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TweetDeck Helps To Manage Twitter, Facebook And LinkedIn Accounts

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2With the onset of many social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. a user has multiple accounts and needs to manage them on a regular basis to stay well connected with his acquaintances. TweetDeck was an application which was created initially with an intention of managing Twitter accounts. It interfaces with the Twitter API like any other Twitter applications and allows its users to continue with the normal activity on the platform like viewing profiles, sending and receiving tweets, etc. It can be used in various ways, as a web application, a desktop application or a Chrome application. It had initially used by users on Twitter to organize their friend’s tweets. With the help of this application, a Twitter user could manage the large number of tweets received from his friends. In this application, it is very easy to create customized columns to filter out select friends basis some criteria or by making groups. Hence, for people who follow a very large number of people, can use TweetDeck very easily and manage the tweets received. Later Twitter found that this feature is required to be a part of its platform and hence it developed this feature on its platform and named it Twitter Lists. Using this feature, a Twitter user can share his list and these lists can be accessed any application which can be integrated to Twitter through its API. TweetDeck realized this quickly and ensured that it also supported Twitter List and also ensured that the TweetDeck group could be converted to Twitter Lists. Hence, this has created an added flexibility within the two applications making it very easy for any user to toggle between the same.

With users now finding it very easy to manage their Twitter accounts, the next question was how to go about managing the remaining accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Is there a way in which one can post one’s status updates to all these accounts in one go? Facebook has a feature with which one can extract the status updates on other networking accounts and put it one Facebook, however, the reverse was not possible. There was a requirement of an application with the help of which one can update one’s status updates to all the networking accounts in one step. TweetDeck could now do that. Hence, this will make it very easy for users to manage their accounts and post their updates without any additional effort.

TweetDeck came with many versions of their application; however, the version number 0.34.2 of TweetDeck supported the following social media sites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Buzz
  • Foursquare
  • MySpace

While adding an account to the TweetDeck app, an account verification is done for the same. Once the verification is completed, then the account can be accessed easily via TweetDeck. There are various actions that one can do once an account is setup. One is to creation of a column for viewing updates received in that account. These columns can be filtered basis groups or by type. The second interesting action one can perform is that one can post status updates to multiple accounts. This can be done simply by clicking a “Yes” button for the accounts to which the post needs to be updated. That is, we may post  on Buzz, Twitter and Facebook but not on LinkedIn and FourSquare.

Here, we can see that this feature of being able to selectively updating a post of various social media platforms gives a lot of control with the required amount of ease to post one’s updates. Most of the people use Facebook to be in touch with their friends and family and use Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for their professional acquaintances. Hence, this feature allows a user to decide to which account a particular post needs to be updated and selectively one can choose the account. It will be a waste and more importantly unnecessary to post all kinds of updates – personal and professional on all accounts.

Besides this main feature supported by TweetDeck, there are various other features which one can use.

One can easily monitor multiple numbers of timelines of any account with the help of one single interface. This helps in saving a lot of time and effort which otherwise would got wasted in monitoring them individually.

  • One can do scheduling with the posts that need to be posted in the future. Hence, once scheduled, one need not worry about remembering to make the post at a particular time.
  • One can set the alert feature to ping you once any new information is available and the same can be accessed immediately.
  • One can have the ease of filtering searches based on various criteria like content, users, etc.
  • Another interesting feature is to be able to build and export customized timelines to be posted on your website.
  • One can also make use of their intuitive keyboard shortcuts to efficiently and easily navigate within the application.
  • In order to avoid and eliminate unwanted noise in your account, one can mute users.
  • Since TweetDeck works on real time and streams latest updates on a real time basis, one need not refresh the account.
  • One can choose a suitable, interesting theme from their various theme options.

Looking at all these features, TweetDeck comes across as a welcome option in the world of social media platforms. The ease with which one can manage and toggle between various social media accounts, makes a user come back to this application often. In today’s hectic and busy lifestyle that people lead, TweetDeck has made it very convenient for the social networking platform user to navigate and manage various accounts and manage one’s updates and accounts in a very effective fashion. Although TweetDeck was an application which was created initially with an intention of managing Twitter accounts, it is now used to manage all social media portal accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Buzz, FourSquare, MySpace, etc.

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