TopTarif Leveraged Web/Google Analytics To Garner 130% Hike In Conversion Rates

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TopTarif_logoAbout TopTarif:

TopTarif is a German based price comparison provider since 2007 with leading stand,  comes under the top 3 price comparison portals. Behind this achievement, Google Analytics and re-marketing  techniques played a crucial  role as it helped them to increase conversions. It’s an independent  comparison website helping consumers to save money quickly and easily in any of the sector like energy, financial services, telecommunications and insurance sectors. Instead of spending both time and money on expensive parties, a consumer can simply perform a comparison with the help of Top Tarif and look directly for their desired rate.

TopTarif’s Business Objective:

The task of the website TopTarif was to bring orders from providers for electricity, DSL & fas suppliers and insurance companies to offer free of charge services at the initial stage. For the same purpose, they advertised with Google AdWords for several years apart from banners, text ads and YouTube videos to do promotion. Thus, TopTarif”s challenge or rather objective was to identify appealing users and convert them.

Approach / Strategy adopted by TopTarif:

Final Conversions are carried out by either sending a contract form or concluding the contract which is completed. However, to increase the possibility of a conversion and also to target interested users, TopTarif  with the help of Web Analytics combines classic re-marketing with the information available on Google analytics reports. Thus, the action taken by TopTarif was:

Differentiation of adjusting bids and remarketing lists based on:

  • Traffic origin
  • Date of the last site visit
  • Depth in the sales funnel
  • Probability for a keyword, of conversion

Results Achieved By TopTarif:

According to Niels Goebel, Head of Online Marketing at TopTarif, said that conversions grew by approximately 130% after certain re-marketing tactics, improved campaign in 2013 and now they are in a better position to target consumers more precisely, all thanks to the Google analytics reports. At the same time, conversion rate went over 31% hike. This resulted in helping TopTarif to find a suitable bid price for different segment of customers.


By Combining re-marketing with Google analytics, visitors to the website give lots of positive signals in the manner and interest of their intention to buy; especially when they complete the forms for vehicle insurance. Thus, they get to know exactly how high likeliness of the product is. With the help of Analytics, the information could be evaluated in a much more detailed and flexible manner to adjust the Cost per Click (CPC) for the bid per user and also alter the advertising strategy. The re-marketing lists used by TopTarif were  granular because of which a distinction is made, amongst several things which is based on how much time has passed since the last visit or which keyword is important while the user accesses the page. It depends on how much integrity the user has focused on comparison in the past events and from the perspective of origin of traffic etc.

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