TracePoint Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Revenue Growth By 100% In Just 2 Years

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Adownload (2)bout Tracepoint:

Tracepoint is UK’s B2B marketing agency for IT vendors and resellers, specialized in lead generation, lead management and marketing automation. Company helps their clients to connect their marketing investments into sales results. In Tracepoint, there are a small group of experts, who work for commission base and they are specialist, freelancers and independent, so a customer doesn’t have to pay if it is not working for their business. With a team like this, company offers services for every aspect of your business, whether its case studies or white papers, websites to podcasts, video to presentation and even how to guide an event.

Business Objectives Of Tracepoint:

Company noticed that the power dynamic in the typical sales interaction has changed dramatically over the years. They observed that buyers were increasingly coming into conversation after doing their own online research. With such kind of changes company had few objectives in their mind, which are as follow:

  • Tracepoint wanted to be at the forefront of that change, which they noticed in buyers.
  • Company wanted to build such strategy, which helps sellers to reach buyers earlier and more effectively.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By Tracepoint:

Being a marketing company, Tracepoint’s main objective was to help their clients to generate more leads and make their marketing campaign effective. Thus Tracepoint suggested their clients for inbound marketing for lead generation. Tracepoint’s customers also saw the benefits of using inbound marketing to generate more qualified leads. Below were the strategies adopted by Tracepoint:

1. Addressing issues with email marketing- 

After working with other marketing automation platforms, company chose to go for inbound marketing. They also addressed some specific top of the challenges which was due to email marketing and recovered with them.

2. Converted more leads with inbound marketing tools-

With the help of inbound marketing tools, Tracepoint helped its clients engage their audience to drive more leads,  convert more leads into customers and allow them to look at the every aspect of their marketing campaign.

3. Implementation of analytics tool-

Many of the companies associated with Tracepoint was facing this issue, that they were unable to measure their results. With the implementation of analytics tool, they were able to measure the outcome and also they were able to know which part of the campaign needs extra effort and which doesn’t.

Results Achieved By Tracepoint:

With the implementation of inbound marketing technique in very short span of two years, Tracepoint became inbound marketing thought leader. They saw their strategy working initially in the form of their customer results and the level of satisfaction, which was coming from them. Their clients who implemented inbound marketing saw significant growth in their leads and revenue and were making their customer more happy. Following were the results achieved in numbers:

  • In a survey done by them, they found 100% of their customers love working with them.
  • 64% of the customer said, its a breeze.
  • 82% of the customers were more delighted than ever.
  • 100% said they would recommend Tracepoint to their friends and colleagues.
  • In two years Tracepoint doubled their revenue.


Following were the learnings:

  • As the market and buyers have changed their pattern of buying and selling so in order to be competitive, firm must adapt changes quickly and try to be at the forefront, it will not only be less risky, but it will be more profitable for them.
  • Using inbound marketing not only helps you, but it helps your customers as well.


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