Twitter Ads for E-Businesses | 5-Step Beginner’s Guide

by Ankit Soni | Updated on: September 13, 2019 | 9 Min Read.

Twitter Ads are awesome advertising platforms to drive traffic and generate leads for e-businesses.

Actually, more than 40 % of Twitter clients follow businesses on Twitter- That implies, in case you are not utilizing Twitter for your business yet, you ought to figure out how to coordinate Twitter into your marketing strategy.

In the event that you have a Twitter account set up for your business, you should seriously think about supplementing your organic advertising with a portion of the paid advertising that Twitter offers.

By utilizing Twitter Ads, you can let your tweets come in front of bigger audience base than simply the individuals who follow you, which is fruitful in generating more leads, conversions, and returns.

All in all, how would you begin with the advertising on Twitter? –Below given 5 steps will help you learn how to use Twitter Ads and advertise on Twitter, so let us go through those steps-

5 Steps to use Twitter Ads

1. Know Why you should Advertise on Twitter

  • Twitter offers a brand-friendly environment to e-businesses which is highly fruitful in reaching potential new clients and customers
  • Twitter Followers provide real value to e-businesses and as per stats, more that 60 percent of Twitter users discover a new SMB (small or medium business) on Twitter only
  • More than 90 percent of those users prefer to purchase from the SMBs they follow on Twitter
  • Such purchase intent cannot be ignored and that is why successful Social Media Managers use Twitter Ads as one of their top social media advertising platforms

2. Know the Types of Twitter Ads 

Twitter Ads

Types of Twitter Ads

Different types of Twitter Ads that are available for you are-

1. Promoted Tweets

  • Such tweets can be understood as the regular Tweets for which advertiser needs to pay so that their Tweets are displayed to the audiences who do not follow them on Twitter
  • Promoted Tweets provide a wonderful opportunity to extend the reach of your content and hence ensure better brand awareness
  • By using Promoted Tweets, you can let your Tweets directly appear in front of the timelines of your targeted users. Such tweets will come at the top of search results and will also be notified in the Twitter mobile app

2. Promoted Accounts

  • Promoted Accounts let you get your Twitter account in front of other targeted Twitter users so you can incorporate more numbers of relevant followers
  • As per a study more than 80 percent of people discover new business by going through different Promoted Accounts on Twitter
  • Promoted Accounts in Twitter Ads also let your account get displayed in Who to Follow suggestions and search results of Twitter

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3. Promoted Trends

  • When you use promoted Trends in Twitter Ads then your #Hashtags will be promoted at the top of trending topic lists
  • Topics that are trending on Twitter are the most talked about subjects on the social network and they appear on the left side of the page, on Twitter App and on the Discover tab. By using promoted Trends, you can let your topics be at the top of that list
  • Promoted Trends help you gain additional organic exposure that will help you increase the reach of your campaign

3. Types of Twitter ad campaigns

Twitter Ads

Types of Twitter ad campaigns

For creating a Twitter campaign, different types of Twitted Ads are used and those Campaigns are categorized as per the campaign objectives. Paid Ads on Twitter demand different fee for different results and it solely depends on the type of campaign you choose. Below given is the list of notable types of Twitter Ad Campaigns-

1. Tweet engagements Twitter Ad Campaigns

  • In such Twitter Ad campaigns, your tweets will be promoted with the goal of starting conversations around your brand. You will only need to pay for the initial engagement with each of the followers/users
  • In Tweet Engagements, you need not to pay for the impressions that do not result into engagement, and also not for the organic engagements with users who naturally react to your Tweets

2. Followers Twitter Ad Campaigns

  • Followers Campaigns help you promote your Twitter account and the payment would be per Twitter-follower basis
  • In this, engagement and impressions are free

3. Awareness Twitter Ad Campaigns

  • In awareness campaigns, promotion of your Twitter Ads is done to a broad audience and you need to pay for the impressions (cost per thousand, or CPM)
  • Awareness campaign is the only type of campaign in which pricing of Twitter ads is based on impressions and not on engagements
  • That is why it is must for you to have Tweets that are compelling enough to convince viewers to take actions that you want them to take

4. Video views Twitter Ad Campaigns

  • In Twitter Ads, video views campaigns are used for increasing the number of users who view your videos on Twitter
  • This will let you promote your videos to your targeted audience and you will need to pay for every video view
  • Whenever a user sees two seconds of the video in the timeline or take the video off mute or he or she clicks on the video for watching it on full-screen, you need to pay for video views

