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Top Social Media Marketing Trends In 2015

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social-shareAccording to recent reports, Indian organizations use a higher level of social media than used in other developing economies. Indian organizations are spending money, resources and are coming up with initiatives to boost their sales through social medium and in turn are helping pace up the social media industry itself. Many industries in India have paced up only because of use of social media. Whether we realize it or not, social media has brought a revolution in the way business’s are done today, communications and engagement with customers take place. Compare today’s all informed and aware customer with a decade back customer where all he would know of the product/service was through a standard sales pitch. So what has really changed and who has brought forth this change? The answer lies in optimal use of ubiquitous technology. Social media is a great offering of internet and has proved to be an exceptional breakaway for society wherein irrespective of the pocket-size of customer, he is entitled to majestic treatment by businesses and his voice has the potential to ruin business’s prospects if his queries are not given due attention. Social media is here to stay and is no longer a fad it was once considered. Social media reflects zeitgeist of our times.

Here are top Social Media Marketing trends for 2015:

  1. The art of story telling across all social media platforms– Although all social media platforms differ in the purposes they serve, the kind of audience they have, what unites all of them is that they actually deal with human beings and human beings love to listen to stories, because after all humans are social creatures. We might not remember the last time we heard a bed-time story from our grand-parents, but the fact that we would almost get lost in those stories is what nobody can argue. Strategic story-telling is known to change attitudes and behaviors. Story-telling may seem like an old-fashion tool, and may be it is, but a story has access to our hearts where quantitative analysis is strictly denied permission. One thing is for sure,life is lived in narratives we tell one another. Coming up with stories which can fire imaginations and stir up souls definitely has the capacity to induce audience to think and take necessary actions. Stories on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube can be easily created while for other platforms, one needs a little more creativity.
  2. Content remains the king with more emphasis being laid on creativity, context and care– Content is what makes mediums social and not the other way round. Content has been the king and shall remain so infinitely but 2015 can see increase in care, creativity and context in the content. Content has been used for building awareness, educating customers, building reputations, promoting new ideas and services and what not. Keeping brands in the front of customers mind requires of customers being entertained as well as kept informed with help of videos; the more viral and memorable, the better; coupled with white papers and research, graphics and images. One thing to remember is people “live” through social media, therefore they “live” through the content. So content has to connect with community, for example, in Indian cities almost everybody is living highly stressful life, so content should empathize with them, come up ideas that motivates them and encourages them to find a way through the situations.
  3. Instant messaging is the new competitor to Facebook likes and shares– Instant messaging is the next digital battleground.Social media environment is undergoing further changes-from human to personal with advent of mobile instant messaging like LINE, Snapchat, WeChat. These platforms enable real-time chat and content sharing and is proving to be a tough nut for Facebook and Twitter.Everybody is attracted to natively mobile, private and personal way to communicate freely and share. Instant Messaging is a real threat to traditional social media platforms with loyalty of millions of people shifting towards instant messaging, users on four largest IM apps combined will soon surpass total number of users on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter in terms of millions of monthly active users. Now, its going to be challenging and complex coupled with the fact that these IM apps are under-researched as of now, which means analytics are in short supply.
  4.  Online reputation management is a persistent challenge– A study by London School of Economics revealed that a 2% reduction in negative word of mouth has the potential to increase sales by 1%. Bad comments have had double impact than positive ones, good comments are reduced to mere a by-stander, but bad publicity spreads and it spreads at lightening speed. We all have seen destructive power of social media in ruining reputations and sales as in case of Domino’s. All that can be done is to take necessary social care while posting so that no one’s sentiments are hurt, politics and religion can be safely avoided, we all need to realize that we are living in times where people are excessively sensitive who can be easily hurt, even though its unintentional. Besides, various tools are available in the marketplace to keep a track on reputation, who is speaking what, blogs can be monitored, Tweetbeep for Twitter and so on.
  5. Marketing teams need to harness diverse skill-sets within them– What is the need of the hour to include a hybrid team with various different skills in marketing departments. The reason is we don’t live in water-tight compartments but we live a holistic life touching all spheres. Therefore, people who are just competent in marketing are a passe, they need to inculcate other skills, for example a knack for literature, an interest in wildlife, in spirituality all of which can be mingled together and the outcome would be measurably different and innovative for all to see. The fundamental principle here is if outcomes have to different then either same people have to acquire different skills or marketing departments need to include more talent in the team.
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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Social media enters in our day to day life. We all know the advantages of social media. In India business equations are changing fast due to the social media. New marketing techniques and tools are getting popular. Trends given in this article definitely give a brief idea about social media and its uses.

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