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Tourism Marketing Impacted By Social Media

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This time is all about Social Media in Tourism Marketing. It allows tourism and travel agencies & trip advisors to interact & engage with the community and also a great form of advertising. Social Media allows them to know the behaviour of their audience, their culture, their needs & what their expectations from travelling & holidays are.

 MakeMyTrip Facebook Page

1.5 million Likes 

Social Media is a kind of marketing tool that can used for promoting any type of product & services or a brand but Tourism is much more than that & Social Media is the best platform to promote Tourism. Like we can’t promote any product having it on our hand & posting on Facebook, Hey! See I’m having this product & this is awesome, it would be more of an Ad. But you can promote tourism by posting Images & Videos of your trips & by doing Check-In and hashtags about the famous tourist places of that area & your experience with the services of certain tours & travels agency or trip advisor.

Contiki Holidays on Facebook

Want to see your photo in our Best of gallery? Just tag it with #contiki and we’ll pick our favourites!

If you promote Tourism in traditional media, there is a one-way conversation but in Social Media, you make a post on your travel page & you get an immediate response of that from your audience. But again the posts should be Interesting, Interacting & Unique. If you keep posting your marketing messages, you won’t get much response but by making our posts impressive by its Content & audio-video Visual graphics & Interactive, so you get much engagement and also it’s a great channel for communication & getting feedbacks.

In the above pic we can see a customer doesn’t seems happy with the services of MakeMyTrip & how MakeMyTrip responding back politely and using best of Social Media in creating Customer Service & maintain Public Relations.

Social Media is more than just creating engagement, it’s more of creating a dialog between you & your audience, knowing what do they say, what do they expect & what are their choices for a perfect travel destination. So it not just promotes but also is a very helpful tool for bringing innovation & modification in our present services & how to make them better to attract more people to join you.

Track your Customers

The best way to track your customers is by #tags. Encourage your audience and customers to use #tags & Check-ins and posting their happy moments & photos like Contiki does on their Facebook page. Encourage them more by contesting, & cashbacks.

Holiday Campaigns

Summer Holidays! Summer is all about tourism. Encourage the target audience to go on a summer trip this year by posting some of the Summer Destinations along with some budgetary packages around the world.

Make country specific campaigns, encourage your audience to explore certain travel destinations by posting high quality videos & effective content. Not only YouTube, we have an option to viral our videos by posting them directly on Facebook.

Contiki Holidays: Japan

Exploring a magnificent culture built on tradition & rituals.

Short videos, with high quality influencing music & high definition picture quality along with HD images & scenes of tourist destinations are key to get more engagement & more leads on social media. Also they encourage your audience to have those travel destinations on their list for this summer.


How can we forget Instagram when we have to promote tourism!

Heir a team of Storytellers & Photographers for Instagram, post interesting & appealing pics and videos, and keep yourself engaging with the audience, track them & do contests etc. Work with some influencing photographers having decent number of followers on Instagram & make a travel campaign targeting their audience, posting HD DSLR Images on Instagram & interesting videos and then promote your brand & travel campaigns with them and Of course don’t forget to pay them for that 😛


Blogs are the most important part of your tourism campaign & even for any type of promotion by the Social Media, get your audience from your Facebook, twitter etc. social networking pages to your website by posting the thumbnails of your blog.

Heir a team of travel bloggers & content writers, make interesting blogs keeping in mind the need & likes of your audience & make use of images, graphics & link videos etc.

Content speaks itself

Content whether it’s on your blog or at the Facebook, content is the key indicator to keep the engagement & attraction to your posts. So try to enrich your posts with the best use of content to attract your audience & when your Organic reach is on the peak, spend some dollars on Facebook, promote your posts & get more likes and engagement.

Twitter indeed a very nice channel for promotion geographically, but Facebook, Instagram & also YouTube is also a very important tool for promotion & it’ growing and I feel will continue to grow.

So make Social Media Marketing a priority & hire a team of Social media marketing team, have internal and external promotional Social Media Strategy, Know your Audience, make use of #tags and always listen to your audience, respond them back & keep engaging.

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