5. Website Clicks or Conversions Twitter Ad Campaigns

  • For Clicks Campaigns or Conversions Campaigns, you need to promote Twitter Ads to the people who will come to your site and take some action
  • You will be required to make payment for each click in both Clicks Campaigns or Conversions Campaigns
  • Conversion campaigns offer additional functionality in which you can track the conversion which you do not find in Click Campaigns
  • Both these campaigns allow you include a Website Card that will help you include preview of your website in your Tweet

6. Application Installs or re-engagements Twitter Ad Campaigns

  • For application installs or re-engagement Twitter Ads Campaigns, you elevate your Tweets to clients you need to download your application
  • You also promote to clients who have just downloaded your application however have not utilized it for some time
  • You can pay per application install or for both application installs and application opens, contingent upon your objective
  • This kind of Twitter Ads Campaigns enables you to incorporate an App Card, which demonstrates a preview of your application, alongside the application’s ratings in your Tweet and lets clients have the choice to open or install the application with a single tick

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7. Lead Generation

  • In lead Generation Twitter Ads, you advance your Tweets that join Lead Generation Cards to gather leads and then you pay for the every lead gathered
  • You can make Lead Generation cards in the Twitter Ads Manager and it will enable clients to share their name, email, and Twitter handle
  • The data and related information will be saved to your Twitter Ads Account and then you can download the list in CSV format

4. Know the Steps to Advertise on Twitter

Since you have understood the types of Twitter Ads Campaigns, below given steps will disclose you how to set up and advertise your first Twitter Campaign-

1. Set up your first Twitter Ad Campaign

Twitter Ads

Set up your first Twitter Ad Campaign

  • For this, you need to go to Twitter Ads Manager
  • There you’ll discover the list of different Twitter Campaign Targets on the left half of the page
  • In view of the given information, you need to pick the goal you would like to accomplish with your Twitter Ad Campaign
  • At that point, you need to click Create Campaign
  • This will take you to the screen of your Twitter Ad Campaign, where you can name your campaign, pick whether to begin the campaign immediately or plan it for some other time
  • You can also choose whether to include third party tracking or not

2. Choose Target Audiences for your Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Choose Target Audiences for your Twitter Ads

  • Twitter lets you have various targeting alternatives to enable you to pick the correct gathering of people for your advertisement and optimize your financial plan accordingly
  • You’ll begin with geographic targeting options, getting as particular as a specific metro region or even postal code, or as wide in general nation
  • You can likewise focus by sexual orientation, dialect, gadget, stage, and carrier. The more definite targeting alternatives enable you to target in light of particular client attributes like interests, practices, and even the particular keywords and TV programs clients naturally Tweet about
  • To help you, Twitter Campaign Interface gives you an expected estimate of your audiences that varies as you include more Twitter Ads Targeting Options to your Twitter Ad Campaign
  • You can likewise upload your own particular list of individuals or target individuals who belong to your follower base

3. Set financial plan for your Twitter Ad Campaign

Twitter Ads

Set financial plan for your Twitter Ad Campaign

  • You can set total or maximum every day Twitter Ads spending plans for your promotion campaigns to control how much your Twitter advertisements cost
  • Twitter Ads will demonstrate you whether you’ll pay by impression or engagement, so that you can get a decent feeling of how much it’s worth to pay for
  • Twitter will likewise demonstrate you suggested bids in view of how others are converting better or you can look at Twitter’s prescribed bids for each sort of Twitter Ad Campaign

4. Choose from Existing Tweets or Create new Tweets by choosing your Creative

Twitter Ads

Choosing your Creative

  • Twitter will demonstrate you a rundown of your current Tweets that you can promote by using Twitter Ads
  • In the event that you incline towards creating new Tweets, you can create that as well for your Twitter Ad Campaign
  • As you proceed, you can see a preview of your Twitter Ad on the right side of your Twitter Page

5. Know the best Twitter Ads Practices

  1. Highlight your Unique Selling Proposition and introduce yourself effectively so that your audiences on Twitter know why they should bother to click, follow, or otherwise engage with you
  2. Twitter Ads Manager helps you create card in your Tweets and you should use that for including cards in your Tweet
  3. Include a clear call-to-action in your Twitter Ads
  4. Use high quality media and other visuals in your Tweets
  5. Learn from the performances of your organic Tweets

Final Words

Right use of Twitter Ads will let you get more out of your advertising investments.

You can easily create, manage, customize, and optimize your Twitter Ad campaigns that can target your audiences and convince them to take actions that will optimize your presence on Twitter and translate into conversions and returns.

In case you wish to master Twitter Marketing, Social Media Marketing Course will help you learn how to create Twitter Advertising and management strategies.

What are the Twitter Ads practices you use in your campaigns- Update me in comments.

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