links, social shares and have the potential to go viral.

B. Ego Bait Link Building  

Ego bait is a piece of content that plays on the egos of the people who are featured within that content. The hope is that, by being included, these people feel better about and are more inclined to share the content with a link.

C. Broken Link Building

Doing research on identifying relevant websites having broken links and creating a content to match the need. You can use free broken link checker tool to identify broken links on high authority sites and creating much better content on the same topic to get a backlink.

D. Moderate guest blogging  

Guest blogging is the process of getting your content featured on high authority sites. It involves detailed research of the sites you can get a backlink and approaching them for a guest blog request.

3. Mobile is not an option anymore, you need it for SEO

In last couple of years, we have seen significant growth of mobile internet users. almost 60% of B2C companies are getting more mobile visitors/conversion than desktop  and tablet, in fact, some of them have already taken the decision to have “mobile only” or “app only” model of web presence. After accelerating growth in mobile searches and technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that help optimize the mobile experience users are more likely to use mobile devices for primary search experience.

Below are some key pointers to optimize your website visibility on mobile devices in 2017:

A – Write your content for conversation phrases –

Using adverbs such as “Who”, “What’, “Where” and “Why”, which are common terms used at the beginning of voice search queries will help humanize the tone of the content.

B – Consider local search intent  

Mobile search queries contain local intent as well, For a hyperlocal business, it is important to mention local area names in your websites.

C – Optimize your content for voice search 

When using voice search, people tend to ask direct questions from Google and if this is relevant to your business, it is high time to create FAQ page highlighting top questions your potential customers are more likely to ask.

D – Using QnA for demand content generation

Using QnA in your website and letting your potential customers ask question-related to your product or services will give you detailed insight for better content creation in the future and you can promote the content to same users for better conversion. this way they will have exactly what they are looking for.

Finally, Google is getting smarter and giving the exact result that a visitor might be interested in. In order to get better visibility, it’s better to restructure your SEO strategies for better visibility and ranking for different target audience.

Afzal Khan, Head – Digital Marketing, AfzalKhan.orgseo trends 2017

Here are top-3 Search Engine Optimization [SEO] change’s/trends I see being particularly important as we prepare and heads into 2017:-

1. Mobile Searches Continue to Increase

Mobile searches continue to increase and might outnumber desktop searches, Page load times will become important. I strongly see the Rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), Mobile Apps SEO to be critical to the success of any website in 2017.

2. The Rise of Voice Search

With Google showing Ad’s over traditional platforms like Television more aggressively about how a user can do searches at Google using their voice search, I feel Voice Search will start to become the focus of SEO strategy in 2017.

3. Technical SEO in Demand

Without any doubt, Technical SEO will highly be in demand in 2017 due to Google’s continuously improving SERPs for (mobile, tablet & desktops). With introduction of advanced technologies like Angular JS, latest development including Knowledge Graphs, Schema, Accelerated Mobile Pages [AMPs], Localization, PageSpeed and heavily considering Social Signals for ranking, I feel SEOs will need to be sound with Technical SEO in order to comply with the changes in future.

Amit Panchal, Brand Ambassador, Blogmintamit-panchal

Below are the SEO trends 2017 that I foresee:

1. Mobile SEO (App Store Optimization) Will Boom

Mobile SEO (App Store Optimization) will boom because nowadays people books flight tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, movie tickets. They even paid their bills from mobile apps and after this #Demonetization people started using e-wallet.

2. Content is King

Still Content is King! So, focus on generating unique and engaging content. Through relevant content, you will generate relevant traffic and also helps in lead generation in future.

3. Backlinks are Still Important

Getting quality links from well known and high Domain Authority websites are going to be most important trends in 2017.

Using schema in Your website will be added advantage in 2017.

Mandar Marathe, Co-Founder, BriefKase Digital Communicationsmandar-marathe

The SEO Industry has seen many changes in 2016 – From the launch of its ambitious AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project in February 2016 to hiding keyword data in the Keyword Planner Tool, Google has shaken up the way traditional SEO worked. As we are progressing towards a mobile-first world, we will continue seeing a huge focus on Mobile SEO for most Search Engines. Moreover, 2017 will see the Mobile App economy boom with App Indexing & Instant Apps being the norm.

