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Top Tips Before Running Facebook Ads

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1Marketers and business men consider Facebook as a very cost effective medium to promote businesses online. They find it easy to use and highly flexible, which gives them reasons to return to Facebook for advertisement on online media. However, not all marketers have the same opinion about using Facebook for online advertising. They do not find it very effective in acquiring new customers.

Keeping this in mind, let us look as a few tips one can follow to gain success using Facebook Ads:

Set Goals and Plan

For running any campaign successfully, it is very important to first have clarity on what is the final goal of running the campaign. Is the campaign run to bring about awareness of your brand, to generate sales, divert and bring traffic to your webpage or for promotion of your product or event?

Based on your final goal, one needs to plan the approach of getting the same. Facebook provides various options of advertising and each option is bound to produce a different outcome. For example, if the final goal is to achieve brand awareness, then one should look at advertising using standard marketplace ads. These ads basically point to the Facebook page and give the users an option to “like” your page content. This can be done without coming out of the ad.

A very important benefit of using Facebook ads is specialized targeting. That is, targeting and advertising to the right people based on their interests. This way one does not end up wasting time and effort advertising to people who are not interested in your service. Also, one can also use “Page Post” to convert a post to a News feed. This can be done especially when one needs to promote a special offer or some informative news. Also, Sponsored Stories which is Facebook’s latest marketing tool can be used to spread the news through word of mouth recommendations of one’s service offerings.

Whatever be the final goal of your marketing campaign, one should always ensure to measure the success achieved by running the same. There are various ways one can measure the success of the campaign. One being Click Through Rate (CTR), which is a very important metric one can track to measure the response.

Be Creative Through Targeting

2With the help Facebook ad interface, it is not only easy to select the profile of the user, which includes sex, age, qualification, employment, location, hobbies, interests, etc, but also take it a further step ahead and micro target very specific audience. It helps here to know exactly what type of audience is required to be targeted for promoting your business and finally meet your business objective. It is better to have a lower number of highly specific audience as compared to a large number of general audience which also includes people lacking interest in the product offering. For eg., one should use Facebook to promote an upcoming sale of a branded footwear, it is recommended to advertise to a specific target audience who would be interested in the product rather than advertising it to a large number of general public who may or may not be interested to get notified about such an event.

A very creative option that one can use is to create and use birthday ads. Here, one needs to send an ad which shows up on the user’s page one week before his birthday. This gives a very high likely hood of the user making a purchase or converting to make a sale.

Use Text and Images Which Pop Out

An advertisement should always be concise, clear and to the point. It should directly convey the message to the user and be able to notify him / her regarding any special offer or sale or any other feature which makes it different from other similar products. If the final objective of running a campaign is to increase brand awareness, then it is recommended to use the company name in the advertisement title or in the body of the ad. Although the total number of characters one can include is 35, it is not mandatory to always use all the characters. If one can create a effective ad with lesser number of characters, then it is advisable to do so.

One should also remember to include a call to action button in the advertisement. This will encourage the user to click on the same and bring about a desired result. It is also important to use catchy pictures in the advertisement so as to catch people’s attention.

Use Multiple Ads

It is very crucial to create and use multiple ads within a campaign. The different ads used for a campaign should be monitored regularly to check the performance of the same and the ones performing well should be retained and ones lacking promise should be removed. Even a very small change in the ad can show a great difference in the number of CTRs.

Regular Update of Facebook Page

A very important tip to be always kept in mind is to ensure that the Facebook page is updated with relevant offers and other content on a regular basis. The content on the page should be updated and kept fresh without fail. The success of any campaign is incomplete without the presence of relevant and up to date content on the website.

In this way, one can use some of these tips to promote one’s business on Facebook in a very cost effective manner. It can be easily used Marketers and business men to run campaigns and effectively market their product online. They find it easy to use and highly flexible, which gives them reasons to return to Facebook for advertisement on online media. Keeping these tips in mind, go all out and make the most of your advertising campaign and use Facebook ads as a very cost effective and flexible option.

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