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About Toy Universe :

Toy Universe an online toy store specializing in the sale of big brands. Unique toys, games and puzzles for children from birth to teenage years. Born out of our passion to provide  high play value toys at affordable prices to all families. We work very hard to get the best prices from our vendors and pass those savings directly to our customers.Toy Universe  100% Australian owned and run and we support local Australian businesses. Our customer service team based at Manning Valley in NewSouthWales.Warehouse operates from a state of the art in Erskine Park, Sydney NewSouthWales. When you buy from Toy Universe you  directly support a regional Australian business.

Business Objectives of Toy Universe :

The SEO of most Ecommerce sites sucks. With the right knowledge and some smart work, you can easily make improvements that will give you preference over your competitors and rapidly increase your search traffic. Organic results can be improved in a better way. Naturally all of these sites are competing for the top search positions in their niche.So how can we ensure that our Ecommerce site will be the one that rises to the top.There are no  secret tricks here. That’s all litigable  SEO advice that you can follow for your own online store. Hence this helps to bring more visitors to your site. As a result your page can also be displayed in 1st page of the Search results if you follow some simple steps.

Strategy adopted by Toy Universe :

1. Switching To HTTPS

First of all , switching the entire domain from HTTP to HTTPS.

switching to HTTPS

There major reasons for moving ahead :

  1. Online stores will generally have multiple patterns which gather personal details from users, good process to make sure all  the encrypted information collected.
  2. Google has approved that a  rankings improvements for online stores serving content over HTTPS.

2. Adding Unique Content To Category Pages :

Added Category descriptions /introductions above products


Unique description to each category will always  ensures that  Google has some content to index and it will eliminate the risk of thin content penalties.

3. Optimizing Product Descriptions :

A large percentage of product descriptions  either very short or thin , or the  manufacturer’s descriptions  copied from elsewhere on the web.

  1. Ensuring that all products added to the online store have original descriptions written for them before uploading.
  2.  20 to  30 existing products have been updated each day with  original description. This was done top down, starting with the best selling products to get the biggest ‘bang for buck’. Around 90% of the products from online store have been updated.
  3. For consistency and effectiveness,product descriptions written in the following pattern:              product-descriptions

4. Optimizing Product Meta Descriptions :

May be product pages did not include custom meta descriptions. Create custom meta descriptions for each product. Probably, a well written meta description can lead to improved click-through rate from search results. CTR commonly  acknowledged to be a ranking factor, it can be conveyed that optimized meta descriptions evidence for indirect ranking factor. Additionally, custom meta descriptions  especially important for online stores, as they present an opportunity to ‘sell’ from the search results. Including USPs such as Free Shipping or best price online can result to  additional clicks and sales.

5. Optimizing Product Images :

Seems like product images uncompressed resulting in large files which takes lot of time to load. Compressed product images to curtail file sizes and boost loading time.  Hence accelerating up loading time, good for user experience and faster load time correlate with higher rankings.


6. Fixing Errors With Structured Data :

While schema markup was in place for products, this leads to  returning errors.

google-structured-data-errorsCorrectly carry out schema markup for products and approved with Google’s structured data testing tool.


While Google claims that structured data does not directly leverage rankings, perfectly enforced rich snippets help a listing to emerge  in search results, which may either results  to an increase in click-through rate.


7. Moving Blog To Main Site :

Toy Universe’s blog  hosted on blogger (under the sub domain and  not integrated into the main site.


Consequently, integrated the blog into the main site at URL


I would still strongly appetite  people to keep all content on a single sub domain. We recently were able to test this using a sub domain on Moz itself. Most of all the results were outstanding  rankings rose dramatically across the board for every keyword we tracked to all the pages.

8. Removing Duplicate Content From Footer :

Seems like, each page on the store had a large chunk of duplicate content in the footer.


Taken out this duplicate/repeated content almost  from all the  pages except  from the home page.  Due to these Large chunk of duplicated contents on multiple pages  it can lead to problems. Therefore try to keep any duplicated contents in templates to a minimum.

Results Achieved By Toy Universe :

Further more there are no  secret tricks here. This is all litigable  online store SEO  advice that you can follow for your own store.Toy retailer Toy Universe’s organic traffic has been thriving steadily for the past few years. Considering search traffic for January 2015, was increased 20% either to  January 2014.


Rather it’s a very good improvement. Now lets consider  the increase between January 2016 and January 2015:


116%! Therefore we would be expecting the same growth after analyzing all the changes required for your online store! In conclusion doubling in traffic will automatically results to doubling in sales as well. This improvements  was due to SearchEngineOptimization tasks undertaken for  the online store between September and December 2015.


Learnings for Toy Universe SEO  Strategy :

Toy Universe were able to double their search traffic in a short period by investing some time and effort.Create unique content for your products, and  implement  sensible SEO best practices across your store. In addition also implement a top down approach and work on the most important products and categories first. Probably,this will be  able to maximize the SEO benefit and see some quick results from their efforts. So hurry up.. owning an online store, implement the above mentioned steps to  improve your traffic. As a result, enjoy more clicks which may lead to generate more sales.

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