The top 3 SEO Trends 2017 are:

1. Data Transparency from Search Engines 

55% of websites around the world use Google Analytics to measure acquisition, behaviour or conversion data for visitors. Ever since Google has encrypted its Searches (the famous “not set” shown in Organic traffic reports), it has taken out “data” from the SEO equation. From keyword data, to link data to traffic data, Google keeps a lot of secrets – gold for SEOs.  Although I do not see this trend reversing anytime soon, I hope Google brings back some data transparency, even if it’s at an affordable fee. The current pricing for Google Analytics Premium is discriminatory and prohibitive to adoption by start-ups and small businesses.

2. Mobile-first Approach by Businesses

We all know that Google is officially testing a mobile-first index –Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of your website, even for listings shown to desktop / laptop users. What does this mean for businesses? Do we all need to have a mobile site? If we already have a mobile website, should it be content rich? Will our mobile websites contribute toward the Google’s ranking signals?

Rather than focusing on the basics of SEO – using keywords in content, building backlinks or tracking keyword ranks, I’d like businesses to focus more on their mobile presence.

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A mobile-first approach to marketing will ensure that adequate resources are directed towards creating an optimal mobile presence – a mobile responsive website (or adaptive) with rich content or apps that use the Indexing API would be critical from a business perspective. Oh, and did I forget. While you would be busy with your mobile-first approach, make sure that your websites load fast. Speed of mobile site will be of the essence when it comes to ranking on search results.

3. Content Focus 

A lot of what you do in SEO depends on the volume and quality of content that you are creating. In 2017, focusing on content creation will definitely pay rich dividends. Although using keywords in your content will still be a big deal in a way, going forward, content creation would be more about answering search queries directly than using traditional on-page SEO.

This means your content creation teams need to focus on usability and FAQ based content. Moreover, I would like to see businesses deploying their top leaders to guest author blogs on niche Industry sites. I see a lot of businesses hiring content creators and managers in 2017.

Ajay Anand, Director – Digital Marketing, DAMAC Propertiesajay-anand

The SEO trends 2017 I expect are:

1. Results should not be driven by keywords but by context and relevance.

2. Accelerated mobile pages should get more priority in search results.

3. UI and UX should be playing even more important role in rankings.


The trends in SEO industry are constantly changing and it is important to keep up with these changes to maximize your profits. Have we missed out any other SEO trends for 2017, that you anticipate will domminate the industry? Do share us with our community!

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  • 3 years ago

    Sanya Dev   /   Reply

    Great article! What seo tips and mistakes should be kept in mind?

    • 3 years ago

      Sahil Arora   /   Reply

      Hi Sanya,

      Some SEO Tips & mistakes which you should keep in mind are:

      1) Use proper anchor text for internal links. Don’t use here, there for anchor text.
      2) Always Optimize images with alt tags, add description
      3) Use SEO friendly URL’s. Avoid using special characters in URL’s
      4) Avoid using capital letters in URL’s
      5) Use nofollow tags for low value links to avoid pass the link juice.

  • 3 years ago

    Alden Hussy   /   Reply

    Additional SEO Trends 2017:
    Machine learning will change the way the algorithm works
    Personal branding will become an SEO secret weapon
    Optimization for user intent
    Organic SEO will make a comeback
    Virtual assistants responding with SEO assistance

  • 3 years ago

    Love Gupta   /   Reply

    2017 SEO Trends seems to point on mobile SEO. Great Article!

    • 2 years ago

      Maverick Martin   /   Reply

      Yes you were right after 2014 search from mobile rate higher then desktop search. it is clearly shows that trend of mobile is now on top.

  • 3 years ago

    Rajat Tyagi   /   Reply

    Hi Sakshi,

    Nice post with all of the important SEO trends that may affect internet marketing industry in 2017. However, I think you skipped about some of the latest SEO updates in 2017 including Google’s new “Crowd Control” feature, AdWords Visual Sitelink Extensions feature and its newly Audience Targeting update.

    Keep us updated with more SEO updates for 2017!

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