Twiddy Used Web Analytics To Gain 18.6% Hike In Revenue

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twiddyAbout Twiddy & Company

Twiddy & Company is a family owned business in America that actively manages nearly 1000 homes in North Carolina (outer banks). The homes are privately owned and are lent to the families that come there for their vacations in the summer season. The company has its presence since 1978 and rents out the homes to the tourists according to their demand and budget. The business is common in America and helps in preserving the tradition of family vacations in America. The company has a huge investment of billion dollars in the real estate in America.

Business Objective Of Twiddy & Company

The business objectives of the company were laid down very clearly in the form of the following two points:

  • Push the customers in a positive manner and make them feel a sense of urgency that is market based and is affected by demand and supply
  • Convert the leads generated from the sense of urgency into higher revenue

The company really wanted that the visitors online must spend some time on their website and understand the prevailing competition for the rental homes at a particular time period. It wanted its customers to book the homes of their choice well in advance and at prices higher than what they are paying at present.

Approaches/Strategies Adopted By Twiddy & Company

The strategies adopted by the company were straightforward and clear as was its business objective. It employed Google analytics and performed the following 3 things to achieve its goals in a short period of time.

  • Google Analytics software showed the exact number of active searchers online. The visitor were segmented in 2 groups where only one was able to see the data (real time) displayed on the page.  This was done under Google content experiment that was customised.
  • Entrusted API (real time) to know the number of active visitors in the search funnel who were visiting the key web pages. The high performing pages were identified and developed a widget to be displayed on the website in a clearly visible form.
  •  Updating the data after a small gap of every 10 seconds. A DotNet library was used to have an access to the data, caching and updating it every ten seconds.

By following a step by step approach, the company was able to have a control over the metrics that decided the success.


A comprehensible report could be generated now to assess the great performance and the appreciable results. The results are as follows:

  • Increased revenue by 18.6%
  • 11% increase in an order’s average value
  • Increased conversion rate by 7.9%


Web Analytics is a highly useful tool which even proves to be the game changer for the smart businesses. Those who use it efficiently keeping all the minute details of its working in mind, reap the rewards sooner than later. It is becoming indispensable for the businesses these days when they are always at a risk of losing the track and in a search for the recipes of success at low cost.

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