Trouve Media Leveraged Search Engine Marketing To Increase Leads By 30%

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logo trouvaAbout TrouveMedia:

Trouve Media was founded in 2003 and is based out of California in the US. Over the past 10 years that it has been in business, the company has built a deep relation with Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Apart from building Search Engine Marketing Campaigns, e-mail marketing, it also helps companies with media buying. It helps Insurance, Financial Services Companies and Real Estate companies to connect with new customers online.

Business Objective of TrouveMedia:

For any company to remain in business ROI has to increase and costs have to be reduced to increase profits. Similar was the case with Trouve Media. They realised, that their manual system had to be replaced with Paid Search. To make their life easier, and use time efficiently, Marine Search Marketer was hired. The task given to this agency was:

  • To increase Online Traffic.
  • To reduce Cost Per Click.
  • To improve Customer Service.
  • To provide statistics for online conversions of different campaigns.
  • While Marine Search Marketer would manage some of the services for Trouve Media, the latter could then devote the time saved, on other issues of the company to drive up its ROI.

Strategy Adopted By TrouveMedia:

Marine Search Marketer used paid search management application which gave them proper statistics for different types of conversions like inbound calls, e-mail signups or completed forms. Their team helped Trouve Media improve their client’s customer service and increase ROI.

Results Achieved By TrouveMedia:

  • For some campaigns, Marin Search Marketer increased online volumes by 10-30%, without increasing cost per acquisition.
  • For other campaigns Keyword CPC was reduced by 10% while maintaining volumes.
  • The time taken to execute campaigns got reduced by almost 50%, thus improving efficiency.
  • With better customer service, there was overall client satisfaction.
  • With proper measurement and web analytic techniques, Trouve media was able to find out conversion numbers, store visits, calls to sales centres, e-mail signups etc.
  • Improved controls helped in improving reputation in the industry.


By employing another agency for paid search, a company can achieve increased ROI with reduced costs because the time saved by involving this other agency, is utilised for other important objectives of the company’s business. This improves the overall efficiency of the organisation.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    It is known that strategy and statistics are two different subjects. Statistics may help develop insight to formulate better strategy and improve it further. In the context of the case study, the portion of strategy needs further expansion to understand the actual strategic actions of the company.


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