Trygg-Hansa Used Web/Google Analytics To Gain 15.1% Hike In Conversion Funnel

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Trygg HansaAbout Trygg-Hansa

A Swedish insurance company, subsidiary of  British RSA Insurance Group, established in 1971 , headquarters in Stockhelm, Sweden. The company earned reputations of making its customer losses good by selling portfolio of insurance policies covering business insurance, health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, accident insurance to its client. Its clientele includes offering services to both Business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) domain.

Trygg-Hansa’s Business Objectives :-

Sustaining a competitive growth in highly competitive market was a difficult task for the insurance companies in Sweden. The Trygg-Hansa has lined up the below objectives in order to drive more business to the company:-

  1. The company look forward to drive more online sale ( sale conversion) of its product Trygg-Vuxen health insurance plan. As only 27% of visitors visiting the website landing up to the conversion process.
  2. The growth must be time bound, should be achieved in shorter time span because of too many distractions causing the  problem for the customer landing on conversion page.

The objectives stated above clearly mentioned the company’s plan to drive more sales out of B2B and B2C customers.

Trygg-Hansa’s Approach :-

The company hired a web analytic consulting expert company “Outfox” to help them achieving to desired business objectives. Outfox partnered with  Google Analytics’s traffic and keyword report to analyze the message exposed by the customer before landing in to the conversion page.

Secondly, Outfox also experimented with Google Analytics to produce a high performing new landing page i.e. A/B test which also helped in attracting prospective customers. The new landing page incorporated several changes mentioned below to landing pages

  • Using image messages
  • Highlighting benefits of insurance policies in easy language
  • Adding personal stories and testimonials
  • Making buttons more prominent by adding contrasting colours

The above changes made in the likelihood of speedy improvements.

Results Achieved By Trygg-Hansa :-

The companies balance sheet figures clearly state the high number of customers and growth to the business. However, the measurement of success of new approach figured out by comparing results of 2 consecutive quarters.

  • The new variation of landing page drove 15.1% more traffic to conversion
  • Return on investment measured to be 20 times more than the cost

Learnings :-

Web Analytics has proved its worthiness in the insurance industry as well. But it is important to make a note that here is a sheer need for the detailed analysis of the data . Therefore, in order to pursue to the task , there might be the requirement of professional expertise to deliver better results in the niche web market.

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